Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kinder your Surprise.

'Lo readers.

I don't know about this whole "WEAR FULL SPORTS UNIFORM, NO EXCEPTIONS" thing. It just seems to be there to punish unlucky kids, since just about everyone has the right clothes now. It's worse, since I had my trackies stolen. Oh well. Annoying having to replace said trackies.

This morning was one of those wake-up-late days, which was annoying. Stressed about finishing lit and starting history, but both were over in a couple of minutes. Very, very, very cold on the way to school.

Get to school, couple of people ask why I'm wearing shorts. You pricks. First up was lit, which did not improve things, as I was too tired to lie about trackies, so I got told to get a uniform pass (which I had no intention of getting). Oliver said it was too hot, etc. The group analysis of the damned sonnets wasn't too bad, it's good when you have smart people in the group.

Then psych, just copying notes and memory games. Hate memory games (see mid term three last year).

Recess. Cold. Dull.

History wasn't too bad, talked about space race and historiography. Meh.

Then media, where we got the skeleton script read out. I honestly don't know what else we're doing. House meetings following were dull, we're going to enter Tom as a gladiator for Inglefest.

Lunch was over far too quickly. Went to clothing shop, bought pants (so was Isobelle, who has given up her fight with the green pants. Later found out it was so she could wear her green converses), then Isaac was shouting, so he might have gotten on the local news. Hope so.

Sport. Sam and I discussed girls (damn lucky bastard that he is. secrets within secrets, not exactly surprised, etc), cars ($44000 for plasma screen shag carpeted hippy van?) and ran nearly nine klicks with Cumpster's little brother, who's alright. Was good having iPod, need a pocket for it, and less leaky headphones.

Back to school, things continued being good. Agnik and Kelly have a bizarre way of hugging. Went down the street with Aiden, Sam, and a pair of Mollys, got chips, saw Millsy, saw Ryan, Isobelle, and Julian, enjoyed kinder surprises (I got me a spinning top, wtf), went to Coles for more (damn Ice Age 3. I gave my thingy to a little ranga kid), saw April, Sian, and Claire on their way to see Harry Potter, discussed phone wars, bought credit, and I ended up hanging with Isobelle as everyone drifted away. Sam made hasty exit after accidently flicking something at an old couple sitting near us. He was mortified. Aiden broke a stitch in his mouth, poor bastard.

Come home, news of more Tame Impala releases, the Frenchling appeared, but she seemed a bit busy (not surprised), beat Meg and lost to Annie at a bizarre msn game, and there was a tsunami warning for Lakes Entrance after an earthquake hit New Zealand. I am a disappoint, lack of major destruction so far.

Tomorrow is a Thursday. I am looking forward to the weekend, because then I will be able to sleep. I'm really feeling tired at the moment. That and confused. Damned teenagers.

(lotta brackets today, wonder what's going on)




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