Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Exams: Day Three.

'Lo all.

Exams are stressful. Prolonged stress makes the body release more cortisol, which slowly breaks down the immune system, and reduces it's effectiveness at dealing with bad things. This is why a lot of people have colds; as well as the bug going around, everyone's a bit stressed out. It's not cool and I don't like it.

Anyway. Dragged myself out of bed fairly late this morning, flicked through my lit books, and then walked to school cos I couldn't find my helmet, plus I still mistrust the bike a little, even after it's been fixed.

Literature exam was hell. Worst one so far. Had to write an essay and three little paragraph responses. Essay was rushed, and only managed two and a bit of the paragraph responses. Emma was still scribbling when time ran out, said she didn't have a conclusion for the essay. Everyone was swearing about it afterwards. Mrs Cartledge is not going to be happy with our results, I think.

Recess was brief, Tom and I argued about maths notes while I bolted down a sausage roll. Installed my new batteries in the calculator, bastard thing. Exam itself was fairly easy, I'm expecting a relatively high mark.

Then lunch, nearly all the girls were taking the day off so we played soccer on the basketball court. I had forgotten how much I suck at this.

Then more soccer, binks had a rubbish team, but we were winning at half time. I blocked a shot from the Kiwi, and he raised a lump on my leg that made my veins turn red. Grr.

Afterwards, hung around and Emily tried to prove that parts of her glinted in the sun without showing us said parts. Typical Emily. Nemo looked horrified.

And then went home, scabbed heaps of money, then went down the street. Changed my mind about what to buy when I realised I hadn't been paid yet, so I bought a **DELETED UNDER ORDER OF THE INQUISITION**. Also found Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas for $25, which I believe I'll pick up when I get The War in the Air next week. Also chatted to Brent Barker, who's left school and is now enjoying pulling apart lawnmowers.

And now, flicking through NEAP (read: crap) practice exams for biology and getting dared to do bad things to Fraser's tooth by Annie and Amaya. See what I can do.

Tomorrow, only one exam, so home early if I can get a note signed, and work, plus it's the Beardman's birthday. Got him something he should enjoy, from 3 of the kids, or at least until the fourth one pays me...


Anyway, the end.

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