Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Deep Fried.

'Lo all.

Hurm. My legs are killing me. I blame Alison for this.

Anyway. After yesterday's bombshell, reluctantly walked to school, and was too tired to do anything, cos of lack of sleep. Woke up thinking a completely different song was playing, which confused me.

Biology first up, year tens persuaded Mr Bacon to not make us do any work. So we didn't. GIS times are the best times.

Then media, Jake and Pat and I managed to incorporate a gorilla suit and confuse a year ten. Great success, though apparently I need to do more script work, which sucks.

Recess. Grrr.

Then history, which was mildly amusing (in my opinion) since Ms Henry assumed resident neobohemian Ruby knew about Che Guevara.

And maths, where Alison and I threw rubbish around, and Jasper seemed to dislike Emma's music. She should have hit him.

The Long Lunch. We decided to hit the playground, and were retards. I won the upside down thing, probably because there's less blood to rush to my head or something. Had gladiator fights on a bar, I suck because I'm too light, but Pat and Sam were pretty good. Hayden grabbed the padding from the goal posts and we had a couple of rounds where people just whacked each other, then everyone nicked off to be professionals. Hurm.

Hung around with Emily, which was wearing, then caught up with Kelly. But then everyone else tagged along. Saw Leighton's freshly waxed chest and a grinning Potter. The idiot. Things were dull til Kelly suggested library, where Emily chose a puberty book, and we spent time laughing at the detailed illustrations. Then found Sam and Alison and ditched everyone.

Once we got to the damn place, Tom, Sam, James, MiniCumpster, and a year seven wearing his jumper and I took off, and it wasn't too bad. Rowers seemed used to the pace, littler kids were surprising. Sam decided to visit airstrip, so we did. Ran all the way back with James whinging about how he needed to take a dump.

After school, walked down the street with Sam and Aiden after discussing Sarah and Flora the NotAmaya's idea to get Agnik wasted. Poor bastard. The rest of us went to the chicken shop since it was far too windy, then Aiden nicked off, I bought new headphones (finally), and we found Denny. Walked to model shop for paint, failed, walked to Toy Kingdom for paint and checked out Zippos, found Jason, walked to Soap, and dig out the chocolate.

Now, the initial plan was to use Soap's ingredients to make batter, then deep fry chocolate. First thing that went wrong was that we didn't know how to make batter. So, we visited Lenny and the rest across the road, then went hunting for ingredients. There. Were. None. (at least not yet). So Sam says I should go over to the Bis and ask politely for the ingredients in a bowl. Jason and I get turned down by Ferg and Sammy. Oh well, let's go to Coles. Get there, realise I have no wallet on me since my bag is back at Soap. So, leave Jason talking to Pete, run all the way to Soap, grab wallet, shock horror Sam and Denny have broken the deep fryer and found half the ingredients. Hurm.

Anyway. We grabbed Jason, went back, grabbed bags, and left. Decided to try a fish and chip joint. They actually deep fried the mars bars. It was awesome. Like melted chocolate wrapped in weird. Then Denny and I walked home, and there was all this stuff to do and I forgot to buy puncture repair stuff, dammit! Didn't talk to the (Amazing) French as much as should have, but I did get skype. Bloody useless program. Do not want to buy webcam and mike.

Tomorrow is Thursday, and I really need to fix my bike up, because work may be tricky without it. It'd be possible, but my legs are sore enough.

What the hell is going on.


Anyway, the end.

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