Thursday, July 9, 2009

Piper at the Gates of Dawn.

'Lo everyone.

This morning, when I woke up, it was very dark and very cold. There was frost everywhere and the windscreen and a small whale were frozen. It was bizarre.

Caught train, Fraser's little fat friend was going to the 'skatey' in Warragul and him and his friends decided to sit near me. Thankfully my music is ridiculously loud. Loud enough to miss the things over the PA about my carriage being for reserved seating, conveniently. Didn't get turfed out, and a faux-cockney apprentice kid tried to strike up some conversation about his gambling habits.

Get to Melbourne, go for a walk. Get money first. Get coffee second, from random coffee shop. Can't remember what it was called. Was in an alley. Coffee wasn't bad.

Visited Minotaur, they seem to have gotten rid of most of the music merchandise. Was sorely tempted to get a Woodstock tshirt, but it was one size too big. No Zep alarm clocks, no Pink Floyd coffee mugs. Did see a Jimmy Page action figure, which was weird.

Kept on moving, had a look in music shirt shop, but it was way out of my spending range, and they only had one good thing, which was a Pearl Jam hoodie. Oh well. Visited Emma's Basement Records, picked up The Song Remains the Same, after realising they'd sold the Hendrix cd/dvd I was interested in. Then another basement record shop, this time Missing Link. Was digging through the vinyl, found a limited edition picture disc LP of Piper at the Gates of Dawn for relatively cheap. The dude at the counter was impressed, he put on a Pink Floyd dvd for me. If I had more money, I would have bought that too. George, they have the new Sonic Youth album on vinyl there, and a Pixies one, if you're interested. It's on Bourke st.

Anyway. That was all pretty cool. Did a bit more wandering, found some fairly cheap dvds in JBs, but I got the feeling I should save some more money, as they'll be there next time, unlike cool stuff like LPs. Went off to meet Marie and the kiddies, Fraser was hopeless at giving directions ("I'm at the sushi place, next to the juice bar." There's no juice bar here "I'm looking at a shoe shop" ARGH WHERE ARE YOU "I'm at the other end, you dickhead" OTHER END OF WHAT? "The station, duh" BUGGER IT, I'M GETTING ME A DONUT "You what?"). Fraser and Mitchell were lugging Fraser's (unneccesarily) boxed up bike, and Frances was pulling along his luggage. Little stooge had a work crew for him, the lazy prick. Managed to get everything on train, and we didn't have a fat chick sit near us, though we had a woman with a baby.

Quiet trip home, Beardman meets us, puts Fraser's bike in the back, go home, get on bike, go to work, get past four blocks and the SAME BLOODY TYRE explodes again. Seething with rage, call Beardman, tells me to walk it home so they can check it out. It's now approaching five and will be dark soon. Go home, test out backup yellow bike, scream out again. Crash bike in front of chemist, walk in, "Oh, sorry Alex, Aiden already came in... I think" So he didn't tell me he was actually swapping, oh well, says I. Still seething, pick up dvds for Annie, ride home, El Beardo tells me to buy own bike. Walk past computer, it's missing a screen. God damn.

Retreat to shed, boot up laptop, drag out literature notes, start Reservoir Dogs. Can't concentrate on boring sonnets and Tarantino dialogue at the same time, so I figure I'll try out The Song Remains the Same. WRONG REGION LOL! ARGH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-

Anyway. Get about 400 words in, then I consider trying dvd on laptop. Changed region (only 3 left!), and it starts working. SHOCK HORROR! So, pad out essay a bit, start conclusion, start movie. It's better than I remember, but not as good as The Dvd, music wise. Think that was because this is a concert, that's a best of.

And now we're back here, with the crappy ECKSBAWKS HUUUEG computer monitor, which takes up far too much room on my desk for the size of it's screen. Looking at photobombs and was playing hangman before.

Anyway. Productive day. Very dramatic. Missed the Hottest 100 though, Bullet with Butterfly Wings got in too.

Tomorrow, still busy. Looks like I'm having visitors in the morning, then I'm working Aiden's shift, then we're going out, so might be a late post.

Katie and James, have fun in Europe, we'll keep an eye out for you when the Ashes isn't on...



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