Saturday, July 11, 2009

Black Mountain Side.

'Lo all.

Tom's over, he's flipping through a Zep book. He says hi.

Slow day today. Woke up, there's this odd looking blonde kid in the house. Go to work, no big trouble, had to help out the front since one of the waitresses left and their dishes were piling up. Pouring rain the whole time.

Come home, play a bit of the vidya, finish a bit more homework, then walk down to maccas to meet Denny. Tom buys himself carton of milk for the road. Meet Aiden and Sam in the cinema.

Bruno - ****
There are a few funny bits, and they are good, and it's an interesting look at American attitudes. But, the nudity. Oh god the nudity. We didn't need to see that, or see it lingering on screen swinging around. First time I've been in a movie where the entire audience is covering their eyes and laughing.

Got a lift home with Denny, and here we are.

Tomorrow, hang out with Tom, find out what the French is doing, then cramming in homework. There isn't as much as I thought, the lit essay just needs cleaning and the psych stuff isn't exactly difficult, so I should be able to get it done.



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