Tuesday, July 21, 2009


'Lo all.

If I type too quickly my music skips. Annoying. Though it's strange 60s psychedelia, so maybe it's intentional, I dunno. Speaking of which, found a couple of music blogs George may be interested in, and TAME IMPALA HAS NEW SINGLE OUT YAY!

Today sucked, but it got better.

Woke up too late after a pleasant dream involving a boat (odd), got angry at sisters, walked to school musicless, then psych in the computer rooms first up. Meh. Meh meh meh.

Then lit, where things did not improve much. At least I've done my homework.

Recess, was also fairly meh, funnily enough. I thought our media stuff was due next period, so I scribbled it all out. It wasn't. We got made to storyboard the damn movie, Jake and I were assigned the year tens. Hurm.

And then history, which wasn't too bad, cos it went quickly. More analysis of We Didn't Start the Fire. Tom and I laughed at some of the stuff it brought up on wikipedia.

Lunch. Too damn hot. Talked to Meg, then Tom persuaded us to play 1v1 L-SHAPED BOTTLE SOCCER!!!, which just tired us out. The musical kiddies all came back from their first performance, Belle still had grey crap in her hair.

Maths was meh, found a huge squeaky spider which we through at Alison, while Tom and I discussed Nirvana, as usual. Apparently their cover of Heartbreaker that made it onto the With the Lights Out box was actually from their first ever perfomance. Thought that was pretty cool.

Bio was alright, got work done while discussing Gunther von Hagens and immaturity and the Simpsons. Good times, Mr Bacon is cool.

Walking home, Isobelle and I discussed exam results and how it might be best not to check them yet, in case it puts you off. Funny that. Saw Megan walking home, poked Fraser with a stick, then talked to the French. Deja vu. This is why I don't do that sort of thing very often, man.

Anyway. Went to work, function on (ballet, lol), so was kept busy. Accidently broke dishwasher off it's hinges at one stage. Chefs stared at me and it was through sheer Fear of Boss that I managed to fix it up by beating it back into it's grooves. Made my night. I am at one with the dishwasher. As the orders wound down the chefs started bagging Jeremy, poor bastard. I lol'd. Saw Tanya waitressing, which was a bit odd. She kept trying to strike up conversations that lasted thirty seconds.

Home now. Not looking forward to school. At least I've done my homework. I am looking forward to the great big run at the end of the day, looks like I may need it.

Get on msn again tomorrow, dammit. Maybe not at eight in the morning though.



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