Friday, July 31, 2009


'Lo all.

Am watching the cricket with Aiden via msn. It is not good because we are starting to go very badly. Crossing fingers for good bowling, but I doubt it.

Right. Today is also a Friday. The best day of the week, that isn't the weekend.

Ryan dropped in this morning, which was a bit of a surprise. He was a bit stressed about the lack of him reading the book we need to read for lit, but I assured him that no one else survived it. I know I haven't, I'm more than halfway through but I have no intention of finishing it. Said happy birthday to Tom when I saw him, gave him dvd, then Meg rocked up with a bag full of Up&Go and beans, he was so happy.

First up at school was psych, Clemmo and discussed the suitability of The Wall for an 11 year old (it's not particularly suitable), then she abused us all to show how not to run an experiment.

Then history, had to present my slide, wasn't concentrating at all. My bad. Not really looking forward to the assessment next week.

Recess. Meh.

Double biology was good as. Zulhaika and Akari and I got two eyes and a tongue, I hacked into the eye, bled out all this inky black stuff and the jelly, then flipped it inside out. It looks like a christmas beetle's shell. So awesome. Talked to Claire while Akari enthusiastically went nuts on the tongue, since they don't do this sort of thing in Japan. There was an open door, I showed an unwitting year ten a cow's eyeball, and she wasn't amused. I was.

Lunch. It was cold and windy so naturally everyone disappeared. Went upstairs to annoy girls while they were studying, then learned some new french words. I don't know how to spell them. Basically, la piscine est contaminate a la SIDA, or something. This devolved into Agnik a la SIDA. The new not-Amaya hot french girls were amused when we started shouting this out.

Lit was meh, Oliver's trying too hard in it, though he is amusing. He was the only one who admitted to not having read the book. April is the only one in the class who has. The poor girl.

And then maths, which was quiet. It was the usual, laughing at Alison til she hit me, sorting out plans and music with Tom, trying to ignore the black holes of stupidity sitting around us. I suppose maths isn't too bad when you aren't concentrating.

Get home, make music go straight onto new hard drive instead of synced with the program, because for some reason it wouldn't accept all my music. I checked Zep 2, Dark Side of the Moon, and Mezzanine, and there were no songs in any of them, yet all of my bootlegs made it on. I don't understand. Putting the files straight on is more time consuming, and makes it less secure, but it's easy to make sure everything gets on the damn thing.

Carlton's losing the footy too, dammit. Oh well.

Tomorrow morning I'm heading to Tom's to fatten up and play shooting games until my thumbs are ground off. No blog post tomorrow.



thankyou. And to think things were going so well.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Official Microscope Licence.

'Lo readers.

Bloody hell, so tired. Everyone was walking around half dead today, it was a bit strange. And we've still got another day of school left.

Anyway. This morning I found myself staring at a wardrobe for about ten minutes as I sipped my coffee until I realised my music wasn't playing. Jesus god. And this was only the start of the day!

Get to school, chapel first up, bit of a bad mood, say happy birthday to Aiden, lost sight of the girls since only a couple of them are brave enough to actually go to chapel, and nearly fell asleep. Nearly being our key word here, see. Then extended homeroom, went outside, then followed Kelly and Meg and Nemo to the library to copy a textbook. Meh. Something to do that isn't AGE SUUUUUPERQUIZ!!!, I guess.

Then media, watched some of the bonus features for Stranger than Fiction, but teacher is getting far too ambitious. She believes we should randomly have dice as a symbol everywhere. Bloody stupid, in my useless opinion.

Recess. We all sang happy birthday to Aiden, he seemed so happy about it. I was starving, raided canteen fund for jelly.

Then Jack, Gavin, Zulhaika and I got to help Mr Bacon shepard some year THREES! into the science lab so they could look at newspaper and string and stuff through microscopes, and awarded everyone microscope licences, including ourselves. Yay.

Then a period of literature, walked in as we were being berated about our essays. I got a B, which is good, in my opinion. Then something about the Bronte sisters, think I may have nodded off at one point. Will need to finish this damned book.

Lunch. Talking to Isobelle about the human condition and existentialism and crap, then followed her and Sam since we were so bored. Saw Tom throwing up outside the rowing office, saw Hayden and Isaac working on maths, saw Kelly doing something of great importance or something, then got bored again and ended up at the damn table. I dunno why but I felt weird the whole time, sort of really angry but I didn't know why. I dunno. This, combined with fatigue, was not amusing at all.

All the english kids nicked off to watch a play, so went to maths, nearly fell asleep, accidently got Tom moved, did work and was tempted to throw all my stationery out the window. Damn matrices, you lot should stop whinging, it's ridiculously easy with a calculator.

And then psych, watched the end of the movie, did another bloody memory game.

Memento - *****
This is a good film. Sort of an original idea, as far as my limited experience knows. The ending was really good, unlike yesterday's flick. Will be keeping an eye out for this one so I can watch it properly, in one sitting. However, we may be studying it in media next year. Meh. Still cool.

Mrs Clemens had written a small note underneath my epic rocknroll semantic network, asking about The Wall. She asked if she could borrow it to show her kids how much Evermore are ripoffs or something. Eerily I only bought it yesterday. Still, found another teacher who likes good music.

After school, went to work, was Monster-fueled for half of it, which was good until I realised I was being slightly less careful than I usually was, what with the music and the drink and the stupid spitting rain. Got it all done fairly quickly, found a copy of Watchmen (dunno if it's the one I'm looking for though, which is annoying), and a Zep tshirt with the Japan ad from 1970 on it, which I thought was cool. It was blue, but I got it anyway. Made my day.

Right, I dunno, buying a tshirt made my day. Such a boring day.

Got home, got sent to extra band rehearsal, was picked on because I had bars rest, went home, here I am. I am annoyed at the lack of internet. I feel like shooting all the pandas that won't screw to save their own species, etc, etc.

Tomorrow, get to chop a tongue and an eyeball up, which I'm really looking forward to, and then the weekend. I may or may not be going to Lakes tomorrow night, will check with Tom, but I dunno. If he's taking the bus, I'm staying here, if not, see what happens.

Something's up, and I don't know what it is. Need a lot of sleep, I think. Like, 13 hours worth of holidays type sleep.



Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sundown Syndrome.

'Lo all.

Right. Internet is still being a bit bizarre. Keep this relatively short.

This morning I slept through half of Dark Side of the Moon. 3 days in a row I've slept in. Hmm.

Lit first up, far too early in the morning for this, seriously. Went over an essay on an ode, pretty meh, but we've got an essay coming up, plus since we're all retarded Cartledge is making us redo our last essay. Damn.

Then history, kids were made to do presentations. It was fairly obvious which ones copied their speeches from wikipedia. Pat tried to sneak in late with one of those huge cans of V, and failed miserably.

Recess. Cold, as far as I can remember.

Psych was good, we got to watch more of Memento. Plot seems fairly straightforward, think I might try and find this one so I can watch it all in one go, it's not a good film for watching in bits.

And media, which was meh. We had a poll on whether main character lived or died. Everything was going well but we were ultimately disappointed.

Stranger Than Fiction - ****
Good as film, however, it suffers from 'My Sister's Keeper' syndrome of building up tension and emotion and then SCREWING UP THE ENDING! ARGH. This is another film I'd consider getting properly to, I think.

Side note, My Sister's Keeper movie looks pretty crappy.

House meetings were amusing because they needed volunteers for INGLEFEST (YEAH!) but no one was interested except a couple of year sevens and some pressured year twelves. We watched out the window as the bike riding camp kiddies raced each other home.

Lunch. Buggerised around until the happy campers sprinted up to give us hugs, bought Sam a hotdog, caught up with Sam and Tom on bus as they stupidly believed they'd be able to do running training after riding 120km. They made it sound like fun, wish I could have done OE.

Running training itself was alright, Sam decided to only do a small lap, and David and I went around to the clearing and back. Fairly easy, I barely pushed myself as my legs were caining for half of it. Saw three abandoned cars. Should come up to destroy them properly sometime.

Back at school, meh, then down the street to buy portable hard drive and hunt for dvds. I have a list now. Got The Wall for relatively cheap, which is good.

My internet is being silly, however since it is retarded I managed to transfer all my music and movies over to the new hard drive and get my bio homework done. Woo?

