Thursday, June 18, 2009

Not using a song as the title.

'Lo all.


Went to school. Suffered chapel. Discussed Daria with Isobelle and Lulu. Tom attempted to scull two litres of milk. He almost got it before he puked.

In biology we sung happy birthday to Mrs Moy. Shame she's going.

Recess was meh.

Double maths wasn't too bad, listened to some of Tom's new Nirvana bootlegs and traded kitchen stories with Zombiemolly. She knows Jeremy, how strange.

Then lunch, someone mentioned free food in the Neil Forest, so off we went, took lots of pies, neglected the sandwiches, and ducked out before we were made to clean up. Smooth operation, people. Then some plotting. Isaac and Sam were trying to control the horde's movements for Wednesday, the idea of hiring a minibus was thrown around at one point. I think we'll be fine, they just need to think outside the box and not be retards. Also discussed what we're doing with Aiden's cache, settled on Jason delivering it to Caz's and we'll pick it up there.

Psych was dull, watched a show about a guy who indoctrinated his daughters when they were five to become chess masters. Part of me thinks this counts as child abuse.

Then lit. None of us have any enthusiasm for poetry, and Sam seems so hopelessly lost so he's distracting the rest of us. Despite outward appearances I am paying attention and copying nearly everything the teacher says. Maybe I should sell these notes...

After that, everyone seemed a bit excited. I was optimistic. Not sure why, to be honest.

And then work, which was quiet. Sick of having retard gears, though I guess it's making me fitter. Not that I gorram need it. I need to fatten up somehow, sick of this thin-ness too. It was too quiet, really. No drama kids or musos hanging around, no one I knew down the street. Oh well. At least I've been paid.

Home, then out again. Arrived late, ran out of time in one battle, underestimated James and set up in a bad way, then he cut me down. Oh well. Then a king of the hill thing, which might have worked if there were less players. Top of the ladder Johnno decided to ally with Alan and I since we were closest to him, and on his other side was a group of retarded twelve year olds (including a McNamara). Would have been a good game if we had more time, our little alliance would have won. Hurm.

Anyway. Home again, msn is being stupider than usual, and I have given up. I'm not going online unless I have to now. If you honestly want to talk, email me or text me or (*sigh*) myspace or facebook me. Not that many will, I'm sure. Just putting the word out that msn is AWOL right now, so bugger it.

Actually, how is myspace or facebook a verb? Comment me. No, wait, that's not right either. Stupid modern vocabulary. Stupid Generation Y. I pity the iGeneration, they're so buggered.

Also. Tomorrow night I'm going out. Not sure of my movements. If it sucks, I'll grab as much loot as I can then escape. If not, and I hope it's not, no blog post til Saturday night. If I can remember anything. Planning on drowning my sorrows. Glad holidays are finally rocking up, sick of looking happy for these people. Can't wait to sleep in as long as possible and do as little as possible all day.

Hurm. But, that's the day after tomorrow. Tomorrow still involves four and a bit periods of school first.



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