Sunday, July 26, 2009

Outta My Head.

'Lo everyone.

Following directly on from last night's mildly whingy blog, here's the rest of the story.

Sat around not doing a lot until just before midnight, Annie goes online. "COME TO EMILY'S LOL! IT'S COOL". I had dubious thoughts, her boyfriend and friends are there, but she's on the msns? Then get text from Aiden. Then Jessie comes out of Fraser's room and stares at me. Right, I'm outta here, says I.

Since it's midnight, went for a walk, since it's not every day one gets to walk around town so late. Kasbah was rocking (DOES NO ONE GET THIS?), cops were staring at me out of Jack Ryan's, and there were so many happy drunks. No places open for energy drink though, nearly fell asleep. Decided to walk around lake the other direction, but that took me past the cops and made me paranoid. Not that I had anything in my backpack. Of course not.

Finally get to Emily's, kids are all sitting on couches watching Hairspray. Find droogs in room watching the youtubes. Get bored after a while, since Sam had pulled out a guitar from whereever. Walk to Aiden's with Meg and Kelly and Sam, since the latter two and me were thirsty. Kinda zoned out, I distinctly remember Justice playing really loudly while Kelly and Sam remininsced about Amaya, and that it was very cold. And we had too much girl beers, god damn. False Flags.

Walk home, no troubles, stash bag, hang out with the rest. Blues Brothers came on, but everyone's seen that before, and you kinda need to pay attention. Annie and Oliver ducked out so I nabbed the couch, then Ryan suggested Aladdin. Girls knew the words to the songs, Ryan knew half the script. Then that finished, and since the host was asleep, Nemo and I raided the kitchen. We found Emily's ECKSBAWKS HUEEEG! pantry (which had it's own little pantry) which had no home brand cheapo familiar stuff, and lots of expensive looking Japanese stuff. Someone mentioned fairybread, but we couldn't make the butter work. Nutella works just as well.

Ryan and I cracked open some jimmys, which woke Jess up amazingly, and then everyone got a piece of floor. I had a chair, since there was a dog in my spot on the floor, made the best of bad situation. Stayed up til 530-6? talking, woke up and Ryan and Jess had both snuck out. Got free breakfast, got bored quick when drama kids started bitching about drama kids and they all went gossippy, went home.

Then the homework. Beardman says we've run out of internet, so technically I shouldn't even be here, but I had to check I had the right version of the media script, then retreated to the shed. Watched Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon over history homework, which is still pretty good, specially when it's not dubbed. What else did I watch...?

Psycho - ****
Surprisingly good. It was sorta two movies, it changed in the middle. Ending was strange. Music was pretty cool.

Then the psych homework, which was over quickly, thank gawd.

Pink Floyd's The Wall - *****
I am going to go out and try and buy this one, I think. So cool. The soundtrack was good, though a bit too proggy for my taste (pre-75 Floyd is best Floyd), but the imagery was just awesome, specially the animated bits. This is the best musical I've ever seen, hands down. Drama kiddies, make them do this for the 2011 school musical, I dare you.

And now, here we are. Not looking forward to tomorrow, cos I know I'll be sleep deprived, and most of my friends will be away. You pricks and your bike riding camp.

Now, watch as alex goes to bed early, and realises some key part of the day he's forgotten to mention, and which keeps him awake.



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