The very last Chaser's War on Everything was on tonight, and it was good as. Chas is an idiot. Far too much botox, and he looked nothing like Aiden Commins.

Tomorrow looks pretty meh, except I'm helping Gavin to herd some year sevens for Mr Bacon so they can look at microscopes. Why? To avoid half of literature, of course. We're only doing background stuff anyway, so I won't be missing too much. Then, if no one's online, going go kill something.

And for the livespace people, sorry about the last two nights.



Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Giant horse?

'Lo all.

Gawd. Today was bland.

Woke up late again, maybe I should try for a streak.

Get to school a bit early, play at assembly, so dull.

Double history went ridiculously quickly, which is good. We had to do one of those damn alphabet things, and then a researching thing on Cold War personalities. Meh.

Then recess. Was hungry, discussed joys of food with Wiffy and Lulu.

Double media, got to watch Stranger than Fiction, which is pretty cool. We haven't finished it yet, I'll include the review tomorrow.

Then lunch, where we had the debate. Everyone seemed so serious and all the debating kiddies were watching. Aiden and I were intimidated as we waited for Pat. Sarah was a bit too good, which spooked me, but I suck at public speaking anyway. Then the year ten debating prodigy, who ended up getting best speaker, then Aiden, who seemed to be in the same boat as me, then a professional, then Pat. Oh god. He did very well. It was basically stand up, since he ignored the relevant content. Even the adjudicator was laughing. Made it all worth it. He's planning on wearing his gorilla suit in the debate against Blundell.

Then maths, which was meh since Mr Siebel was sick of the retarded cow people in our class.

And finally bio, took notes on eyes that I had to learn for the psych exam, and talked about tongues. Mr Bacon is a pretty cool guy, eh makes fun of our accents and doesn't afraid of anything.

Screamed home to Time, enjoyed a coffee, was annoyed at the lack of internet, then off to work. It wasn't too bad, not too many dishes, finished a good half hour earlier than usual, and Scotty helped out a bit since I helped him find a bucket off a fridge. In my extreme boredom and to take my mind off other topics, devised my plan for the eve of the end of the world in a couple of years, which is basically a massive week long party. Sounds good, yes?

Home again, I'm actually typing this in notepad since as I was typing in the internet, it froze, and spat back the sentence I'd just typed but ONE BIT WAS CHUCKED IN AT RANDOM BUT IT WAS BACKWARDS OH GOD WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON ZAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOOO HHEEEEE COOMMESSSSSSSSSSSSSZZZZ$#_)ijm-airabeoiaERAGRH[]APTKN,KOMF

Yeah, so trojans suck, avoid them at all costs. I've got no idea how I got it, since I don't really visit a lot of sites. Hurm.

Tomorrow is running. Yay. No Samuel, so I believe I'll take the kiddies on the track which leads to the road, since the cross country itself is only like a fortnight away. How terrifying.

Oh yeah, and if you're reading this on the livespace one, sorry about the lack of post last night, it froze and died on me and I couldn't get it to work. You didn't miss a lot.



Monday, July 27, 2009

Back in the USSR.

'Lo all.

Right. Can't stay long. There's a bug eating away at our download.

Today was a Monday, and as usual, it wasn't all that great.

Woke up far too late, good start to the week since I went to bed early (relatively).

Get to school, there's kids getting their bikes ready for camp. You bastards. First up was biology, which wasn't too bad. Dissections this week.

Then psych, fairly dull, I remembered useless information from a week ago, yay!

Recess. Meh.

Then lit, where we were berated into learning. Isobelle was stranded and she wasn't happy.

In maths, Bernice was curious about the return of Mr Siebel. The rest of the girls were all giggly. Poor bastard.

Lunch. No girls. Boring. Played soccer against the year tens, which was alright, but I still suck. Pat and Aiden signed me up for house debating. Oh god.

History was good, I'd done all the homework so I got a free lesson. Spent it researching for debate. Pat's speech is great.

And then media, which was quiet. Finished a couple of scenes.

Then band, which was meh. All meh.

Came home, wrestled with internet, skipped band, and nearly finished debate. Now I just have to email it. Not looking forward to delivering it, but oh well. We know we'll lose.

Right now there's this documentary about the moon landings that's hilarious. It's played so seriously. Had me going for a while.

Tomorrow is a Tuesday. Watching a movie in media. Then debate. Then work. Hurm.


Anyway, the end.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Outta My Head.

'Lo everyone.

Following directly on from last night's mildly whingy blog, here's the rest of the story.

Sat around not doing a lot until just before midnight, Annie goes online. "COME TO EMILY'S LOL! IT'S COOL". I had dubious thoughts, her boyfriend and friends are there, but she's on the msns? Then get text from Aiden. Then Jessie comes out of Fraser's room and stares at me. Right, I'm outta here, says I.

Since it's midnight, went for a walk, since it's not every day one gets to walk around town so late. Kasbah was rocking (DOES NO ONE GET THIS?), cops were staring at me out of Jack Ryan's, and there were so many happy drunks. No places open for energy drink though, nearly fell asleep. Decided to walk around lake the other direction, but that took me past the cops and made me paranoid. Not that I had anything in my backpack. Of course not.

Finally get to Emily's, kids are all sitting on couches watching Hairspray. Find droogs in room watching the youtubes. Get bored after a while, since Sam had pulled out a guitar from whereever. Walk to Aiden's with Meg and Kelly and Sam, since the latter two and me were thirsty. Kinda zoned out, I distinctly remember Justice playing really loudly while Kelly and Sam remininsced about Amaya, and that it was very cold. And we had too much girl beers, god damn. False Flags.

Walk home, no troubles, stash bag, hang out with the rest. Blues Brothers came on, but everyone's seen that before, and you kinda need to pay attention. Annie and Oliver ducked out so I nabbed the couch, then Ryan suggested Aladdin. Girls knew the words to the songs, Ryan knew half the script. Then that finished, and since the host was asleep, Nemo and I raided the kitchen. We found Emily's ECKSBAWKS HUEEEG! pantry (which had it's own little pantry) which had no home brand cheapo familiar stuff, and lots of expensive looking Japanese stuff. Someone mentioned fairybread, but we couldn't make the butter work. Nutella works just as well.

Ryan and I cracked open some jimmys, which woke Jess up amazingly, and then everyone got a piece of floor. I had a chair, since there was a dog in my spot on the floor, made the best of bad situation. Stayed up til 530-6? talking, woke up and Ryan and Jess had both snuck out. Got free breakfast, got bored quick when drama kids started bitching about drama kids and they all went gossippy, went home.

Then the homework. Beardman says we've run out of internet, so technically I shouldn't even be here, but I had to check I had the right version of the media script, then retreated to the shed. Watched Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon over history homework, which is still pretty good, specially when it's not dubbed. What else did I watch...?

Psycho - ****
Surprisingly good. It was sorta two movies, it changed in the middle. Ending was strange. Music was pretty cool.

Then the psych homework, which was over quickly, thank gawd.

Pink Floyd's The Wall - *****
I am going to go out and try and buy this one, I think. So cool. The soundtrack was good, though a bit too proggy for my taste (pre-75 Floyd is best Floyd), but the imagery was just awesome, specially the animated bits. This is the best musical I've ever seen, hands down. Drama kiddies, make them do this for the 2011 school musical, I dare you.

And now, here we are. Not looking forward to tomorrow, cos I know I'll be sleep deprived, and most of my friends will be away. You pricks and your bike riding camp.

Now, watch as alex goes to bed early, and realises some key part of the day he's forgotten to mention, and which keeps him awake.



Saturday, July 25, 2009

Spirit Molecule.

'Lo all.

I am out of the loop. Not particularly happy about this.

Went to work today, got all the dishes out the way, start peeling carrots, Jeremy says I suck at it and tells me to do it differently. Then get booted out to front of house to rescue the girls, and that was alright. Then exiled to the cool room to peel potatoes while the chefs prepped for a big wedding.

When it was finished, I was freezing cold and sore and very hungry, because I wasn't around any chefs to ask for food. Saw Nemo and Jess outside maccas, who escaped in a hurry. Surely I'm not that terrifying after work. They said they were going to Emily's after the musical. I didn't get the invite, no idea what was going on.

Home. Finally. Tired. Talked to Amaya, abused facebook (which is freezing on me), and took a test that says my political views are fairly neutral, though skewed like a mild left leaning libertarian. That's called youth, I think.

