Friday, June 19, 2009

What A Great Night.

'Lo all.

I'm a bit tired. There's possibly a fair amount of chemicals still rushing through my bloodstream. I'm going to be influenced by mood, which is both confused and gorram infuriated, as well as a bit sad.

Anyway. Last day of term. And since I'm blogging tonight, I made a tactical withdrawal from Caz's party.

Lessee. Stupid kids won't do chores if I wake up at eight. Cat is happy to steal heater ducts though, which is amusing.

Get to school, first up is media, where we had to do some bullcrap activity involving some java program and our favourite music and what makes us happy and all sorts of stuff. I'm not exactly sure why, or what the teacher's going to gain from this, but meh. We also discussed MGMT. Oliver and I were not amused.

Then biology, got to watch a video about bizarre breeding habits. Meh. Good last lesson with Mrs Moy, who didn't want us to go out in the cold.

Recess was meh. People were starting to get pumped.

Then lit, took lots of notes, fairly confident with this essay. Still need to hack through Wuthering Heights.

And maths, Mr Brennan gave up. Belle found a safe sex manual, so they all read that. I sat in sun and listened to iPod.

Lunch was meh. Need an anchor, maybe.

In history we got to watch Animal Farm, which was alright, if a bit old fashioned animation-wise.

Homeroom was quiet. Got report, which was alright, I suppose. Included in the report was some school-sponsored guide on alcohol, which Meg, Wiffy and I found hilarious.

Then assembly, lots of school colours for people I knew, and Amaya said her speech. She was trying not to cry. We were so tempted to stand up and cheer like hell at the end, but Ms Henry threatened us with castration and detention.

After that, Amaya had a cloud around her five deep trying to hug her. Figured I'd see her later anyway.

Then home, then shower, then walk to Caz's. Walked down driveway, no one there. Walked down again, people everywhere.

At the start it was quiet. Lot of booze, for some reason. Fire was good. Poor Amaya seemed bemused by it all. Interesting cultural experience, I think.

Things which I have learnt now.
9. Cognitive distortions will get me into trouble unless I stop myself.
10. Perceptual distortions freak me out.
11. Perceptual distortions + strobe light = WOAHZOMGHAHAHAWOAH
13. No guarantees on anything.
14. Cops arrive, hide your crap, don't forget where it is.
15. Cops arrive, don't look drunk, though you'll sober up quickly.
16. Cops arrive, don't walk home, get taxi or something.
17. Cops arrive, don't wander around hunting for lost friends that everyone is worried about.
18. Champagne can be terrifying when it is opened.
19. Maccas is still strangely busy late at night.
20. Blonde is a girl beer and Aiden should know this.

Basic overview, I needed a distraction, failed in getting it. Halfway through a buttload of people arrived. There were about five or six guys to each girl, which is not good at all. Decided to join a macca's run, and it was pretty cold. When we came back, buttload of people walking home, saying cops were in the area. Sure enough, cops around. Sam said people were missing, oh crap. Wandered around keeping an eye out for them. . It got a bit dull, specially when we found one. Decided to join Hayden, Sam and Isaac in a taxi, went home, and here I am.

Waste of time, to be honest. If anything, I need more of a distraction. Need to sleep in as long as possible. Need to drink water too, so I can avoid a vicious hangover, though I'm definitely a lot more sober than I was two hours ago. Funny, the line between tipsy and completely wasted ends up depressing me. Doesn't matter how drunk I get, I'm still me. Bugger.

Tomorrow, sleep in til two and then catch up on all the fallout. And what fun fallout it shall be. Want to do some raging that will achieve nothing. Want to talk to someone. Oh well.



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