Thursday, July 2, 2009

One of These Days.

'Lo everyone.

Today sucked. Only good thing was watching this strange sport called Slamball, which is basically basketball with trampolines everywhere. Very strange.

Also downloaded some more Daft Punk and Justice stuff, but gave it up when the internet died so much a half hour download took an hour and a half.

Got up too late, went to work, bike lost a gorram tyre, salvaged job when Beardman agreed to drive, ended up having to go to caravan park on other side of town, and once it was done I had to walk down the street anyway, where there were an awful lot of scenesters. I need a new bike, sick of this one breaking, and the other one is just as bad.

Home again, fixed list, went to Ken's, beat Alan, got beaten by Alan after we swapped armies, then met the Catweasel's goth girlfriend (she looks like a 14 year old Edward Scissorhands), who seems nice, and then home again (shock) where internet was sparse, and after urgings from Tara googled solutions. Looks like the problem is with the connection, as swapping to plain old web messenger hasn't helped. Not happy with this.

Tomorrow, need to go down the street and pick up supplies, need to reload iPod, and then we're going off to Ballarat. I doubt there'll be any blog posts til Sunday, and even then that's a maybe.




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