Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Number 98.

'Lo readers.

No post last night as we were a bit busy.

Lessee. Woke up far too early yesterday, drove home, no major troubles. Saw a rig docked at Geelong, Beardman went all misty eyed. All little electronic gizmos threatened to die at some point, which was annoying. Wideband people reckon there's nothing wrong with our internet connection. Lies.

Get home, clean up a bit, head down the street and meet Alison and Bernice who were whinging and hunting for cheese, then walked into Annie's. Pat was kicking arse on the new wii. Every house will eventually have one of these, they spread virally.

Denny and a buttload of others rocked up, with a phone they had found. Denny claimed it for his own after hacking in, finding video of a teenage girl's sleepover and some naughty text messages, then he deleted everything. Amaya got her hair cut, in the backyard, which was odd.

Before cake, I decided to run home and grab a sleeping bag. Amaya decided to tag along. So did Kelly. Then everyone else decided to follow to see what was going on. So, Annie's party was at my house for about ten minutes, where lots of girls looked at the shed with bemused expressions (never seen a geek's room before?), and they struggled to get up Fraser's quarter pipe.

Back at Annie's actual house, girls boot up chick flick after cake, Isaac, Pat and I get bored, decide to go to video shops, which are shut, then Isaac finds a gangster movie he liked in Coles. So after catching the end of the chick flick (we were gone for half an hour and it was still predictable), we watched the next one.

Movie review one is Layer Cake - ***
Slightly confusing, not that I was paying a hundred percent attention the whole time. It wasn't bad, fairly violent, lots of drugs. Definitely in the same vein as Snatch and Lock Stock, but they're a bit better. Aiden Commins was alright, you could see how they picked him as Bond from it.

Then mariokart. Oh god, the mariokart. I won one race. Still annoying steering with the remote, but oh well.

Then we watched another movie.

Drillbit Taylor - **1/2
Same sort of thing as the chick flick, except it's got hobos and has geeky little kids instead of geeky college kids. Meh. Second Danny McBride movie I've seen that had All Along the Watchtower in it.

Then another movie, but this one was good.

Beetlejuice - *****
I liked this one. It reeks Tim Burton. He even made the lead actress look like Helena Bonham Carter. Kept picturing title character as the Joker, because of the internet.

And after that, we gave it up. Not that we crashed properly til six. At various stages we unwrapped one of my presents, swapped jokes (no dead baby jokes no dead baby jokes no dead baby jokes dammit), Pat was offended then terrified Amaya, and I had the unsettling realisation at five that in twelve hours I'd be washing dishes.

Woke up properly just after ten, found radio, found Triple J, Daft Punk was playing. One More Time got 96, which is cool. Then they read back what they'd released so far. Kashmir got 98. Woo. I know it's not a good position, but I'm glad it got on the list. Then Unfinished Sympathy was playing, so that was cool. Three good tracks in the bottom ten, thought it was a good omen.

I left, went home, crashed before anything could sink in, got up before four, screen on computer died which sucks, and caught a couple of songs on Triple J. No good ones though, bloody System of a Down had one. Then to work, and it was one of those crappy shifts where half an hour feels like two full ones. Kept up with chefs, didn't die from caustic soda, and Terina, when she found out what was going on tomorrow, gave me a box with cake in it, which was cool.

Speaking of tomorrow, I'm not really planning on doing much. Listen to the radio, watch a couple of movies, should probably get a start on the lit homework. I'm not interested in doing anything, really. Looking forward to a quiet day.



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