Since Meg hasn't replied, I think I'm going to go retreat to the shed. The usual suspects will be too busy to go on msn and amuse me, and downloading stuff can't start for another two hours, and Fraser has a little friend around. Shed is sounding good. Speaking of which.

Reservoir Dogs - ****
Well, glad I finally saw this. It starts off fairly slow, but once it gets going it's pretty good. The Stuck in the Middle With You bit is awesome. And I picked the rat pretty early, dunno if that's good or not. Now to get me a skinny tie.

Next up is Crouching Tiger, I think. Haven't seen that in a while.

Stupid kids better reply.

Tomorrow, nothing. Planning on sleeping in til late, doing homework, then sleeping again. Hell yes.



Friday, July 24, 2009

Paranoid Android.

'Lo everyone.

Marvin the paranoid android. Where's my towel.

Today was meh, really. I mean, it was a Friday, and I'm not scrubbing pots right now, so I guess it wasn't all bad.

Woke up and stumbled inside, it was below zero out there, god damn.

Rode to school on bike as it's now fixed. Now to install heater somewhere...

Media was alright, we had a simple test where we were encouraged to cheat, as long as we had copied the notes.

Then bio, we had to make neurons, which brought back fond memories of pipe cleaners and party poppers and terrifying Tiffany Ray. Claire and Lulu's was better, but oh well.

Recess was cold.

Outside lit, Machine Gun and the entire class arguing about the homework that no one understood. Turns out we were all wrong. Typical lit.

Then maths, which was quiet except for when Tom and I were trying to freak Alison out. Business as usual.

Lunch was quiet too. I floated around, chatted to Jess and Nemo about parties, we had a certain someone trying to join in, which was amusing.

History was alright, James Gray and Ms Henry argued about controversial views. I was thinking the same things, but I didn't have the sheer red-faced balls James has to say it to Ms Henry.

And then psych. Memory games. No Memento. I am a disappoint.

After school, tagged along with Jess and Molly as Jess hunted for Monster energy drinks, then caught up with the droogs and ended up eating Red Rooster in front of Subway, where Kelly got her sub cut up. We lol'd. Hit IGA to visit Meg, then had five minutes of awkwardness with Sarah Heath, then Jess'ss house, and then the drama kids all left. I left, then Jess ran up screaming about going to the servo, so we did. Then I had to pick up some supplies, and I saw Jasmine and she remembered me and we caught up and once again I forgot about her number. Dammit.

Home. Fraser's an idiot, and since Jeremy didn't call, I guess Isaac is working, so I was bored. Went through a buttload of early Zep/Yardbirds youtubes. Found a movie I have to try and hunt down, The Poughkeepsie Tapes, which Annie should google.

Teenage angst is annoying. Like, conceptually. I can't channel it into something useful, it just sits there. Hmm.

And Carlton is losing to Collingwood, won't be able to face Sam and Emma and Tara and Oliver and the rest of the retards who follow the bastards.

Tomorrow, I'm not 100% sure what's going on yet, we've had an abrupt change of plans and it's all very confusing, so I dunno. Might not be a blog post tomorrow night.


Anyway, the end.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rag & Bone.

'Lo everyone.

Oh boy. Thursday's almost over. You know what that means! Friday tomorrow!

Today was interesting, I think.

Get to school in a bad mood, though the new headphones seem a bit strange. They're in-ear ones, and the bass distorts everything else a bit. They will require some getting used to, I think.

Chapel was a Christmas in July special featuring Steve dressed up as a pedophile Santa while jesusfreak year twelves quoted Bad Santa.

Extended homeroom was THE AGE SUUUUUPERQUIZ. Definitely very exciting.

Then biology, Mr Bacon told us about his experiences with Valium as he explained what a neuroinhibitor is without actually mentioning it.

Recess. Better with music.

And double maths, which was boring, though I got through a fair few questions. I made Bernice, Belle, and Jordan listen to Interstellar Overdrive's really trippy bit, and they were all a bit impressed. Bernice then embarrassed herself by mentioning that she thought Tame Impala was a girl, instead of a band.I caught someone else saying 'Pink Floyd is a pretty cool guy' the other day. This pisses me off. It shows that these people have this stuff on their iPod, but it's just there, it doesn't do anything. Disappointing. But it's hilarious when they are completely oblivious.

Anyway. Lunchtime. Joy. Was sitting with Lulu resting my (STILL INCREDIBLY SORE, GOD DAMN) legs when everyone suddenly disappeared. I went to investigate upstairs, but there was only Jess and Kelly and Nemo, so I followed them around. We ended up in the library, where Kelly decided (OF HER OWN FREE WILL) to look at the Offended Page. This girl now scares me a bit. She

Psych was actually pretty cool, we got to watch half of Memento, which made the media kiddies groan, since they've been studying it. I thought it seemed pretty good, I want to watch the rest of it now.

And then lit. Drama kiddies were pumped. I kinda zoned out when I saw it was raining.

Was buzzing before homeroom, have a good idea why, then walked down the street with Jess as we discussed Monster and small dogs. Didn't mention anything about kicking them, think I'm improving. There is a (relatively) cheap bike in the shop I may pick up next week. I tested out these new headphones with the loudest song on the thing on full volume. It makes Bonzo's drums resonate like all hell, I am impressed.

Home, argued with Fraser about fixing bike, sprinted down to work, screaming the whole way as my legs ached, got to the chemist's bloody late, so everyone was like "LOL YOU'RE LATE TODAY!" thinking they were funny and original, but got it all done in like an hour, so that's good.

And now here we are, talked to Amaya (who's seeing Moby at some huge dinosaur festival tonight... or something), watched half of Reservoir Dogs, and considered media homework. I'm not entirely sure what else to add in, really. Stupid project.

Tomorrow is Friday. I might have to work. Not looking forward to this. Stupid kid getting fired. However, it is Friday.

I dunno if things are looking up or if I'm inferring things that I shouldn't be. Hurm. And bring on Inglourious Basterds!



Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Deep Fried.

'Lo all.

Hurm. My legs are killing me. I blame Alison for this.

Anyway. After yesterday's bombshell, reluctantly walked to school, and was too tired to do anything, cos of lack of sleep. Woke up thinking a completely different song was playing, which confused me.

Biology first up, year tens persuaded Mr Bacon to not make us do any work. So we didn't. GIS times are the best times.

Then media, Jake and Pat and I managed to incorporate a gorilla suit and confuse a year ten. Great success, though apparently I need to do more script work, which sucks.

Recess. Grrr.

Then history, which was mildly amusing (in my opinion) since Ms Henry assumed resident neobohemian Ruby knew about Che Guevara.

And maths, where Alison and I threw rubbish around, and Jasper seemed to dislike Emma's music. She should have hit him.

The Long Lunch. We decided to hit the playground, and were retards. I won the upside down thing, probably because there's less blood to rush to my head or something. Had gladiator fights on a bar, I suck because I'm too light, but Pat and Sam were pretty good. Hayden grabbed the padding from the goal posts and we had a couple of rounds where people just whacked each other, then everyone nicked off to be professionals. Hurm.

Hung around with Emily, which was wearing, then caught up with Kelly. But then everyone else tagged along. Saw Leighton's freshly waxed chest and a grinning Potter. The idiot. Things were dull til Kelly suggested library, where Emily chose a puberty book, and we spent time laughing at the detailed illustrations. Then found Sam and Alison and ditched everyone.

Once we got to the damn place, Tom, Sam, James, MiniCumpster, and a year seven wearing his jumper and I took off, and it wasn't too bad. Rowers seemed used to the pace, littler kids were surprising. Sam decided to visit airstrip, so we did. Ran all the way back with James whinging about how he needed to take a dump.

After school, walked down the street with Sam and Aiden after discussing Sarah and Flora the NotAmaya's idea to get Agnik wasted. Poor bastard. The rest of us went to the chicken shop since it was far too windy, then Aiden nicked off, I bought new headphones (finally), and we found Denny. Walked to model shop for paint, failed, walked to Toy Kingdom for paint and checked out Zippos, found Jason, walked to Soap, and dig out the chocolate.

