Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sleep Now in the Fire.

'Lo all.

Ah man. Tuesdays are annoying.

Was woken up past midnight last night by a rogue text message. Hurm.

Got up at eight, got to school on time, jammed in headphone and played along with the horde.

Psych was first, in the computer room. I did my media homework and idly browsed /Film. It was dull. Tasksheet isn't due til next term.

Then lit, which was also dull. Sick of sonnets. Struggling to give a damn.

Recess was quiet, can't remember what it was we did, if anything. Probably just standing around, as usual.

Then media, more stupid movie ness, though we got to watch a couple of short films in class. Meh.

Then history. We went over political ideologies, which is year ten stuff. Isobelle reckons she should start a leftist revolution, but I reasoned that only uni students would join her. We agreed.

Gorram lunchtime was dull. Girl ate my sandwich again, dammit. Shame we've run out of nutella now. Ha. Talked to Jess, who was going for her Ls soon, and I think she got them (congrats), got made to do clean up and Meg and Lulu kept on making me pick stuff up since they didn't want to, and I was damned hungry so I got some dimsims. Got a free one then accidently made Clare and Alison trip over. That means I win, yes?

Maths was mildly amusing. Alison decided she knew everything already and she actually got work done, shock horror. I am a bad influence.

Finally biology. Mrs Moy had left out a buttload of pickled beasties. So cooool!! There was a possum and two weird looking lambs and a jar full of baby mice and there was a spider and starfish and a jellyfish and a rat that had been exploded and painted, then there were two bats and another rat and some skulls and god damn it was cool! Few questions on classification too. I will miss Mrs Moy, she was pretty cool in the end.

Homeroom outside, screamed home, began assembling kan, then off to work, which was fairly quiet. Peeled gorram potatos again, didn't get them all done either. Chefs were all out of there by nine, which was depressing, but Terina gave me muffins and a loaf of bread. Looks like Guy's coming to Caz's too. Must talk to Aiden tomorrow, might go halfsies.

Drove home via Fulham, and now here I am. Suspicious about internet, which hasn't died yet. Hmmm.

Tomorrow is Wednesday. It says I'm on the GIS soccer team, which is gorram ridiculous. I should be running! I'm no good at soccer! Help!



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