Friday, June 12, 2009

Tremendous Dynamite.

'Lo all.

Usual intro here. Not much changes. Still angry at four or five things at the same time, still cold outside, etc, etc. You know the drill.

Anyway. This morning was really bad. I woke up after having a surreal dream involving lights and the beach at EIGHT! OHNOES! RUSHRUSHRUSH!

Ended up having enough time to finish reading Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Good book. Go and read it, you illiterate swine.

Right. Got to school, I have not missed this regular school thing. Mrs Ripon made me homeroom teacher to open the door, but the lock is funny.

First up was psych, we watched a doco about sleep deprivation and how it buggers people up. It's supposed to cause obesity. Lies. Anyway, most of the class was almost asleep when it finished.

Then history, seems I missed the class on D-Day. Damn. Passed the exam, that's good.

Recess was meh, I was hungry so I visited the canteen with every other prick in the gorram school. Hot jam donuts and hot chocolate though.

Then double bio, took notes on classification (which I find easy), then watched a video about the five (wait, SIX!) kingdoms. Meh. I passed the exam here too.

Then lunch. I drifted between groups. The blokes were spanking each other, which I found strange. Some of the girls were plotting their pissup for the weekend, but I'm not a girl so I wasn't invited. Some other girls were talking to Agnik, and it seems we must do some more planning before we go camping. Jess and I fed a bit of Hershey's to Kelly, she reckons she nearly puked. Damn Americans.

Anyway. Literature with the Pommy sub, who's name I can't remember. So far she seems better than Cartledge, though Oliver and Ruby are trying to rage against the mechanicus. Poetry is dull, sonnets are dull, and as Ruby pointed out we're teenagers and haven't known proper love, thus deep and meaningful Shakespeare stuff is lost on us. Also, Shakespeare was gay, and this is the second (third?) lit text in a row that had homoerotic undertones. There's something wrong with Mrs Cartledge, I think.

Then maths, no Tom so I threw staples at Alison.

Went home, built new desk, internet started cutting out around 630/7. Aiden reckons it might cut out at peak time, and looking back on it, this may be peak time. It is infuriating, a lot of interesting people online tonight. I miss good internet.

Tomorrow, working, then not sure. Hurm.

Need to rage. Msn is not working for me. Will find new outlet.



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