Thursday, July 16, 2009

Breakfast in America.

'Lo all.

Should probably save that title, but oh well.

Hot damn. Nearly a full week of school and we're still alive. Maybe not properly functioning yet, but we're getting there.

Today my trusty iPod headphones started to break. The right side (that I use) died mysteriously. Not happy about this, left side feels awkward. This afternoon I had a look at skullcandy headphones, after Julian showed off his yesterday. Too expensive for me, I think. However, playing Interstellar Overdrive over them feels awesome. Meg and Isobelle were TERRIFIED. One good bit of headphone related news is that I got proper big ones for the home computer, which is cool. The bass isn't as clear as Julian's, and they are still a bit leaky, but oh well. They're still pretty cool, good quality sound, which is the main thing.

I just wrote a paragraph about headphones. Kill me.

Anyway. School and all that, since I know I have one reader that needs her fix of this.

Chapel was dull and boring except for a kid praying for the High School Musical to go well. Good luck, you bastards.

After that, homeroom. Lulu was hunting for ushers for aforementioned musical, but I think I'm working those nights. Sally filled me in on a bit more gossip. Very funny how these people have grown up. I'm calling bullcrap, btw.

Instead of media, we had band photos. I was on the end, of course. It sucks. Either on the end or in the middle.

Then a bit of media, they were stressing over copies of the script. I should probably be more worried about this, but I'm not. Will obediently do some work on the weekend, I suppose, just to keep the peace.

Recess. Think it was raining.

Double literature was torture. Due to lack of sleep (and being banned from 'dancing') I fumbled an explanation to the class, but at least I wasn't the only one. Cartledge was not impressed. Cartledge mentioned we were not as good as class from the other years. Cartledge spends most of the time going over how we SHOULD be learning. Then we get a Brief History of the World in ten minutes.

Lunch. Dull. Watched some year twelves play roulette with a golfball (they bounce it in a circle, they watch it bounce until it lands on one of their heads) with Isaac, Hayden, and Sam while the horde played soccer in the wet. Got boring, went for a walk with Kelly. The gym is bizarre. I miss PE. Bree got her ear pierced in the girl's toilets, you're lucky you missed that Amaya. After hunting for everyone else, Kelly and I found ourselfves upstairs where Isaac was talking about an amusing snuff film, then Hayden got wrestled and wedgied by both Sam and Isaac. Emily managed to get her phone out in time to record evidence. We lol'd.

Maths was quiet, I've done correllation before. Just as boring then as it is now. Tom and I discussed books. That's how bored we were.

Then psych, more stupid memory games, cept this time it was out in the cold.

In homeroom, rocked out to SINGLE EARPHONED Zep, which was not as cool as stereo. Then down the street, no real trouble at work, though I missed a package for a nursing home so I had to go back.

And then home, Beardman was concerned about his lack of control over Fraser's faux rebellionism (he's just a tool, obviously), so he went to a thing, and I had to babysit. Meh. Should probably have gotten some homework done. There's footage of actual bands playing music from the One Night Stand on the triple J website, if anyone cares. Think I saw that Scotty Eaton guy at the end of the Children Collide one.

Tomorrow is Friday, thank gawd. Not happy with this whole waking up early thing. Think we have double bio too, that'll be cool. Might be seeing Harry Potter with the horde too, if Sam and Aiden and Hayden dress up I'll post pics.

Next week. Need to talk to someone first though. Hurm.

And that was far too wordy. Didn't think I got up to that much today. Oh well. No doubt I've forgotten something.



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