Saturday, June 20, 2009

Spin the Black Circle.

'Lo everyone.

No hangover this morning. Joy. This is what happens when a crisis forces you to sober up, and you drink a lot of water. Will remember this.

Didn't do a lot today. Consider this the beginning of the no content holiday posts. Feel free to stop reading for a while, you won't miss a lot.

I'd like to mention now to anyone reading this STOP GIVING ME YOUR GOD DAMN RELATIONSHIP PROBLEMS. Unless they are genuinely interesting or involve people I actually may care about, I won't give a crap. I won't know how to help you, and if anything I may make your problems worse. Plus it depresses me. So bugger off. Thankyou.

And yes, that means you and you, and to a lesser extent you, sorry.

What else have we got. Talked to Kelly, she survived, that's good. Msn is working, which is good if there's people online, or if I have anything interesting to say, which I usually don't, as a few people learned to their peril today. Also downloaded some Portishead, and yes, it's definitely kindred spirits with Massive Attack, and it's actually pretty good. There are photos of me on myspace and facebook, this is not good at all.

Haven't got much else, sorry kiddies. There won't be much content for the next couple of weeks, but the blog will pop up. You will miss nothing, judging by the last holidays.

Tomorrow, work and sleep. Tempted to start growing a beard and find a cave and swear at people who walk past.


Anyway, the end.

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