Sunday, July 12, 2009

Smells like Teen Spirit.

'Lo readers.

Good end to the holidays today. Had it's high points and it's low points, as usual.

Tom and I booted up the ps2 early, finished our game from last night and ended up with around 2300 kills in total. Then explored a few more levels, some of which were very trippy.

Walked down to meet with the others, scored the last two chairs on the massive table (Denny dragged one over when he arrived. Julian was getting angry when he was not served his meal, and when his beer arrived, he got a Blonde instead of a Heineken. He was not happy at all. Sam had dyed his hair black. Very... interesting?

We followed Amaya around, stopping every five minutes or so. Saw Bernice in Best and Less, which prompted the blokes there to ponder what the hell we were doing in Best and Less. Then we visited Camaro in Target, and she was a bit occupied serving customers. Us guys were shocked at the size of the pokemon strategy guide. Damn kids these days. Then we visited Meg in IGA, (we thought she looked like Mario, Ryan asked her to throw a fireball), then crashed at McDonalds, where the girls took pictures and Julian attempted to eat a cheeseburger with ten bits of meat. He succeeded, but complained about the amount of grease and oil that dripped out of it. Girls were horrified.

During this, the Hottest 100 started going down through the twenties. Denny stole my phone (radio, only good feature I've discovered so far), reported that Seven Nation Army got 20, then Knights of Cydonia (funnily enough, the only Muse song, I suppose all the Triple J forumites were a bit overconfident) got 18. I had hoped they'd be lower, but oh well. Was surprised by The Nosebleed Section getting 17, and Wish You Were Here getting 16.

Walked down to the hp's work, Amaya hugged us all, started crying, made me promise to fix my internet, then grabbed Agnik and left. Sad. Oh well, there's still the internet, and since we're all Eurotripping eventually, we'll see her again. Denny was waiting impatiently for Killing in the Name which we both thought would get in, Creep and Bittersweet Symphony got into the teens.

And after that, girls and Sam went to Annie's (apparently they then followed Amaya to the airport, well done you lot), and Ryan, Denny, Julian and I headed to the bottleshop. No joy for Ryan, but Stairway to Heaven got number ten, which was cool. Air guitar on the walk home, as we discussed Jackass and Viva la Bam.

Get home, check computer, lots of reactions from people about the list. The top ten were kind of predictable, really, surprises for me were Foo Fighters and Chilli Peppers, though Emma was definitely happy with Under the Bridge. Was shocked and awed by Killing in the Name getting number two, texted Denny and he was amazed too. Then Smells like Teen Spirit won it and I retreated to the shed.

While finishing the psych homework, Kingsmill said they'd be playing some live sets from the winners. Cool, says I. Launches into Nirvana. Very cool, then Daft Punk, which was awesome. The live version of Around the World is another song I voted for, so I was happy to hear that on the radio, followed by the live version of Aerodynamic. Then some Radiohead, which wasn't exactly my cup of tea (I like their rockers though, like Electioneering and Bodysnatchers), and then a set by Rage Against the Machine, who are pretty good live. Then a real shock, which made my night. Led Zeppelin, live from Madison Square Garden 1973. Wooooooooo. Picked it as soon as Page launched into Bring It on Home/Black Dog, cos it's off the dvd I bought, or I might just be a hopeless Zep geek. Got Black Dog, Heartbreaker, and an extended version of Whole Lotta Love, all live, which was soo cooool. Definitely made it tricky to concentrate on the psych glossary. Nearly ran out of credit texting people, will need to pick some up soon.

And here we are. All up, the Hottest 100 of All Time wasn't bad, there was a few picks I really don't agree with (System of a Down, looking at you), but hell, Massive Attack and Zeppelin got two songs each, one from each were my favouritest songs. Very little Pearl Jam, which was disappointing, but oh well. Very nice seeing Hendrix on the list, and it was a surprise to only see one song each from The White Stripes and Muse, but they were both really good songs which I voted for anyway.

Watching the cricket too, England is getting absolutely smashed. How awesome.

Amaya, definitely going to miss you, definitely going to try and improve internet. Keep reading this, stay in touch, beware Jean-Baptiste.

Tomorrow is school, and I'm getting the distinct feeling that karma is going to absolutely kick my arse after the last few days. Oh well. Had a good run. The dynamics have changed a bit, so it'll be interesting, at least. And I've done my homework, except for finishing Wuthering Heights... but then, no one else has.



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geroge said...

it's k alex, as they said they were playing fullversions fo songs they played two seconds of when the levee breaks, and i jumped into the air and yelled.

still waiting on your letter.