Now, the initial plan was to use Soap's ingredients to make batter, then deep fry chocolate. First thing that went wrong was that we didn't know how to make batter. So, we visited Lenny and the rest across the road, then went hunting for ingredients. There. Were. None. (at least not yet). So Sam says I should go over to the Bis and ask politely for the ingredients in a bowl. Jason and I get turned down by Ferg and Sammy. Oh well, let's go to Coles. Get there, realise I have no wallet on me since my bag is back at Soap. So, leave Jason talking to Pete, run all the way to Soap, grab wallet, shock horror Sam and Denny have broken the deep fryer and found half the ingredients. Hurm.

Anyway. We grabbed Jason, went back, grabbed bags, and left. Decided to try a fish and chip joint. They actually deep fried the mars bars. It was awesome. Like melted chocolate wrapped in weird. Then Denny and I walked home, and there was all this stuff to do and I forgot to buy puncture repair stuff, dammit! Didn't talk to the (Amazing) French as much as should have, but I did get skype. Bloody useless program. Do not want to buy webcam and mike.

Tomorrow is Thursday, and I really need to fix my bike up, because work may be tricky without it. It'd be possible, but my legs are sore enough.

What the hell is going on.


Anyway, the end.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


'Lo all.

If I type too quickly my music skips. Annoying. Though it's strange 60s psychedelia, so maybe it's intentional, I dunno. Speaking of which, found a couple of music blogs George may be interested in, and TAME IMPALA HAS NEW SINGLE OUT YAY!

Today sucked, but it got better.

Woke up too late after a pleasant dream involving a boat (odd), got angry at sisters, walked to school musicless, then psych in the computer rooms first up. Meh. Meh meh meh.

Then lit, where things did not improve much. At least I've done my homework.

Recess, was also fairly meh, funnily enough. I thought our media stuff was due next period, so I scribbled it all out. It wasn't. We got made to storyboard the damn movie, Jake and I were assigned the year tens. Hurm.

And then history, which wasn't too bad, cos it went quickly. More analysis of We Didn't Start the Fire. Tom and I laughed at some of the stuff it brought up on wikipedia.

Lunch. Too damn hot. Talked to Meg, then Tom persuaded us to play 1v1 L-SHAPED BOTTLE SOCCER!!!, which just tired us out. The musical kiddies all came back from their first performance, Belle still had grey crap in her hair.

Maths was meh, found a huge squeaky spider which we through at Alison, while Tom and I discussed Nirvana, as usual. Apparently their cover of Heartbreaker that made it onto the With the Lights Out box was actually from their first ever perfomance. Thought that was pretty cool.

Bio was alright, got work done while discussing Gunther von Hagens and immaturity and the Simpsons. Good times, Mr Bacon is cool.

Walking home, Isobelle and I discussed exam results and how it might be best not to check them yet, in case it puts you off. Funny that. Saw Megan walking home, poked Fraser with a stick, then talked to the French. Deja vu. This is why I don't do that sort of thing very often, man.

Anyway. Went to work, function on (ballet, lol), so was kept busy. Accidently broke dishwasher off it's hinges at one stage. Chefs stared at me and it was through sheer Fear of Boss that I managed to fix it up by beating it back into it's grooves. Made my night. I am at one with the dishwasher. As the orders wound down the chefs started bagging Jeremy, poor bastard. I lol'd. Saw Tanya waitressing, which was a bit odd. She kept trying to strike up conversations that lasted thirty seconds.

Home now. Not looking forward to school. At least I've done my homework. I am looking forward to the great big run at the end of the day, looks like I may need it.

Get on msn again tomorrow, dammit. Maybe not at eight in the morning though.



Monday, July 20, 2009

What is and what should never be.

'Lo everyone.

My iPod headphones are officially busted. The left side died on the walk to school this morning (since my bike is currently being repaired). Not happy. There is music on a GORRAM LOOP in my head. Will need to pick up new gooder headphones and some tyre repair crap tomorrow before work or something, hell.

Anyway. Today is a Monday. This means no sleep last night. I'm slowly being driven insane, and we've only had a week of school so far. Hurm.

Stressed over lit homework a bit with Emma ("I'm not feeling anything, are you?" "Not really, I'm just gonna make up stuff" "Cool"), then school, where there were too many people.

Double psych. Quiet. Remembered 29/30 random words in some memory thing, was annoyed that I only forgot one, Clemmo thought this was funny.

Recess. Demoralising.

Lit. Also demoralising. We had one of those things where Cartledge asks us a question, and though we're all thinking the answer, we all think it's not right, so no one says anything. I think it's funny, she hates it.

Biology was alright, Mr Bacon has some very lame jokes (that and the year tens are stupid). Looking forward to doing field work, I think.

Then lunch. Tom took pity on me and lent me his headphones, which led to Machine Gun getting out of my head until Meg thought it'd be funny to put on something really loud. It was fairly boring til Kelly got bored too, then we stalked Erin and Bree. Jess gave me more Hersheys.

History was studying a Billy Joel song and looking at editorials about the Moon landing. Ruby was freaking out because she didn't do the media crap. Emily said something stupid that she told me to mention, but I can't remember what it is. So nyeh. Told you I'd forget.

And then media. Patrick has joined our class. He seemed a bit shocked at how stupid we all were. We did more in that lesson than we have in a while, but the script is still plodding along. I submitted my bit, but it's pretty crap.

Before homeroom, had the Hershey stuff. Everyone thought it was alright til they asked for more. Meg said she could taste the fat in it. In large doses, it's not that great. Walked to gate with Lulu, after she nearly got captured by boardos.

Home again, began fixing bike, realised I was lacking essential supplies, downloaded some Massive Attack sounding indie stuff, got some research from a Russian news website where all the main stories were about strippers or tanks, and all the pictures were of naked girls and fighter jets. Those crazy Ruskies. Then suffered band. Soon as I got out, Australia lost the test. Oh well.

Right now, they're about to show the Hilltop Hoods set on the tv. Yay.

Tomorrow is Tuesday. That means work. Not looking forwards to this because my clothes are still filthy and damp.



Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sour Times.

'Lo all.

Anyone like Portishead? At all? Suppose creepy triphop isn't that popular these days...

I don't want to go back to school. I don't want to go back to school. I don't want to go back to school.

Today at work was good, though my bike's tyre has buggered itself somehow. Will need to fix that up before Thursday. Not happy about this. Sick of bikes breaking, but I need the money to fund the European campaign. Which reminds me, GET ON MSN, DAMMIT.

Anyway, where were we. Work was good. It was one of those days where they kept you busy enough to make an hour and a half feel like half that. Went home almost on time, beat Guy out because he was stuck doing stocktake.

Get home, girls have captured computer and Beardman is on the wii. Bizarre. Finished psych homework, considered literature homework, kept eye on cricket score, which is abysmal, unfortunately.

I've noticed something odd on the interbutt, looks like the news thing about mass migration to Facebook seems true. There's still the same meaningless crap content, just now it's on a different site. Hurm.

Fraser says he's sick again, which is funny considering what tomorrow is.

Tomorrow is school. I don't want to go back to school. Don't want to go to band, though this time we know there's no school band because of the musical.

I dare you to play False Flags at my funeral, I double dare you.



Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tiger in the bathroom.

'Lo readers.

Bloody hell. I have remembered how much I enjoy weekends.

Woke up at ten this morning, after finally downloading Houses of the Holy. I wanted to watch Rage, but the tvs were occupied. So, went back to bed, finally got up at three after Denny called, asking about seeing The Hangover tonight.

Spent day idly flicking through the internet, and doing media homework. The scene I was assigned has been reformatted, but I'm crap at writing dialogue so I'm going to send Oliver a copy to look at. Ended up catching the bits of rage I wanted to see, which was Knights of Cydonia, Communications Breakdown, Paint it Black, and Are You Experienced, plus Heart Shaped Box. I am liking the fact that they put the whole playlist on the internet so you can check if anything cool is going to be on.

Walked down the street, ended up finding Megan, then met the rest at maccas. We saw a huge crowd for Harry Potter again, including Belle, Marley, and some teachers. Isobelle wasn't happy with her icecream.

The Hangover - ****1/2
Very funny. Like a watered down version of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. As Sam pointed out, this is basically what we're going to get up to eventually. It did slow down at times, but it kept things interesting, and the photos during the credits were hilarious.

After the movie, plan was to deepfry a mars bar, but then people started nicking off, and Aiden insisted I get a lift home. Hurm.

Tomorrow means work all day, psych homework all night, but that should keep me occupied. Not happy at the moment, but oh well. God damned teenagers.


