Monday, July 27, 2009

Back in the USSR.

'Lo all.

Right. Can't stay long. There's a bug eating away at our download.

Today was a Monday, and as usual, it wasn't all that great.

Woke up far too late, good start to the week since I went to bed early (relatively).

Get to school, there's kids getting their bikes ready for camp. You bastards. First up was biology, which wasn't too bad. Dissections this week.

Then psych, fairly dull, I remembered useless information from a week ago, yay!

Recess. Meh.

Then lit, where we were berated into learning. Isobelle was stranded and she wasn't happy.

In maths, Bernice was curious about the return of Mr Siebel. The rest of the girls were all giggly. Poor bastard.

Lunch. No girls. Boring. Played soccer against the year tens, which was alright, but I still suck. Pat and Aiden signed me up for house debating. Oh god.

History was good, I'd done all the homework so I got a free lesson. Spent it researching for debate. Pat's speech is great.

And then media, which was quiet. Finished a couple of scenes.

Then band, which was meh. All meh.

Came home, wrestled with internet, skipped band, and nearly finished debate. Now I just have to email it. Not looking forward to delivering it, but oh well. We know we'll lose.

Right now there's this documentary about the moon landings that's hilarious. It's played so seriously. Had me going for a while.

Tomorrow is a Tuesday. Watching a movie in media. Then debate. Then work. Hurm.


Anyway, the end.

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