Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tiger in the bathroom.

'Lo readers.

Bloody hell. I have remembered how much I enjoy weekends.

Woke up at ten this morning, after finally downloading Houses of the Holy. I wanted to watch Rage, but the tvs were occupied. So, went back to bed, finally got up at three after Denny called, asking about seeing The Hangover tonight.

Spent day idly flicking through the internet, and doing media homework. The scene I was assigned has been reformatted, but I'm crap at writing dialogue so I'm going to send Oliver a copy to look at. Ended up catching the bits of rage I wanted to see, which was Knights of Cydonia, Communications Breakdown, Paint it Black, and Are You Experienced, plus Heart Shaped Box. I am liking the fact that they put the whole playlist on the internet so you can check if anything cool is going to be on.

Walked down the street, ended up finding Megan, then met the rest at maccas. We saw a huge crowd for Harry Potter again, including Belle, Marley, and some teachers. Isobelle wasn't happy with her icecream.

The Hangover - ****1/2
Very funny. Like a watered down version of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. As Sam pointed out, this is basically what we're going to get up to eventually. It did slow down at times, but it kept things interesting, and the photos during the credits were hilarious.

After the movie, plan was to deepfry a mars bar, but then people started nicking off, and Aiden insisted I get a lift home. Hurm.

Tomorrow means work all day, psych homework all night, but that should keep me occupied. Not happy at the moment, but oh well. God damned teenagers.


Anyway, the end.

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