Friday, July 24, 2009

Paranoid Android.

'Lo everyone.

Marvin the paranoid android. Where's my towel.

Today was meh, really. I mean, it was a Friday, and I'm not scrubbing pots right now, so I guess it wasn't all bad.

Woke up and stumbled inside, it was below zero out there, god damn.

Rode to school on bike as it's now fixed. Now to install heater somewhere...

Media was alright, we had a simple test where we were encouraged to cheat, as long as we had copied the notes.

Then bio, we had to make neurons, which brought back fond memories of pipe cleaners and party poppers and terrifying Tiffany Ray. Claire and Lulu's was better, but oh well.

Recess was cold.

Outside lit, Machine Gun and the entire class arguing about the homework that no one understood. Turns out we were all wrong. Typical lit.

Then maths, which was quiet except for when Tom and I were trying to freak Alison out. Business as usual.

Lunch was quiet too. I floated around, chatted to Jess and Nemo about parties, we had a certain someone trying to join in, which was amusing.

History was alright, James Gray and Ms Henry argued about controversial views. I was thinking the same things, but I didn't have the sheer red-faced balls James has to say it to Ms Henry.

And then psych. Memory games. No Memento. I am a disappoint.

After school, tagged along with Jess and Molly as Jess hunted for Monster energy drinks, then caught up with the droogs and ended up eating Red Rooster in front of Subway, where Kelly got her sub cut up. We lol'd. Hit IGA to visit Meg, then had five minutes of awkwardness with Sarah Heath, then Jess'ss house, and then the drama kids all left. I left, then Jess ran up screaming about going to the servo, so we did. Then I had to pick up some supplies, and I saw Jasmine and she remembered me and we caught up and once again I forgot about her number. Dammit.

Home. Fraser's an idiot, and since Jeremy didn't call, I guess Isaac is working, so I was bored. Went through a buttload of early Zep/Yardbirds youtubes. Found a movie I have to try and hunt down, The Poughkeepsie Tapes, which Annie should google.

Teenage angst is annoying. Like, conceptually. I can't channel it into something useful, it just sits there. Hmm.

And Carlton is losing to Collingwood, won't be able to face Sam and Emma and Tara and Oliver and the rest of the retards who follow the bastards.

Tomorrow, I'm not 100% sure what's going on yet, we've had an abrupt change of plans and it's all very confusing, so I dunno. Might not be a blog post tomorrow night.


Anyway, the end.

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