Thursday, June 11, 2009

The GAT.

'Lo all.

Hell. Sick of this. Want holidays. Too cold.

Woke up this morning, Fraser took too long in bathroom, he was waxing his hair. God damn kids.

Get to school, Isobelle and Meg were actually going to chapel (shock), and everyone got shouted at because we were all disrespectful. Engage us, make us respect chapel, then we'll think about it.

Anyway. Homeroom then back to the hall. Hundred or so kids milling around. I was reminded of rock climbing camp at one stage, and I lol'd.

Go into hall, it's cold. Three things we had to do. Two were writing tasks. One was a buttload of multiple choice. Decided to get one writing task out of the way, it looked like basic comprehension. We were given a double page with lots of information on bees. Instructions were to show our knowledge, no contention. Meh, says I, and I just reword everything and put it in sentence form. Then screamed through multiple choice, my eraser sucks. Nothing that was really tricky, a lot of it was just time management and comprehension. Then I did the second writing thing, I found myself repeating myself and concluded that I had run out of things to say about material possessions. Left early, we whinged about the cold, Ryan wanted to go back in since it was warmer.

And after that, hung out with the girls since the blokes nicked off somewhere. Everything is very funny at the moment. I am going insane. Help.

Maths was meh, copied down notes. Bernice is in our class now. She actually concentrates. Tom and Emma have a challenge.

Then a spare. Shona and I talked about the psych exam, then the health class rocked up. Tom and I annoyed Meg while Tom played flash games.

In homeroom, Mrs Ripon tacked up the seating plan for today's exam on the wall. I lol'd. Plus Jess's twelve year old little sister seems to be running in the year twelve GIS cross country. I'm in both teams again, dammit.

Home, then away. Fairly busy. Kept me occupied. Start thinking and you're dead.

Then home, then away. We're on the campaign trail, it seems. Played Alan first up, beat him fairly easily. Then a team match. I got put with Chris, and he's a god damn retard. No idea what he's doing. I was patient as I was shot to bits. Third game was with bloody Chris again, and once again, he had no idea what he was doing. Shoot the big ones, don't split your bloody fire, concentrate on one target until it's dead, dammit. I'll mop up, you're the shooty one. I'm on the bottom half of the ladder now, dammit. I look forward to wiping the floor with him in a 1v1.

Then I come home, Fraser's used my nesquik, there's annoying new developments on the myspace, and those things where you put music on shuffle to answer questions were there. Computer was "spazzing", which was infuriating.

Oh yeah, we got a new tv. It's smaller than the old one, but flatter, and it sounds better. Meh.

And Isaac got me some new musics, I'm liking Eels right now. Sounds like Cake crossed with Sonic Youth. Will need a bigger usb for George.

Tomorrow, we're pretty much the only school in the area that's actually open. Though we get a bonus week of holidays. Hurm. Shouldn't be complaining. It'll be cold and confusing and hell. Need to vent a bit, I think.

Apologies for the poor sentence structure.



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