Friday, July 10, 2009

Number 22.

'Lo readers.

Busy today.

Woke up, radio on, caught Come as You Are and a Pearl Jam song, then Amaya announced she was rocking up. Booted up her hard drive, started transferring Daria. Took ages. She got lots of funny looks from the family, I'm sorry about that.

Then spraypainted bike. If I have to ride this near-brakeless thing, I'm going to make sure it's a respectable colour.

Went to work early because I was bored, the first five or so houses all mentioned this to me. Then caught up with Amaya again, she decided I needed a birthday present so she got Full Metal Jacket. The wench behind the counter had served her half an hour ago, but asked her again whether she was eighteen. She lied, but she did so convincingly. Amazing.

So, mini-party in the shed, then she left, and I cleaned up and tried to get the results from the last ten song bracket. It was awesome, but I missed it. All Along the Watchtower, My Happiness, Alive, Where is My Mind, These Days, TEARDROP! WOOOO!

Then went to Harry and Marilyn's, good food but far too many kids.

Tomorrow is work, then Tom seems to be dropping in. Cool. Gotta make sure those damned chefs play Triple J.

I'm enjoying the holidays at the moment, which is a shame because they're about to end, and then back into the maelstrom.



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