Anyway, the end.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Offend in Every Way.

'Lo everyone.

Interesting day today. Glad it's Friday.

Went to school, usual stuff, first up was psych, which was just hypothesiseses. Meh. Fairly easy.

History we had a sub. Isobelle and I idly flicked through textbook. Tom found the best 15 Zep songs of all time, I agree with most of the choices. Goody told me the story about a mentally disabled kid physically stole a penguin from the aquarium.

Recess. Quiet.

Double bio was alright, Mr Bacon is funny enough to keep you interested. Second lesson was in the computer room, which was quiet. Played flash games and showed Claire the photos of her on the website, which she didn't seem too impressed with.

Lunch. Thank gawd. Stood around a fair bit. Isaac faked vomiting after finding a steaming pile of soup. Game of vomitrubbish tiggy erupted. Decided to chase after Millsy a couple of times.

Lit wasn't too bad, I suppose. Can't remember what we did.

And then maths, Mr Brennan left midway through. Alison thinks my eyes are feminine. She admitted she was jealous. Entertaining lesson.

After school, went home, met Aiden, delivered some drugs, bought costume hairspray for Aiden, caught up with the rest. At the cinema, huge crowd, so OtherAiden and I grabbed a spot while the rest got prepared.

A small child in front of us said "I like Star Wars better than Harry Potter." After that, 3 stormtroopers, Anakin Skywalker, and Draco Malfoy came out of the toilets, made everyone laugh. We sat at the very back, sang the theme song, embarrassed friends, and Hayden and Isaac got a pair of thirteen year old's numbers.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince - **1/2
Visually, it was entertaining. But. It's a Potter movie, so too much is cut out. It tries too hard to be both the teenage coming of age romance sorta thing AND a dark and scary action film. At the end, they just stop doing the romance thing, there's no conclusion really. And the action bit had no real climax, since they cut out the big battle at the end. Meh.

Here is a photo of Sam.

That's Isaac and Hayden after him. As we left the cinema, the crowd asked to take pictures of them. We visited Isobelle in La Porchetta, and then maccas, Meg in IGA, Subway, and KFC, where we left them. There's a photo on facebook of the four of them helping a cop to pushstart a car.

There'll be footage around eventually, so I'll link that. I should probably edit it or something first, oh well.

Tomorrow, no work, but should probably do lit stuff. Planning on watching at least two movies.

Dazed and confused, and I need to talk to you.



Thursday, July 16, 2009

Breakfast in America.

'Lo all.

Should probably save that title, but oh well.

Hot damn. Nearly a full week of school and we're still alive. Maybe not properly functioning yet, but we're getting there.

Today my trusty iPod headphones started to break. The right side (that I use) died mysteriously. Not happy about this, left side feels awkward. This afternoon I had a look at skullcandy headphones, after Julian showed off his yesterday. Too expensive for me, I think. However, playing Interstellar Overdrive over them feels awesome. Meg and Isobelle were TERRIFIED. One good bit of headphone related news is that I got proper big ones for the home computer, which is cool. The bass isn't as clear as Julian's, and they are still a bit leaky, but oh well. They're still pretty cool, good quality sound, which is the main thing.

I just wrote a paragraph about headphones. Kill me.

Anyway. School and all that, since I know I have one reader that needs her fix of this.

Chapel was dull and boring except for a kid praying for the High School Musical to go well. Good luck, you bastards.

After that, homeroom. Lulu was hunting for ushers for aforementioned musical, but I think I'm working those nights. Sally filled me in on a bit more gossip. Very funny how these people have grown up. I'm calling bullcrap, btw.

Instead of media, we had band photos. I was on the end, of course. It sucks. Either on the end or in the middle.

Then a bit of media, they were stressing over copies of the script. I should probably be more worried about this, but I'm not. Will obediently do some work on the weekend, I suppose, just to keep the peace.

Recess. Think it was raining.

Double literature was torture. Due to lack of sleep (and being banned from 'dancing') I fumbled an explanation to the class, but at least I wasn't the only one. Cartledge was not impressed. Cartledge mentioned we were not as good as class from the other years. Cartledge spends most of the time going over how we SHOULD be learning. Then we get a Brief History of the World in ten minutes.

Lunch. Dull. Watched some year twelves play roulette with a golfball (they bounce it in a circle, they watch it bounce until it lands on one of their heads) with Isaac, Hayden, and Sam while the horde played soccer in the wet. Got boring, went for a walk with Kelly. The gym is bizarre. I miss PE. Bree got her ear pierced in the girl's toilets, you're lucky you missed that Amaya. After hunting for everyone else, Kelly and I found ourselfves upstairs where Isaac was talking about an amusing snuff film, then Hayden got wrestled and wedgied by both Sam and Isaac. Emily managed to get her phone out in time to record evidence. We lol'd.

Maths was quiet, I've done correllation before. Just as boring then as it is now. Tom and I discussed books. That's how bored we were.

Then psych, more stupid memory games, cept this time it was out in the cold.

In homeroom, rocked out to SINGLE EARPHONED Zep, which was not as cool as stereo. Then down the street, no real trouble at work, though I missed a package for a nursing home so I had to go back.

And then home, Beardman was concerned about his lack of control over Fraser's faux rebellionism (he's just a tool, obviously), so he went to a thing, and I had to babysit. Meh. Should probably have gotten some homework done. There's footage of actual bands playing music from the One Night Stand on the triple J website, if anyone cares. Think I saw that Scotty Eaton guy at the end of the Children Collide one.

Tomorrow is Friday, thank gawd. Not happy with this whole waking up early thing. Think we have double bio too, that'll be cool. Might be seeing Harry Potter with the horde too, if Sam and Aiden and Hayden dress up I'll post pics.

Next week. Need to talk to someone first though. Hurm.

And that was far too wordy. Didn't think I got up to that much today. Oh well. No doubt I've forgotten something.



Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kinder your Surprise.

'Lo readers.

I don't know about this whole "WEAR FULL SPORTS UNIFORM, NO EXCEPTIONS" thing. It just seems to be there to punish unlucky kids, since just about everyone has the right clothes now. It's worse, since I had my trackies stolen. Oh well. Annoying having to replace said trackies.

This morning was one of those wake-up-late days, which was annoying. Stressed about finishing lit and starting history, but both were over in a couple of minutes. Very, very, very cold on the way to school.

Get to school, couple of people ask why I'm wearing shorts. You pricks. First up was lit, which did not improve things, as I was too tired to lie about trackies, so I got told to get a uniform pass (which I had no intention of getting). Oliver said it was too hot, etc. The group analysis of the damned sonnets wasn't too bad, it's good when you have smart people in the group.

Then psych, just copying notes and memory games. Hate memory games (see mid term three last year).

Recess. Cold. Dull.

History wasn't too bad, talked about space race and historiography. Meh.

Then media, where we got the skeleton script read out. I honestly don't know what else we're doing. House meetings following were dull, we're going to enter Tom as a gladiator for Inglefest.

Lunch was over far too quickly. Went to clothing shop, bought pants (so was Isobelle, who has given up her fight with the green pants. Later found out it was so she could wear her green converses), then Isaac was shouting, so he might have gotten on the local news. Hope so.

Sport. Sam and I discussed girls (damn lucky bastard that he is. secrets within secrets, not exactly surprised, etc), cars ($44000 for plasma screen shag carpeted hippy van?) and ran nearly nine klicks with Cumpster's little brother, who's alright. Was good having iPod, need a pocket for it, and less leaky headphones.

Back to school, things continued being good. Agnik and Kelly have a bizarre way of hugging. Went down the street with Aiden, Sam, and a pair of Mollys, got chips, saw Millsy, saw Ryan, Isobelle, and Julian, enjoyed kinder surprises (I got me a spinning top, wtf), went to Coles for more (damn Ice Age 3. I gave my thingy to a little ranga kid), saw April, Sian, and Claire on their way to see Harry Potter, discussed phone wars, bought credit, and I ended up hanging with Isobelle as everyone drifted away. Sam made hasty exit after accidently flicking something at an old couple sitting near us. He was mortified. Aiden broke a stitch in his mouth, poor bastard.

Come home, news of more Tame Impala releases, the Frenchling appeared, but she seemed a bit busy (not surprised), beat Meg and lost to Annie at a bizarre msn game, and there was a tsunami warning for Lakes Entrance after an earthquake hit New Zealand. I am a disappoint, lack of major destruction so far.

