Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Still just a Rat in a Cage.

'Lo all.

Suppose I'm an ugly runt of a rat stuck in a school shaped cage, if we are to expand on the title a bit. Do the same thing over and over again, run around in circles a bit... sounds about right. There are no layered guitars or Billy Corgan in the background, however.

Very much over school already, but oh well. Holiday's aren't too far away, relatively. Still getting used to the waking up early though.

After an assembly where the drama kids screamed a lot and Sam wore a shiny gold jacket (not exactly a positive advertisment, I'm afraid, as I'm not that interested in Sienna Maill screaming), double history. Fairly meh, had another googly type thing to do and Ms Henry did her usual spiel on East Berlin. Think this is the third time I've heard it, might be the fourth, can't remember if she did it last year too.

Recess was quiet. Need to get me an anchor, I'm floating between different conversations, since we don't do a lot.

Double media. Not sure where this class is going. Happy to go along for the ride, I suppose, as long as I don't have to act on camera. One of the god damn year tens didn't know who Hendrix or Kurt Cobain were, Emma, Ms Robbins and I suppressed killing rage. Oliver sang along to his death metal; his theory is that if he embarrasses himself a lot now, he won't feel so bad singing on stage. Fair enough, I guess.

Lunch. Boring and lonely, so followed horde to the basketball court. Kept on kicking ball at fence, soon as I leave it goes over fence into a construction area. Well done those men.

Then maths, which was quiet. Work was fairly easy, if tedious. Time came on the iPod, but as soon as it got to the good bit I got told to stow it. Hurm.

And then bio, Mr Bacon is cool, we took notes then didn't have a lot to do. Talked to Japanese girl, laughed at Claire's attempts at animal drawings, good lesson.

Before we went to homeroom, Lulu and I got our deb photos. I still believe I look stupid(er than usual) with the not-quite-long-enough hair. Oh well. She was happy. Screamed home, checked news, 430 rolls around far too quickly.

Work wasn't too bad, Guy and I discussed women (Amaya, a guy you probably don't remember says you were cool. Get back here, dammit), and his awesome bus, which is like my shed on steroids with wheels and a plasma. Finished just after chefs, feels good man.

And here we are. Confused.

Tomorrow I am going to go running, despite what the sports choices may say. Might be a shame to work off all the kilos I think I've put on over the holidays. Oh well.



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