Saturday, June 6, 2009

Exams: Day Five + Salvation.

'Lo readers.

Apologies for the lack of post last night, we were pretending to look interested as Arrowfield rocked out Maffra at ten.

Right, big double post tonight. It'll be missing some detail, and it will be edited severely, I'm afraid.

Anyway. Stumbled to school yesterday, and finished the last year eleven exam, which was media. It was fairly easy, just a lot of writing.

Then followed a bunch of girls to get signed out, and home. Home was good, Beardman and I did some parallel parking practice, then Simon called and said he had an old panel van he was looking to sell for very cheap. ZOMG. ZOMG ZOMG ZOMG!

Anyway. Then I walked down to maccas, talked to Denny and Amaya until Sam showed up, and he then drove us out to Maffra, for the BATTLE OF THE BANDS (lol). It was pretty crap. Lots of thirteen year olds, lot of slightly overweight and overly made up emo girls, but still a small crowd. First band was alright, second band had acoustic guitars and technical difficulties, third band was full of Grammar year twelves and Nick Robbo, and they played Muse, fourth band was death metal, fifth band was Matt Taylor's death/grindcore band (as he described it, it all sounds the same to me), whose lead singer had a mohawk and had Damien Edwards on drums, then Jake's band, which had a hot singer (Wakely told us her boyfriend would kill us), and they were pretty good. Then was the bands who weren't competing, and we gave up then. Saw the end of Arrowfield's set, and they were alright, but not really my thing.

Anyway. Sam's mum was not informed about the decision to crash at Sam's house, and we only went because Amaya lied and said she didn't have a house key for when she went home. So, back to Longford, where we played guitar hero (Amaya seemed bemused) and roamed around in the cold. Usual stuff outside, except we took a detour through the pines and discussed Monty Python. After that, Rage was on, then Denny and Sam played Left 4 Dead. Then we all crashed.

Woke up this morning, went inside for eggs and coffee, then watched four or so episodes of South Park, bit of Spongebob, and a crappy horror movie.

May as well. Vacancy - **
Problem with watching horror movies, especially tryhard ones, with friends is that you pick it apart until it becomes stupidly frustrating and very amusing. This one was based off a stupid idea, and the protagonists were annoying. They even survived, which sucked. Fairly violent, though some of it was censored. Extra star for the funny.

Then home, where I showered, checked the news, and away to Maffra again, this time with Aiden, Gavin, Pat (shoved in the boot) and Dayne, and we discussed crap movies and eventful weekends. Then back at Dayne's, played a lot of pool and Wii, and I can't stand the bloody mariokart controls. Bugger it. Aiden and Pat seemed to enjoy the rabbit game where you have to dance a little too much.

Then to the movies. Sam, Hayden, Denny and his mate Pat rocked up, I got the double chair again, which is always awesome.

Terminator Salvation - ***1/2
Lots and lots of explosions. Lots and lots of action. But the big scary robots all seemed fairly useless. As one WS poster mentioned, all they did was through people at walls. Where was the skull smashing? Where was the raking claws through skin? Where was the bone breakage, at least? Hell. The opening minute or so was very awesome. That and the trailer for Public Enemies, and the trapping the motorbiketerminator with Guns n' Roses and rope were the best bits, though Batman seemed to deliver all his lines as if he was Batman (read: silly voice), and the plot twist was fairly obvious (they gave it away in the trailers).

And after that, home. I'm tired and a bit angry. But it's quiet (except for my music, which is currently very loud Pink Floyd).

Tomorrow, work, then Meg's suggesting dinner. See what happens.



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