Friday, July 17, 2009

Offend in Every Way.

'Lo everyone.

Interesting day today. Glad it's Friday.

Went to school, usual stuff, first up was psych, which was just hypothesiseses. Meh. Fairly easy.

History we had a sub. Isobelle and I idly flicked through textbook. Tom found the best 15 Zep songs of all time, I agree with most of the choices. Goody told me the story about a mentally disabled kid physically stole a penguin from the aquarium.

Recess. Quiet.

Double bio was alright, Mr Bacon is funny enough to keep you interested. Second lesson was in the computer room, which was quiet. Played flash games and showed Claire the photos of her on the website, which she didn't seem too impressed with.

Lunch. Thank gawd. Stood around a fair bit. Isaac faked vomiting after finding a steaming pile of soup. Game of vomitrubbish tiggy erupted. Decided to chase after Millsy a couple of times.

Lit wasn't too bad, I suppose. Can't remember what we did.

And then maths, Mr Brennan left midway through. Alison thinks my eyes are feminine. She admitted she was jealous. Entertaining lesson.

After school, went home, met Aiden, delivered some drugs, bought costume hairspray for Aiden, caught up with the rest. At the cinema, huge crowd, so OtherAiden and I grabbed a spot while the rest got prepared.

A small child in front of us said "I like Star Wars better than Harry Potter." After that, 3 stormtroopers, Anakin Skywalker, and Draco Malfoy came out of the toilets, made everyone laugh. We sat at the very back, sang the theme song, embarrassed friends, and Hayden and Isaac got a pair of thirteen year old's numbers.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince - **1/2
Visually, it was entertaining. But. It's a Potter movie, so too much is cut out. It tries too hard to be both the teenage coming of age romance sorta thing AND a dark and scary action film. At the end, they just stop doing the romance thing, there's no conclusion really. And the action bit had no real climax, since they cut out the big battle at the end. Meh.

Here is a photo of Sam.

That's Isaac and Hayden after him. As we left the cinema, the crowd asked to take pictures of them. We visited Isobelle in La Porchetta, and then maccas, Meg in IGA, Subway, and KFC, where we left them. There's a photo on facebook of the four of them helping a cop to pushstart a car.

There'll be footage around eventually, so I'll link that. I should probably edit it or something first, oh well.

Tomorrow, no work, but should probably do lit stuff. Planning on watching at least two movies.

Dazed and confused, and I need to talk to you.



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