Monday, June 15, 2009


'Lo readers.

Got a text message today (odd) proclaiming that Monday's suck. I agree.

Woke up far too early, messed around with some kans, then off to school still confused. That dread feeling where you don't seem to have got any sleep at all appeared.

Anyway. Got to school. Knights of Cydonia. God damn kids everywhere.

First up was double psych, we're doing memory which I'm sure will involve those damn little tests that were ever so much fun last year. Meh. My memory's not too bad, I can remember some of the stuff I do each day. Also got the course outline, not looking forward to the big ERA writeup at the end of next term. You girls doing psych now and whinging about ERAs have nothing on this.

Hurm. Recess was fairly cold. Anouck still sounds so weird, man.

Then lit, with the pom again. Sat next to Jasper, which was illuminating. We kept going off onto tangents about Shakespeare's sexuality, which was not helped by Jasper and Ryan's comments, and the teacher setting us off with the wrong words she accidently used. I will be glad when we are done with poetry.

Then biology, copied down notes, visited music department, went back since Mr C had a scheduling thing, copied down more notes. Claire can whinge about me knowing things, but she beat me in the exam.

Lunchtime. Was hungry. Girl ate my sandwich. Decide to get food from tuck, since Tom was rambling about slice. Julian takes last slice. Hurm. Talked to Kelly about Friday night, huge crowd gathered, which irked me, though it was funny. Everything is funny at the moment, once you look at it objectively. Still need a vent, but it will be mean.

Anyway. History was amusing because Sian said a naughty word in front of Ms Henry, then we ran out of printer paper for a five minute task which involved printers. Worked with the Japanese girl, she seems nice. Discussed tactics with Pat and Tom, the problem with blitzkrieg is logistics. Poor Amaya has to do the exchange student speech in assembly. Lots of things she could do. She should not get advice off me though.

Then media, still working on the stupid film. Teacher has explained it's relevance to an outcome. Not sure if I enjoy Ruby's attitude to everything. We did manage to get into a mildly entertaining philosophical discussion on perceiving reality. Hurm.

Oh yeah, and then it started raining again. Such fun.

Band was so dull, damn tambourine percussionist is an idiot, and I'm starting to get a deep dislike of music from the eighties, especially when I was emptying a water key and missed a cue. Afterwards, Alison was begging for food. Must talk to Aiden soon.

Rode home in the cold with Daft Punk tearing through my eardrums, got shouted at for not wearing jacket, off to band again soon after.

I played like crap because it was too cold and the euphos were missing in action. Meeting sucked, I'm now a junior rep. Not particularly interested. No youth in the band anyway. Want to put it on hold next year for studying anyway, it's tricky with two bands and a buttload of homework that occaisionally crops up all on one night.

Simon rang, the panel van is ancient and not road worthy, which means it'll cost more to fix it. So, he suggested that I just pay the rego. Sounds fair. Beardman reckons we could pick it up in the next few months too. Got email off Isaac, looks like we're camping next Wednesday. Hopefully it won't rain and freeze us.

Tomorrow is Tuesday and it's one of those everything days. I am glad iPod works, keeps a distraction going. God damn. Need to do something. I must pick up credit on the way to work or school too.


Anyway, the end.

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