Tomorrow is a Thursday. I am looking forward to the weekend, because then I will be able to sleep. I'm really feeling tired at the moment. That and confused. Damned teenagers.

(lotta brackets today, wonder what's going on)




Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Still just a Rat in a Cage.

'Lo all.

Suppose I'm an ugly runt of a rat stuck in a school shaped cage, if we are to expand on the title a bit. Do the same thing over and over again, run around in circles a bit... sounds about right. There are no layered guitars or Billy Corgan in the background, however.

Very much over school already, but oh well. Holiday's aren't too far away, relatively. Still getting used to the waking up early though.

After an assembly where the drama kids screamed a lot and Sam wore a shiny gold jacket (not exactly a positive advertisment, I'm afraid, as I'm not that interested in Sienna Maill screaming), double history. Fairly meh, had another googly type thing to do and Ms Henry did her usual spiel on East Berlin. Think this is the third time I've heard it, might be the fourth, can't remember if she did it last year too.

Recess was quiet. Need to get me an anchor, I'm floating between different conversations, since we don't do a lot.

Double media. Not sure where this class is going. Happy to go along for the ride, I suppose, as long as I don't have to act on camera. One of the god damn year tens didn't know who Hendrix or Kurt Cobain were, Emma, Ms Robbins and I suppressed killing rage. Oliver sang along to his death metal; his theory is that if he embarrasses himself a lot now, he won't feel so bad singing on stage. Fair enough, I guess.

Lunch. Boring and lonely, so followed horde to the basketball court. Kept on kicking ball at fence, soon as I leave it goes over fence into a construction area. Well done those men.

Then maths, which was quiet. Work was fairly easy, if tedious. Time came on the iPod, but as soon as it got to the good bit I got told to stow it. Hurm.

And then bio, Mr Bacon is cool, we took notes then didn't have a lot to do. Talked to Japanese girl, laughed at Claire's attempts at animal drawings, good lesson.

Before we went to homeroom, Lulu and I got our deb photos. I still believe I look stupid(er than usual) with the not-quite-long-enough hair. Oh well. She was happy. Screamed home, checked news, 430 rolls around far too quickly.

Work wasn't too bad, Guy and I discussed women (Amaya, a guy you probably don't remember says you were cool. Get back here, dammit), and his awesome bus, which is like my shed on steroids with wheels and a plasma. Finished just after chefs, feels good man.

And here we are. Confused.

Tomorrow I am going to go running, despite what the sports choices may say. Might be a shame to work off all the kilos I think I've put on over the holidays. Oh well.



Monday, July 13, 2009

Wish You Were Here.

'Lo all.

Hell, I hate first days back at school. It was far too cold and there were too many screaming retards and all the usual crap.

Anyway. Hope you enjoyed reading about my nearly-depressingly boring holidays. Hope you got up to something exciting, though if you're still reading, maybe not... It's a shame they're over though, I only got like 5? 6? hours sleep last night. I miss waking up after 13.

Right. Get to school, say hi to Bernice and Annie, Bernice gave me a surprisingly large chocolate frog. Said hi to Tom and Lulu too, everyone else was scattered around. Saw the New French Girl with Sarah. It's not Amaya. I am a disappoint.

First up was biology. We had the sardonic Mr Bacon, who brought in a stuffed Pooh Bear to teach us about living critters. Not a bad lesson, though I do find it amusing that Gav and I took up the entire middle row as none of the year tens had the balls to sit near us. We just laughed, discussed swine flu.

Then psych. Small class, did a fairly easy fill in the blanks thing. Meh.

Recess. Fairly quiet. Sam's new hairdo is still deceptive. Caught up with the horde, but unconsciously kept my distance. Weird.

Lit was the usual, rant rant rant tangent rant (this time it was a new sonnet, and the tangent was seeing Romeo and Juliet at the Globe). Cartledge also mentioned there was one girl in our year who really couldn't walk in heels, but refused to say who. Spoilsport. It's a quiet class since Sam wimped out.

Five minutes of maths, four of which were spent watching Bren-dog get increasingly angry at a group of girls who were standing around in the corner. Funny. Then a music lesson, both of us were tired, so meh.

Lunch. Finally. It was quiet. The usual suspects dropped in for a chat, I started my lit homework, got bored, since everyone else had nicked off broke into Bernice's chocolate and went for a walk with Kelly. Visited the horde playing soccer against Harry and co, Sam seemed so out of it, then back around, see Agnik and Sally. They're all very depressed, Amaya, come back here.

History was meh. For some reason the kids all thought that the Berlin Wall broke down 40 years ago (moon landing, you idjits). I got a good mark on the maps, 25/25, but I believe the only important bit will be Amsterdam (and Amaya's house, obviously). The rest of the class was whinging about how they messed up Finland and Norway. Hurm.

Then media. Oliver's wordle thing featured seven deadly sins and four horsemen of the apocalypse. Interesting discussion on the Hottest 100 as we cut stuff out, Ms Robbins seems to have a pretty cool taste in music. I still think this project is a bit too overambitious. It seems we're going to be hunted down on the Facebook too. I'm not sure if the blog still gets linked there. If it does, and you're reading this Ms Robbins, stare into the abyss long enough and eventually it'll stare back at you, it's worked for a few people.

Bell goes, Lulu says there's no band, go home, do homework, go to band, get bored, go home again, here I am. A lot of people seem to have been blogging, which is cool. Nice to have something to read.

George, letter should arrive by Thursday or Friday, it's only Monday today. Make sure you listen to the live version of Death Letter, it's so fething cool.

What else have we got. Didn't see Katie on le tour last night, unfortunately. Sick of school and homework already. Had an idea. Not that it's a good one. And Under the Bridge is good as, should have downloaded it a lot earlier.

Tomorrow will be Tuesday, which is never really a good sign. We'll have assembly (Jess, dunno if you read this, but you've got a surprise waiting for you next week...), and then either everything or doubles. Then work. Hurm.


Anyway, the end.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Smells like Teen Spirit.

'Lo readers.

Good end to the holidays today. Had it's high points and it's low points, as usual.

Tom and I booted up the ps2 early, finished our game from last night and ended up with around 2300 kills in total. Then explored a few more levels, some of which were very trippy.

Walked down to meet with the others, scored the last two chairs on the massive table (Denny dragged one over when he arrived. Julian was getting angry when he was not served his meal, and when his beer arrived, he got a Blonde instead of a Heineken. He was not happy at all. Sam had dyed his hair black. Very... interesting?

We followed Amaya around, stopping every five minutes or so. Saw Bernice in Best and Less, which prompted the blokes there to ponder what the hell we were doing in Best and Less. Then we visited Camaro in Target, and she was a bit occupied serving customers. Us guys were shocked at the size of the pokemon strategy guide. Damn kids these days. Then we visited Meg in IGA, (we thought she looked like Mario, Ryan asked her to throw a fireball), then crashed at McDonalds, where the girls took pictures and Julian attempted to eat a cheeseburger with ten bits of meat. He succeeded, but complained about the amount of grease and oil that dripped out of it. Girls were horrified.

During this, the Hottest 100 started going down through the twenties. Denny stole my phone (radio, only good feature I've discovered so far), reported that Seven Nation Army got 20, then Knights of Cydonia (funnily enough, the only Muse song, I suppose all the Triple J forumites were a bit overconfident) got 18. I had hoped they'd be lower, but oh well. Was surprised by The Nosebleed Section getting 17, and Wish You Were Here getting 16.

Walked down to the hp's work, Amaya hugged us all, started crying, made me promise to fix my internet, then grabbed Agnik and left. Sad. Oh well, there's still the internet, and since we're all Eurotripping eventually, we'll see her again. Denny was waiting impatiently for Killing in the Name which we both thought would get in, Creep and Bittersweet Symphony got into the teens.

And after that, girls and Sam went to Annie's (apparently they then followed Amaya to the airport, well done you lot), and Ryan, Denny, Julian and I headed to the bottleshop. No joy for Ryan, but Stairway to Heaven got number ten, which was cool. Air guitar on the walk home, as we discussed Jackass and Viva la Bam.

