Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hombre Lobo.

'Lo all.

Was woken up far too early then rushed through showering and feeding to drive everyone to Rosedale. The gps thing is fancy; apparently the car's speedo reads 106 when I'm actually doing 100. Interesting...

We sat outside in the cold in Rosedale for a few hours, Mayor McCubbin was loud, we played terribly, and everyone was glad when it was over. Got to drive home through Longford, along the road near the golf course. So many good memories... it does look different in daylight though.

Anyway, home, did homework, poked around the internet, Triple J's released a couple of full sets from the One Night Stand that I'll have to attempt to download, and msn died a lot. Wonder how to fix it.

And now I know something new. Dammit.

Tomorrow, it's Monday, and it's looking dreary already. Oh well. I'll survive. I have so far.



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