Saturday, July 25, 2009

Spirit Molecule.

'Lo all.

I am out of the loop. Not particularly happy about this.

Went to work today, got all the dishes out the way, start peeling carrots, Jeremy says I suck at it and tells me to do it differently. Then get booted out to front of house to rescue the girls, and that was alright. Then exiled to the cool room to peel potatoes while the chefs prepped for a big wedding.

When it was finished, I was freezing cold and sore and very hungry, because I wasn't around any chefs to ask for food. Saw Nemo and Jess outside maccas, who escaped in a hurry. Surely I'm not that terrifying after work. They said they were going to Emily's after the musical. I didn't get the invite, no idea what was going on.

Home. Finally. Tired. Talked to Amaya, abused facebook (which is freezing on me), and took a test that says my political views are fairly neutral, though skewed like a mild left leaning libertarian. That's called youth, I think.

Since Meg hasn't replied, I think I'm going to go retreat to the shed. The usual suspects will be too busy to go on msn and amuse me, and downloading stuff can't start for another two hours, and Fraser has a little friend around. Shed is sounding good. Speaking of which.

Reservoir Dogs - ****
Well, glad I finally saw this. It starts off fairly slow, but once it gets going it's pretty good. The Stuck in the Middle With You bit is awesome. And I picked the rat pretty early, dunno if that's good or not. Now to get me a skinny tie.

Next up is Crouching Tiger, I think. Haven't seen that in a while.

Stupid kids better reply.

Tomorrow, nothing. Planning on sleeping in til late, doing homework, then sleeping again. Hell yes.



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