Sunday, June 7, 2009

Nothing to do on a Sunday night, man.

'Lo all.

Busy again today.

Woke up, showered, went to work, bloody busy. Got on top of dishes around 12, but sinks kept on filling up since Bossman has returned and there were five chefs chewing saucepans. Bloody annoyed by the end of it, Boss kept Scotty, Guy and me til five because he thought people would want stuff since there was a show on. Soooo booooring.

Then home, shower, and ran down to the clocktower. That counts as training for cross country, by the way.

Aiden and Meg got there when I did, which was fairly boring for me until Jess rocked up, and Meg ran over. Aiden and I swore about missing the Simpsons for this. We wandered from getting food at La Porchetta (saw Mr Ryan and his son, who looks like him), then an ATM ate Aiden's card, then discussed shoes, then Jess wanted ice cream so we went to maccas, and then we did laps around and around til we got bored. Ended up back at maccas laughing at gangsters, then Aiden and Meg left, and I went back with Jess, then ran home, which also counts as training for the cross country.

And back home, Tess wants to play music, but I'm not interested, and I'm getting confused by two different people at once, plus the internet's dying on me too much. Hurm.

Tomorrow, sleep in then run around with Pat and Sam. Then everyone is coming home and my peace is ended.


Anyway, the end.

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