Get home, check computer, lots of reactions from people about the list. The top ten were kind of predictable, really, surprises for me were Foo Fighters and Chilli Peppers, though Emma was definitely happy with Under the Bridge. Was shocked and awed by Killing in the Name getting number two, texted Denny and he was amazed too. Then Smells like Teen Spirit won it and I retreated to the shed.

While finishing the psych homework, Kingsmill said they'd be playing some live sets from the winners. Cool, says I. Launches into Nirvana. Very cool, then Daft Punk, which was awesome. The live version of Around the World is another song I voted for, so I was happy to hear that on the radio, followed by the live version of Aerodynamic. Then some Radiohead, which wasn't exactly my cup of tea (I like their rockers though, like Electioneering and Bodysnatchers), and then a set by Rage Against the Machine, who are pretty good live. Then a real shock, which made my night. Led Zeppelin, live from Madison Square Garden 1973. Wooooooooo. Picked it as soon as Page launched into Bring It on Home/Black Dog, cos it's off the dvd I bought, or I might just be a hopeless Zep geek. Got Black Dog, Heartbreaker, and an extended version of Whole Lotta Love, all live, which was soo cooool. Definitely made it tricky to concentrate on the psych glossary. Nearly ran out of credit texting people, will need to pick some up soon.

And here we are. All up, the Hottest 100 of All Time wasn't bad, there was a few picks I really don't agree with (System of a Down, looking at you), but hell, Massive Attack and Zeppelin got two songs each, one from each were my favouritest songs. Very little Pearl Jam, which was disappointing, but oh well. Very nice seeing Hendrix on the list, and it was a surprise to only see one song each from The White Stripes and Muse, but they were both really good songs which I voted for anyway.

Watching the cricket too, England is getting absolutely smashed. How awesome.

Amaya, definitely going to miss you, definitely going to try and improve internet. Keep reading this, stay in touch, beware Jean-Baptiste.

Tomorrow is school, and I'm getting the distinct feeling that karma is going to absolutely kick my arse after the last few days. Oh well. Had a good run. The dynamics have changed a bit, so it'll be interesting, at least. And I've done my homework, except for finishing Wuthering Heights... but then, no one else has.



Saturday, July 11, 2009

Black Mountain Side.

'Lo all.

Tom's over, he's flipping through a Zep book. He says hi.

Slow day today. Woke up, there's this odd looking blonde kid in the house. Go to work, no big trouble, had to help out the front since one of the waitresses left and their dishes were piling up. Pouring rain the whole time.

Come home, play a bit of the vidya, finish a bit more homework, then walk down to maccas to meet Denny. Tom buys himself carton of milk for the road. Meet Aiden and Sam in the cinema.

Bruno - ****
There are a few funny bits, and they are good, and it's an interesting look at American attitudes. But, the nudity. Oh god the nudity. We didn't need to see that, or see it lingering on screen swinging around. First time I've been in a movie where the entire audience is covering their eyes and laughing.

Got a lift home with Denny, and here we are.

Tomorrow, hang out with Tom, find out what the French is doing, then cramming in homework. There isn't as much as I thought, the lit essay just needs cleaning and the psych stuff isn't exactly difficult, so I should be able to get it done.



Friday, July 10, 2009

Number 22.

'Lo readers.

Busy today.

Woke up, radio on, caught Come as You Are and a Pearl Jam song, then Amaya announced she was rocking up. Booted up her hard drive, started transferring Daria. Took ages. She got lots of funny looks from the family, I'm sorry about that.

Then spraypainted bike. If I have to ride this near-brakeless thing, I'm going to make sure it's a respectable colour.

Went to work early because I was bored, the first five or so houses all mentioned this to me. Then caught up with Amaya again, she decided I needed a birthday present so she got Full Metal Jacket. The wench behind the counter had served her half an hour ago, but asked her again whether she was eighteen. She lied, but she did so convincingly. Amazing.

So, mini-party in the shed, then she left, and I cleaned up and tried to get the results from the last ten song bracket. It was awesome, but I missed it. All Along the Watchtower, My Happiness, Alive, Where is My Mind, These Days, TEARDROP! WOOOO!

Then went to Harry and Marilyn's, good food but far too many kids.

Tomorrow is work, then Tom seems to be dropping in. Cool. Gotta make sure those damned chefs play Triple J.

I'm enjoying the holidays at the moment, which is a shame because they're about to end, and then back into the maelstrom.



Thursday, July 9, 2009

Piper at the Gates of Dawn.

'Lo everyone.

This morning, when I woke up, it was very dark and very cold. There was frost everywhere and the windscreen and a small whale were frozen. It was bizarre.

Caught train, Fraser's little fat friend was going to the 'skatey' in Warragul and him and his friends decided to sit near me. Thankfully my music is ridiculously loud. Loud enough to miss the things over the PA about my carriage being for reserved seating, conveniently. Didn't get turfed out, and a faux-cockney apprentice kid tried to strike up some conversation about his gambling habits.

Get to Melbourne, go for a walk. Get money first. Get coffee second, from random coffee shop. Can't remember what it was called. Was in an alley. Coffee wasn't bad.

Visited Minotaur, they seem to have gotten rid of most of the music merchandise. Was sorely tempted to get a Woodstock tshirt, but it was one size too big. No Zep alarm clocks, no Pink Floyd coffee mugs. Did see a Jimmy Page action figure, which was weird.

Kept on moving, had a look in music shirt shop, but it was way out of my spending range, and they only had one good thing, which was a Pearl Jam hoodie. Oh well. Visited Emma's Basement Records, picked up The Song Remains the Same, after realising they'd sold the Hendrix cd/dvd I was interested in. Then another basement record shop, this time Missing Link. Was digging through the vinyl, found a limited edition picture disc LP of Piper at the Gates of Dawn for relatively cheap. The dude at the counter was impressed, he put on a Pink Floyd dvd for me. If I had more money, I would have bought that too. George, they have the new Sonic Youth album on vinyl there, and a Pixies one, if you're interested. It's on Bourke st.

Anyway. That was all pretty cool. Did a bit more wandering, found some fairly cheap dvds in JBs, but I got the feeling I should save some more money, as they'll be there next time, unlike cool stuff like LPs. Went off to meet Marie and the kiddies, Fraser was hopeless at giving directions ("I'm at the sushi place, next to the juice bar." There's no juice bar here "I'm looking at a shoe shop" ARGH WHERE ARE YOU "I'm at the other end, you dickhead" OTHER END OF WHAT? "The station, duh" BUGGER IT, I'M GETTING ME A DONUT "You what?"). Fraser and Mitchell were lugging Fraser's (unneccesarily) boxed up bike, and Frances was pulling along his luggage. Little stooge had a work crew for him, the lazy prick. Managed to get everything on train, and we didn't have a fat chick sit near us, though we had a woman with a baby.

Quiet trip home, Beardman meets us, puts Fraser's bike in the back, go home, get on bike, go to work, get past four blocks and the SAME BLOODY TYRE explodes again. Seething with rage, call Beardman, tells me to walk it home so they can check it out. It's now approaching five and will be dark soon. Go home, test out backup yellow bike, scream out again. Crash bike in front of chemist, walk in, "Oh, sorry Alex, Aiden already came in... I think" So he didn't tell me he was actually swapping, oh well, says I. Still seething, pick up dvds for Annie, ride home, El Beardo tells me to buy own bike. Walk past computer, it's missing a screen. God damn.

Retreat to shed, boot up laptop, drag out literature notes, start Reservoir Dogs. Can't concentrate on boring sonnets and Tarantino dialogue at the same time, so I figure I'll try out The Song Remains the Same. WRONG REGION LOL! ARGH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-

Anyway. Get about 400 words in, then I consider trying dvd on laptop. Changed region (only 3 left!), and it starts working. SHOCK HORROR! So, pad out essay a bit, start conclusion, start movie. It's better than I remember, but not as good as The Dvd, music wise. Think that was because this is a concert, that's a best of.

And now we're back here, with the crappy ECKSBAWKS HUUUEG computer monitor, which takes up far too much room on my desk for the size of it's screen. Looking at photobombs and was playing hangman before.

Anyway. Productive day. Very dramatic. Missed the Hottest 100 though, Bullet with Butterfly Wings got in too.

Tomorrow, still busy. Looks like I'm having visitors in the morning, then I'm working Aiden's shift, then we're going out, so might be a late post.

Katie and James, have fun in Europe, we'll keep an eye out for you when the Ashes isn't on...



Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Gimme Shelter.

'Lo readers.

Slow day today. I don't feel any older.

Woke up to Paint it Black and Smashing Pumpkins, which was cool, then got a buttload of text messages and calls and the usual stuff. Got a cheapo phone, shaver, clothes, and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas off the Beardman, which is all very cool. Phone doesn't look at me funny and is easier to use, there's less buttons, and they all work!

Spent day not doing a lot, really. Had the feeling I should have been doing homework, but once I started doing psych questions I couldn't get into them.

A Clockwork Orange - ****1/2
It's damned cool, and it's hyperviolent and just cool. But it's Kubrick, so it looks good, but the pacing is a bit off for me. Still. Go watch it.

Um. Not much else to report. Danielle and Scott dropped in before, got a buttload of chocolate.

Tomorrow I'm going to Melbourne in the morning, waking up at some ungodly hour, getting coffee and donut from Krispy Kreme, hunting down that vinyl shop, looking for n64 controllers for Emma, might pick up a book or something, then making sure Fraser doesn't ride up and down the train corridors on the way home. Then work, dammit.

Oh yeah. Seventeen today. No, I didn't have a party. Firstly because I don't want to worry about organising it, and secondly because some of you lot are squabbling and I'm sick of that. Big party next year though, I think.



Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Number 98.

'Lo readers.

No post last night as we were a bit busy.

Lessee. Woke up far too early yesterday, drove home, no major troubles. Saw a rig docked at Geelong, Beardman went all misty eyed. All little electronic gizmos threatened to die at some point, which was annoying. Wideband people reckon there's nothing wrong with our internet connection. Lies.

Get home, clean up a bit, head down the street and meet Alison and Bernice who were whinging and hunting for cheese, then walked into Annie's. Pat was kicking arse on the new wii. Every house will eventually have one of these, they spread virally.

Denny and a buttload of others rocked up, with a phone they had found. Denny claimed it for his own after hacking in, finding video of a teenage girl's sleepover and some naughty text messages, then he deleted everything. Amaya got her hair cut, in the backyard, which was odd.

Before cake, I decided to run home and grab a sleeping bag. Amaya decided to tag along. So did Kelly. Then everyone else decided to follow to see what was going on. So, Annie's party was at my house for about ten minutes, where lots of girls looked at the shed with bemused expressions (never seen a geek's room before?), and they struggled to get up Fraser's quarter pipe.

Back at Annie's actual house, girls boot up chick flick after cake, Isaac, Pat and I get bored, decide to go to video shops, which are shut, then Isaac finds a gangster movie he liked in Coles. So after catching the end of the chick flick (we were gone for half an hour and it was still predictable), we watched the next one.

Movie review one is Layer Cake - ***
Slightly confusing, not that I was paying a hundred percent attention the whole time. It wasn't bad, fairly violent, lots of drugs. Definitely in the same vein as Snatch and Lock Stock, but they're a bit better. Aiden Commins was alright, you could see how they picked him as Bond from it.

Then mariokart. Oh god, the mariokart. I won one race. Still annoying steering with the remote, but oh well.

Then we watched another movie.

Drillbit Taylor - **1/2
Same sort of thing as the chick flick, except it's got hobos and has geeky little kids instead of geeky college kids. Meh. Second Danny McBride movie I've seen that had All Along the Watchtower in it.

Then another movie, but this one was good.

Beetlejuice - *****
I liked this one. It reeks Tim Burton. He even made the lead actress look like Helena Bonham Carter. Kept picturing title character as the Joker, because of the internet.

And after that, we gave it up. Not that we crashed properly til six. At various stages we unwrapped one of my presents, swapped jokes (no dead baby jokes no dead baby jokes no dead baby jokes dammit), Pat was offended then terrified Amaya, and I had the unsettling realisation at five that in twelve hours I'd be washing dishes.

Woke up properly just after ten, found radio, found Triple J, Daft Punk was playing. One More Time got 96, which is cool. Then they read back what they'd released so far. Kashmir got 98. Woo. I know it's not a good position, but I'm glad it got on the list. Then Unfinished Sympathy was playing, so that was cool. Three good tracks in the bottom ten, thought it was a good omen.

I left, went home, crashed before anything could sink in, got up before four, screen on computer died which sucks, and caught a couple of songs on Triple J. No good ones though, bloody System of a Down had one. Then to work, and it was one of those crappy shifts where half an hour feels like two full ones. Kept up with chefs, didn't die from caustic soda, and Terina, when she found out what was going on tomorrow, gave me a box with cake in it, which was cool.

Speaking of tomorrow, I'm not really planning on doing much. Listen to the radio, watch a couple of movies, should probably get a start on the lit homework. I'm not interested in doing anything, really. Looking forward to a quiet day.



Sunday, July 5, 2009

We're late.

'Lo everyone.

You've all terrified me, I had no idea so many people read the blog. I don't get it, or the appeal. Oh well.

Right. At the moment I'm on a laptop in Ocean Grove next to a heater, and it's freezing outside. Feels good man.

Today was interesting. Joe stumbled home in the morning, caught a couple of hours sleep, told me it was worth it because he actually won money. Then off to Geelong, and iPod, phone, and little gps thing were all running out of battery, which wasn't cool. Used up far too much phone battery last night (and I'm still confused, by the way).

Met with rellies, answered same questions about school five times through the afternoon (I think that's a record low!), enjoyed food, suffered photos, pranked Fraser, the usual. Then we had to watch the footy, and it was an interesting game. Caught the tail end back at the house, Peter and Lance were a bit over excited, definitely not paying attention to Nanna K opening her presents. Still funny though, would have been better if it was a draw.

Then everyone left, Katie lent me a buttload of kickarse movies, and now Le Tour's on and I'm considering trying to get more sleep as tomorrow I'll have to be up early >.<

Speaking of tomorrow, driving home, clean up, go hang with horde for Annie's birthday. Not sure about movements yet, so maybe no blog post tomorrow, I dunno. Meh.



****400TH POST ****

Saturday, July 4, 2009


'Lo all.

Posting this evening from sunny Buninyong, on Uncle Pete's fancy dual screen thingy.

No post yesterday as we were driving here. Highlights of yesterday included waking up, and not dying in the traffic through Melbourne. Nearly came to a complete stop on the bridge, things were so bad.

Got here, said hi to Bonnie, who we hadn't seen in years, and the rest of the tribe. Joe filled me in on the nightlife in Ballarat, and his adventures in casinos. Looking forward to turning eighteen, I think.

Today was quiet, it was raining outside so I played pool a lot, beat Fraser twice in one game which was cool. Found a copy of Houses of the Holy on vinyl, my head exploded. Woah.

I am surprised at how many rellies read this, too. Hmm. I apologise for how boring it is.

Tomorrow, going to Ocean Grove to party hard and then crash there for the night. Be good seeing everyone else. I doubt there'll be a post tomorrow night too.


Anyway, the end.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

One of These Days.

'Lo everyone.

Today sucked. Only good thing was watching this strange sport called Slamball, which is basically basketball with trampolines everywhere. Very strange.

Also downloaded some more Daft Punk and Justice stuff, but gave it up when the internet died so much a half hour download took an hour and a half.

Got up too late, went to work, bike lost a gorram tyre, salvaged job when Beardman agreed to drive, ended up having to go to caravan park on other side of town, and once it was done I had to walk down the street anyway, where there were an awful lot of scenesters. I need a new bike, sick of this one breaking, and the other one is just as bad.

Home again, fixed list, went to Ken's, beat Alan, got beaten by Alan after we swapped armies, then met the Catweasel's goth girlfriend (she looks like a 14 year old Edward Scissorhands), who seems nice, and then home again (shock) where internet was sparse, and after urgings from Tara googled solutions. Looks like the problem is with the connection, as swapping to plain old web messenger hasn't helped. Not happy with this.

Tomorrow, need to go down the street and pick up supplies, need to reload iPod, and then we're going off to Ballarat. I doubt there'll be any blog posts til Sunday, and even then that's a maybe.




Wednesday, July 1, 2009


'Lo readers.

Nothing to see here. No highlights. No nothing.

Best part of the holidays are days like these.

I have been downloading a lot music though. Plus I saw Piper at the Gates of Dawn in a little box today.

Tomorrow, more of the same, except I'll have to work.


Anyway, the end.