Wednesday, June 10, 2009


'Lo all.

Man. I am tired and sore and angry and cold. And the fun still hasn't stopped. However, this is par for the course, really. I'm looking forward to the holidays.

Anyway. Woke up way too late, shouty Beardman made me do things instead of psych practice tests, went through two and checked them, ran out of time for the third. Then sprinted to school before the bike could break underneath me, or I got hit by a car, or a god gave me a lightning bolt to the face.

Walked into school, it was so damn cold! Freezing, man. Chucked bag down, flipped through textbook to make sure I knew what a psychsomatic (addict insane!) illness was, then off to the hall. Stood around looking lonely for ten minutes while the year twelves whinged, then a hand put out a diagram. In we go.

Lots of rules and stuff, then bonus reading time. Found myself with no real trouble once I got going, couple of questions seemed a bit off (four Cs in a row?), and I completely blanked on what the apparent distance hypothesis was. I explained that the stimulius appeared more distant on the retina, blah blah blah. Oh well.

Anyway. Walked out of the exam feeling unsure, which probably isn't good. It was cold and windy and there was no one to talk to, so I ate food and moseyed over to the isk. It was warm in there.

Then media. Teacher still wants us to make the stupid representation film, even though we're done with the topic. I got 96% on the exam, by the way, and got beaten by Emma by one mark. Damn.

Lunchtime was cold. Aiden Commins wasn't at school. There was hope in the cross country still. Pat was surprisingly calm, and there were a lot of girls missing. Chickens.

Then onto the buses. Tom had packed his kite. Oh yes. Then my phone died, and I was not happy about this. It was very cold at the oval. Tom flew his kite, went for a run with Pat to see if they'd removed the barbed wire, then back to the tents to watch the first girls come in with Lulu. Jess came second, Nemo came fifth.

Then actual stretching. My hamstrings (?) are still killing me from Monday afternoon. Oh well. The popliars all had full tracksuits on at the starting line. Gun went, Derek and I screamed out in front while Peter ran ahead with his hood attacking his head. Then they both dropped back, I was winning for a minute, and Zack and Pat overtook me.

Round the corner, running down the path, got into rhythm, then a pair of year twelves overtook me. Decided to keep up with them, stayed no more than ten metres away from Rossi for as long as I could. Went down under the bridges, nearly wiped out on some mud, Mrs Moy said hi, there was a bouncy bridge, then Kobi somethingorother overtook me, and Wingram wasn't far behind him. Went across second bridge, gorram marsh, got tagged, and Wingram started approaching. Down past Mrs Moy to the wooden thing, jumped over, got in front of Rossi, Wingram got in front of me, and then over the hills past the photographer while avoiding piles of cow crap. Saw Denny and Oliver (who had hid in some trees waiting for Denny and the girls) walking along the road.

Around the oval again, started breaking away. Rossi and I duked it out, but he pulled away. No one behind me for about 200m, I reckon. Burst out of the trees and sprinted to the finish, then the rest of them came in.

Not a bad race, should have gone a bit faster, but my leg muscle was killing me. Found out later I came fourth in the age group, which isn't bad. Wingram had obviously done more training than me. The rest of them were coming in, Sam, Aiden, and Tom did pretty well, Gav beat Dayne, and Pat got second. Meg sprinted in and looked terrifying.

Rest of afternoon was spent walking around, laughing at Alison as she avoided people. Turns out Binks lost the carnival all up, oh well.

Then back to school, talked to people, got deb proofs, which I'm allowed to keep (damn), then home.

Where I talked to more people, , and god damn, there wasn't much on the internet. /Film is run by people with an eighties fetish, it gets really annoying after a while.

Tomorrow, big GAT, which I'm told is long and boring. Not sure how I'll go on the writing tasks, but oh well, then work.



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