Monday, June 22, 2009

Hope you guess my name.

'Lo all.

I am sick. This is not good. Sick of it. Oink.

I missed last night's post too. Hurm.

Anyway, yesterday I went to work. Can't remember anything interesting, except I was sick and this made it drag and I was exhausted.

Get home, am told Pat is staying over. Hurm. I sit down, soon as I think about boiling the kettle for a coffee, Sam and Amaya rock up.

This is not good. Want to relax, and I've been in this situation before anyway, though at least there were other people this time. Amaya was not impressed with shed or Fraser, seemed to like cat though. They find an open tab with a buttload of demotivators. Denny and eventually Pat rock up too. We walk down to the cinema. I try my best not to keel over and die halfway.

Get to cinema, and Emma, there's a poster for My Sister's Keeper up. Wat.

Land of the Lost - ***1/2
It dragged, it's got stock standard Will Ferrell Character (read: it gets old after a while), and it was very stupid. Not as much random crap as Aqua Teen Hunger Force Movie that could have saved it. I did like the obviously adult humour (this is NOT A KIDS FILM), and the random All Along the Watchtower stoned sequence. And the dinosaurs.

Walked home, Sam walks Amaya home, we go through some rage threads, then Sam and Pat get the idea of cooking pancakes. Drunken Beardman has no worries with this. They used all but one of our eggs and a buttload of other supplies, mix them all together, put it all in a frying pan to make a 2" thick pancake, then when they realise they can't flip it, they mix it together and put it in the oven. We decide we needed more eggs, so we visited Horizon (no eggs), then Coles (bugger eggs, we should try this pancake mix!) at 11pm. We found a soccerball too.

Then home, our pancakebiscuit things tasted... interesting. Hooked up Wii, discovered the joy of shooting tanks, riding cows, and playing acidpong. Then retreat to the shed, broke out Red Faction. Talked about Jackass til like 3 in the morning, god damn.

Woke up, head exploding, then Pat decides to walk to his mum's work, Sam realises he was due home and rides off to Longford, and Denny and I play Burnout til Pat's dreadlocked brother dropped in and they nicked off.

Spent rest of today watching Daria and being angry at the internet, which was patchy. Still. Staying offline on msn for the moment. It says I'm online though. How strange. Stupid Fraser has swine flu too, so he's spoiling my week that's supposed to be without kids, specially when he whinges about missions he can't do on GTA and tries to bribe me to do them for him.

Tomorrow, need to recover, might have to go to work, which will not be good. Think I should call in sick, I was in a bad way yesterday. Also need to pick up supplies for Wednesday, and sort out which train to take, and probably watch some more Daria and brood.

Hmm. Something's up. Need proper explanation. Need to talk to people face to face, as internet is intermittent. Oh well. It's still funny now.

Oh yeah, and if anyone has a copy of A Clockwork Orange on dvd, could I pretty please borrow it? Having trouble finding a streaming site, and I don't trust the internet enough to rapidshare it.

Too sick to have a proper mood at the moment. Don't think it would have changed much anyway. Maybe that's an upside of being sick.


Oink oink.

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