Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Jimmy the Exploder.

'Lo readers.

Right, new game. Guess the artist who does the song in the title. Seeing as I'm so uncreative I use songs as titles for most of my blogs these days.

Woke up far too early today, rotted in a waiting room, then doctor saw me and said I shouldn't be working. Stressed sounding Danny said he'd tell Jeremy I wouldn't be able to come in. Aiden agreed to work for me tomorrow. Hurm.

Spent day watching Daria and playing guitar hero and sleeping. Feels good man, sorta. Definitely getting better, compared to yesterday.

Tis good to have cool uncles, looks like I've found a copy of Reservoir Dogs. Will need to ask Katie about the other one, though the internet isn't too bad tonight. Maybe I'll be able to download it tonight.

Tomorrow, more Daria, then see if I can catch a lift to Sam's if I can walk around and not die. Need a miracle cure, maybe.



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