Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rag & Bone.

'Lo everyone.

Oh boy. Thursday's almost over. You know what that means! Friday tomorrow!

Today was interesting, I think.

Get to school in a bad mood, though the new headphones seem a bit strange. They're in-ear ones, and the bass distorts everything else a bit. They will require some getting used to, I think.

Chapel was a Christmas in July special featuring Steve dressed up as a pedophile Santa while jesusfreak year twelves quoted Bad Santa.

Extended homeroom was THE AGE SUUUUUPERQUIZ. Definitely very exciting.

Then biology, Mr Bacon told us about his experiences with Valium as he explained what a neuroinhibitor is without actually mentioning it.

Recess. Better with music.

And double maths, which was boring, though I got through a fair few questions. I made Bernice, Belle, and Jordan listen to Interstellar Overdrive's really trippy bit, and they were all a bit impressed. Bernice then embarrassed herself by mentioning that she thought Tame Impala was a girl, instead of a band.I caught someone else saying 'Pink Floyd is a pretty cool guy' the other day. This pisses me off. It shows that these people have this stuff on their iPod, but it's just there, it doesn't do anything. Disappointing. But it's hilarious when they are completely oblivious.

Anyway. Lunchtime. Joy. Was sitting with Lulu resting my (STILL INCREDIBLY SORE, GOD DAMN) legs when everyone suddenly disappeared. I went to investigate upstairs, but there was only Jess and Kelly and Nemo, so I followed them around. We ended up in the library, where Kelly decided (OF HER OWN FREE WILL) to look at the Offended Page. This girl now scares me a bit. She

Psych was actually pretty cool, we got to watch half of Memento, which made the media kiddies groan, since they've been studying it. I thought it seemed pretty good, I want to watch the rest of it now.

And then lit. Drama kiddies were pumped. I kinda zoned out when I saw it was raining.

Was buzzing before homeroom, have a good idea why, then walked down the street with Jess as we discussed Monster and small dogs. Didn't mention anything about kicking them, think I'm improving. There is a (relatively) cheap bike in the shop I may pick up next week. I tested out these new headphones with the loudest song on the thing on full volume. It makes Bonzo's drums resonate like all hell, I am impressed.

Home, argued with Fraser about fixing bike, sprinted down to work, screaming the whole way as my legs ached, got to the chemist's bloody late, so everyone was like "LOL YOU'RE LATE TODAY!" thinking they were funny and original, but got it all done in like an hour, so that's good.

And now here we are, talked to Amaya (who's seeing Moby at some huge dinosaur festival tonight... or something), watched half of Reservoir Dogs, and considered media homework. I'm not entirely sure what else to add in, really. Stupid project.

Tomorrow is Friday. I might have to work. Not looking forward to this. Stupid kid getting fired. However, it is Friday.

I dunno if things are looking up or if I'm inferring things that I shouldn't be. Hurm. And bring on Inglourious Basterds!



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