Friday, June 26, 2009

More than meets the eye.

'Lo all.

Apologies for the lack of post last night, I was held up with another commitment.

Anyway. Last night, post blogging, severe lack of sleepiness. Decided to watch the first Daria movie. Not bad.

Twelve hours later, woke up, ate, showered. Got a box from George, who had included rearviewmirror and an actual rear view mirror, and some pretty cool stuff on the usb as usual (anyone else heard of Marcy Playground?), then off to Sam's with the Beardman, to meet with the others. Too cold and too few people to start with. Said hi to Lena, she seemed bored too. Then Jake and Georgia rocked up with a massive amp, which didn't really work as planned, and the rest of the horde began arriving, including Gav Daddy in his shiny new car. Lost two games of pool to Denny because I wasn't thinking straight, and didn't do much. Aiden, Gavin and I attempted a cricket match, but it was tricky with darkness.

It got to the stage where there was one room of couples, one room of girls whinging about their boyfriends, or outside where there was phone reception and cold. I chose third option. Then everyone started leaving, Denny and Erin captured the double bed, and Hayden booted up the xbox. Was introduced to bizarre CoD5 minigame which involved zombies. Hayden eventually went on the internet, and hooked Isaac up to the voice thingy. He asked for sexual favours from a Puerto Rican guy's sister and abused an American kid. Scary.

We all crashed after that, had troubled sleep. Stupid coughing. Stupid rats.

Woke up, Isaac is on his phone and mentions that Michael Jackson had died. We laughed. Guess his heart just couldn't Beat It, etc, etc. Poor guy, suppose one had to be a teenager in the eighties to get the full impact.

After Sam messed up train times, made a hasty retreat after pancakes, did some deliveries, then Denny rocked up angry, as his computer had failed him. He burnt Dune 2000, which shocked Beardman, and then he played a few levels. Funny how far graphics have come in ten years.

And then the usual, checked out some music from Amaya (lotta Pink Floyd and Supertramp here, man. Seem to have included Dark Side of the Moon twice, relax), talked to people on msn til it started dying, then Denny rings up and mentions Transformers. Walk down to cinema, teenage boys everywhere, get called Fraser by one group but I just stared at them til they looked away, then found Denny (who had already bought his ticket), joined line for ticket, joined Denny and Pat Dunn in line for cinema, and got alright seats. Ryan met us later, bastard didn't have to line up as much as us.

Right. Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen - **1/2
No. Just no. Everything about this film is turned up to eleven. This might be good, but when even the GOD DAMN LENGTH is, it's a chore. Yes, there's explosions bloody everywhere. Yes, there's giant robots everywhere, but they all look the same and you can't tell what's happening when they're fighting. Yes, the actors suck, but even the eye candy has been ORANGE-IFIED (Gabby style) so they lose attractiveness. Yes, there's cool cars, but all the shots are the same. The plot is confusing at times and stupid. The support acts of parents (stupid, especially the pot scene), roommate and retard (not funny), and military ("WE HAVE GUNS! WE ARE THE GOOD GUYS! HOO-RAH!") are all stupid. Didn't like the whole Transformer-who-transforms-into-a-human thing, seemed too much like that OTHER ROBOT FILM, MAYBE? And then there ARE ALL THE PLOT HOLES FROM THAT MOVIE... Despite the occaisional surprisingly good action sequence, it's just crap. Even the score is cheesy. It gets boring having to sit through all this, which is bad in an action film. Bonus star for Megan Fox slow-mo.

Then Ryan and I walked home, bagging everyone and everything, and he just left and suddenly it's nearly one am. Hurm.

Tomorrow, I don't want to do anything. Maybe watch some Daria, maybe get some psych questions done, maybe text some people, maybe paint some stuff. Bugger it.


Anyway, the end.

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