Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Giant horse?

'Lo all.

Gawd. Today was bland.

Woke up late again, maybe I should try for a streak.

Get to school a bit early, play at assembly, so dull.

Double history went ridiculously quickly, which is good. We had to do one of those damn alphabet things, and then a researching thing on Cold War personalities. Meh.

Then recess. Was hungry, discussed joys of food with Wiffy and Lulu.

Double media, got to watch Stranger than Fiction, which is pretty cool. We haven't finished it yet, I'll include the review tomorrow.

Then lunch, where we had the debate. Everyone seemed so serious and all the debating kiddies were watching. Aiden and I were intimidated as we waited for Pat. Sarah was a bit too good, which spooked me, but I suck at public speaking anyway. Then the year ten debating prodigy, who ended up getting best speaker, then Aiden, who seemed to be in the same boat as me, then a professional, then Pat. Oh god. He did very well. It was basically stand up, since he ignored the relevant content. Even the adjudicator was laughing. Made it all worth it. He's planning on wearing his gorilla suit in the debate against Blundell.

Then maths, which was meh since Mr Siebel was sick of the retarded cow people in our class.

And finally bio, took notes on eyes that I had to learn for the psych exam, and talked about tongues. Mr Bacon is a pretty cool guy, eh makes fun of our accents and doesn't afraid of anything.

Screamed home to Time, enjoyed a coffee, was annoyed at the lack of internet, then off to work. It wasn't too bad, not too many dishes, finished a good half hour earlier than usual, and Scotty helped out a bit since I helped him find a bucket off a fridge. In my extreme boredom and to take my mind off other topics, devised my plan for the eve of the end of the world in a couple of years, which is basically a massive week long party. Sounds good, yes?

Home again, I'm actually typing this in notepad since as I was typing in the internet, it froze, and spat back the sentence I'd just typed but ONE BIT WAS CHUCKED IN AT RANDOM BUT IT WAS BACKWARDS OH GOD WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON ZAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOOO HHEEEEE COOMMESSSSSSSSSSSSSZZZZ$#_)ijm-airabeoiaERAGRH[]APTKN,KOMF

Yeah, so trojans suck, avoid them at all costs. I've got no idea how I got it, since I don't really visit a lot of sites. Hurm.

Tomorrow is running. Yay. No Samuel, so I believe I'll take the kiddies on the track which leads to the road, since the cross country itself is only like a fortnight away. How terrifying.

Oh yeah, and if you're reading this on the livespace one, sorry about the lack of post last night, it froze and died on me and I couldn't get it to work. You didn't miss a lot.



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