Thursday, June 4, 2009

Exams: Day Four. The RAAAGE!

'Lo readers.

Very angry at the moment. Sorry.

Woke up, gave Beardman the GPS, he seemed so excited, then flicked through biology book and went to school.

Bio exam was pretty meh, couple of crap questions, but no real trouble with it.

Stuck around for recess, no one seemed interested in talking to me, so I went home. No internet at home, so I cleaned up music folders and raged.

Then work, fairly quiet. Saw the running training kids, Pat reckons he went well on the art exam. Then Emily looked at me funny when I came to say hello, and since everyone else was running around I nicked off. Picked up Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (in print, mind) for fairly cheap.

Home, Danielle and the kids dropped in to celebrate Beardman's birthday, and my internet died. I can talk to people for maybe thirty seconds, then it'll die for a minute or five, then sign me back in. It's infuriating. Not very happy.

Tomorrow, last exam for a while, then a big weekend. Jess tells me there's buses heading to a Battle of the Bands in Maffra tomorrow night, which I might check out. Will need to talk to people with a SANE INTERNET! RAAAAAAAGE!!! to find out proper details.




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