Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Exams: Day Two. Assault and Battery.

'Lo all.

Tuesday is quickly becoming my second least favourite day of the week.

Slept in this morning, got a lift to school since the bike is still a bit buggered, rocked up before recess and hung with James, Isobelle, and Tom in the library, who were all going over James' notes and making me feel dumb. Photocopying is a wonderful thing; I believe nearly the entire history class had a copy of James' notes.

Then recess. Kinda antsy about history exam.

History exam itself scared me. I knew what I was doing, but screwed up one question because I wrote too small. Felt I did alright until I walked out and heard Clare and Tom arguing about a question, and they had written a lot more than I did. Hurm.

Then it was lunchtime, and I was bored. No one else seemed to be. Got a bit depressing.

Then the first maths exam, I freaked as I discovered the batteries in my fancy calculator had died on me. Spent the half hour of study time trying to make it work, gave up, and did the exam with my scientific. Survived it. It wasn't tricky, but doing standard deviation was tedious. Time in between finishing and leaving made me think, which is never good.

And then back home, caught up the news, I'm liking the new demolisher, and then off to work.

It wasn't too bad, for most of it. Ran out of dishes and got stuck on veggie peeling duty again. Finished at the same time as the chefs. Went driving on dirt roads again, then caught the last five minutes of a show about The Great Gatsby (conveniently).

Tomorrow, literature exam. Not looking forward to this, I am going to fail it.



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