Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Go With the Flow.

'Lo everyone.

Hell. Am tired.

Woke up on time today. That counts as an achievement now. Go to school, Denny says him and Sam are launching their expedition on Saturday, thought it was funny til he told me the rest of it. The usual sinking feeling. That and I'm working, so I can't go anyway.

Then school itself, which was the usual, everything seemed louder due to lack of iPod. Found five bucks in my pocket, woo.

First up was biology, year tens were acting smart again. Fairly easy. No homework.

Then media, almost (ALMOST!) launched into philosophical conversation. I'd like to jump in, but I'm not sure how to put my view into words. Also went through scenes, had a great idea for one. Wish to be doing storyboarding, I work better visually and it may be easier to brainstorm crap like dialogue.

Recess. Can't think of anything exciting.

History was meh, went over Cold War stuff and then a quiz on countries. Easy until I realised I had left out Finland and Denmark was looking far too big.

Then maths, which was quiet. Treading on glass at times, I think. Once our retard calculators were sorted out for graphing, it was boring.

At lunch, got to eat a big danish, Gavin spanked Hayden very loudly (yes, I'm aware of the innuendo here, I'm not sure if they are), and basically didn't do much. Then followed Sam and Jess to Mrs Dyke, who let me tag along to cross country training (thank the gods). Bus trip was quiet, Kelly and Amaya had joined us since they were golfing, then we had to do a warm up run past the crappy pond, stretches led by Jess since Sam and I were too busy laughing at the retard dog, and then some sprints. I'm either faster than I remember or Sam's slower than I remember.

Then away we went. Jess joined Sam and I on an epic adventure through the Pines, heading towards Sam's house. They both had iPods, the pricks. We got fairly close to Sam's house, but then we realised we'd be late back to the bus so we turned around. Ended up running along the highway for a couple of kilometres, which was interesting. Every now and then Jess swore along with her music, which was funny. Mrs Dyke was impressed that we'd survived nearly eight kms worth, and since we had to add on a km worth of warm up and sprints, she thought it was about 10km that we ran. Get back on the bus, there's always someone who's shocked and appalled that I can run,, and then we discussed The Eurotrip. Poor Europe.

Back at school, Aiden was limping so I rode around in circles for a while til I caught up with Jess and Alison (sorry Jess!), then Alison and I visited the centre, met Aiden and said hi to Molly, then retreated to the juice thingy for plotting. Alison was saved by Chrispy. Aiden and I discussed the best courses of action for Friday night, then we got chips and saw Mewha, and we discussed parties and the One Night Stand. He's a good bloke, he's kicked the WoW habit.

Went home, need to write up scene for media, though I feel no enthusiasm towards it, and the internet was still patchy, which was annoying.

Tomorrow is Thursday. Second last day of school. Then work, and next night in the campaign, unless something more important springs up. Hurm.


Anyway, the end

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