Thursday, July 30, 2009

Official Microscope Licence.

'Lo readers.

Bloody hell, so tired. Everyone was walking around half dead today, it was a bit strange. And we've still got another day of school left.

Anyway. This morning I found myself staring at a wardrobe for about ten minutes as I sipped my coffee until I realised my music wasn't playing. Jesus god. And this was only the start of the day!

Get to school, chapel first up, bit of a bad mood, say happy birthday to Aiden, lost sight of the girls since only a couple of them are brave enough to actually go to chapel, and nearly fell asleep. Nearly being our key word here, see. Then extended homeroom, went outside, then followed Kelly and Meg and Nemo to the library to copy a textbook. Meh. Something to do that isn't AGE SUUUUUPERQUIZ!!!, I guess.

Then media, watched some of the bonus features for Stranger than Fiction, but teacher is getting far too ambitious. She believes we should randomly have dice as a symbol everywhere. Bloody stupid, in my useless opinion.

Recess. We all sang happy birthday to Aiden, he seemed so happy about it. I was starving, raided canteen fund for jelly.

Then Jack, Gavin, Zulhaika and I got to help Mr Bacon shepard some year THREES! into the science lab so they could look at newspaper and string and stuff through microscopes, and awarded everyone microscope licences, including ourselves. Yay.

Then a period of literature, walked in as we were being berated about our essays. I got a B, which is good, in my opinion. Then something about the Bronte sisters, think I may have nodded off at one point. Will need to finish this damned book.

Lunch. Talking to Isobelle about the human condition and existentialism and crap, then followed her and Sam since we were so bored. Saw Tom throwing up outside the rowing office, saw Hayden and Isaac working on maths, saw Kelly doing something of great importance or something, then got bored again and ended up at the damn table. I dunno why but I felt weird the whole time, sort of really angry but I didn't know why. I dunno. This, combined with fatigue, was not amusing at all.

All the english kids nicked off to watch a play, so went to maths, nearly fell asleep, accidently got Tom moved, did work and was tempted to throw all my stationery out the window. Damn matrices, you lot should stop whinging, it's ridiculously easy with a calculator.

And then psych, watched the end of the movie, did another bloody memory game.

Memento - *****
This is a good film. Sort of an original idea, as far as my limited experience knows. The ending was really good, unlike yesterday's flick. Will be keeping an eye out for this one so I can watch it properly, in one sitting. However, we may be studying it in media next year. Meh. Still cool.

Mrs Clemens had written a small note underneath my epic rocknroll semantic network, asking about The Wall. She asked if she could borrow it to show her kids how much Evermore are ripoffs or something. Eerily I only bought it yesterday. Still, found another teacher who likes good music.

After school, went to work, was Monster-fueled for half of it, which was good until I realised I was being slightly less careful than I usually was, what with the music and the drink and the stupid spitting rain. Got it all done fairly quickly, found a copy of Watchmen (dunno if it's the one I'm looking for though, which is annoying), and a Zep tshirt with the Japan ad from 1970 on it, which I thought was cool. It was blue, but I got it anyway. Made my day.

Right, I dunno, buying a tshirt made my day. Such a boring day.

Got home, got sent to extra band rehearsal, was picked on because I had bars rest, went home, here I am. I am annoyed at the lack of internet. I feel like shooting all the pandas that won't screw to save their own species, etc, etc.

Tomorrow, get to chop a tongue and an eyeball up, which I'm really looking forward to, and then the weekend. I may or may not be going to Lakes tomorrow night, will check with Tom, but I dunno. If he's taking the bus, I'm staying here, if not, see what happens.

Something's up, and I don't know what it is. Need a lot of sleep, I think. Like, 13 hours worth of holidays type sleep.



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