Friday, July 31, 2009


'Lo all.

Am watching the cricket with Aiden via msn. It is not good because we are starting to go very badly. Crossing fingers for good bowling, but I doubt it.

Right. Today is also a Friday. The best day of the week, that isn't the weekend.

Ryan dropped in this morning, which was a bit of a surprise. He was a bit stressed about the lack of him reading the book we need to read for lit, but I assured him that no one else survived it. I know I haven't, I'm more than halfway through but I have no intention of finishing it. Said happy birthday to Tom when I saw him, gave him dvd, then Meg rocked up with a bag full of Up&Go and beans, he was so happy.

First up at school was psych, Clemmo and discussed the suitability of The Wall for an 11 year old (it's not particularly suitable), then she abused us all to show how not to run an experiment.

Then history, had to present my slide, wasn't concentrating at all. My bad. Not really looking forward to the assessment next week.

Recess. Meh.

Double biology was good as. Zulhaika and Akari and I got two eyes and a tongue, I hacked into the eye, bled out all this inky black stuff and the jelly, then flipped it inside out. It looks like a christmas beetle's shell. So awesome. Talked to Claire while Akari enthusiastically went nuts on the tongue, since they don't do this sort of thing in Japan. There was an open door, I showed an unwitting year ten a cow's eyeball, and she wasn't amused. I was.

Lunch. It was cold and windy so naturally everyone disappeared. Went upstairs to annoy girls while they were studying, then learned some new french words. I don't know how to spell them. Basically, la piscine est contaminate a la SIDA, or something. This devolved into Agnik a la SIDA. The new not-Amaya hot french girls were amused when we started shouting this out.

Lit was meh, Oliver's trying too hard in it, though he is amusing. He was the only one who admitted to not having read the book. April is the only one in the class who has. The poor girl.

And then maths, which was quiet. It was the usual, laughing at Alison til she hit me, sorting out plans and music with Tom, trying to ignore the black holes of stupidity sitting around us. I suppose maths isn't too bad when you aren't concentrating.

Get home, make music go straight onto new hard drive instead of synced with the program, because for some reason it wouldn't accept all my music. I checked Zep 2, Dark Side of the Moon, and Mezzanine, and there were no songs in any of them, yet all of my bootlegs made it on. I don't understand. Putting the files straight on is more time consuming, and makes it less secure, but it's easy to make sure everything gets on the damn thing.

Carlton's losing the footy too, dammit. Oh well.

Tomorrow morning I'm heading to Tom's to fatten up and play shooting games until my thumbs are ground off. No blog post tomorrow.



thankyou. And to think things were going so well.

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