Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sundown Syndrome.

'Lo all.

Right. Internet is still being a bit bizarre. Keep this relatively short.

This morning I slept through half of Dark Side of the Moon. 3 days in a row I've slept in. Hmm.

Lit first up, far too early in the morning for this, seriously. Went over an essay on an ode, pretty meh, but we've got an essay coming up, plus since we're all retarded Cartledge is making us redo our last essay. Damn.

Then history, kids were made to do presentations. It was fairly obvious which ones copied their speeches from wikipedia. Pat tried to sneak in late with one of those huge cans of V, and failed miserably.

Recess. Cold, as far as I can remember.

Psych was good, we got to watch more of Memento. Plot seems fairly straightforward, think I might try and find this one so I can watch it all in one go, it's not a good film for watching in bits.

And media, which was meh. We had a poll on whether main character lived or died. Everything was going well but we were ultimately disappointed.

Stranger Than Fiction - ****
Good as film, however, it suffers from 'My Sister's Keeper' syndrome of building up tension and emotion and then SCREWING UP THE ENDING! ARGH. This is another film I'd consider getting properly to, I think.

Side note, My Sister's Keeper movie looks pretty crappy.

House meetings were amusing because they needed volunteers for INGLEFEST (YEAH!) but no one was interested except a couple of year sevens and some pressured year twelves. We watched out the window as the bike riding camp kiddies raced each other home.

Lunch. Buggerised around until the happy campers sprinted up to give us hugs, bought Sam a hotdog, caught up with Sam and Tom on bus as they stupidly believed they'd be able to do running training after riding 120km. They made it sound like fun, wish I could have done OE.

Running training itself was alright, Sam decided to only do a small lap, and David and I went around to the clearing and back. Fairly easy, I barely pushed myself as my legs were caining for half of it. Saw three abandoned cars. Should come up to destroy them properly sometime.

Back at school, meh, then down the street to buy portable hard drive and hunt for dvds. I have a list now. Got The Wall for relatively cheap, which is good.

My internet is being silly, however since it is retarded I managed to transfer all my music and movies over to the new hard drive and get my bio homework done. Woo?

The very last Chaser's War on Everything was on tonight, and it was good as. Chas is an idiot. Far too much botox, and he looked nothing like Aiden Commins.

Tomorrow looks pretty meh, except I'm helping Gavin to herd some year sevens for Mr Bacon so they can look at microscopes. Why? To avoid half of literature, of course. We're only doing background stuff anyway, so I won't be missing too much. Then, if no one's online, going go kill something.

And for the livespace people, sorry about the last two nights.



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