Monday, June 8, 2009

Come As You Are.

'Lo readers.

I am not happy with the internet YET AGAIN! It keeps signing me out during interesting conversations. There were THREE! including one fairly important one going on while it spluttered and killed itself SO MANY GOD DAMN TIMES tonight. SEONEOSWINAI:ONW:SLKNV:WREB.

And mashing keyboard produces SWIN. Lol, I think I have swine flu, woke up with sore head and throat. This isn't good.

So, buggerised around at home, then after lunch went down to waterworks for actual cross country training. Aiden, Sam, Hayden and I jogged around a bit, nearly got caught in barbed wire, checked out Spider's Bridge, built a crappy bridge across the river with logs, and then went for a proper run. I don't think I did too bad, got lost at one stage trying to find a place to jump a fence, and Sam threw up near the end. The sprint right at the end was the best bit, since I got my feet wet crossing the river.

After that, fish and chips and talking about footy (Blues are fourth on the ladder, woo!), then home, where everyone came home and my peace ended.

Mood was not helped by intermittent internet (it was fine last night for most of it, I don't get it) and revelatory conversations. Jess wants everyone to come play hide and seek in Safeway next weekend. That counts as viral advertising, more detail as we get it. Also, news of new Pearl Jam, which is good. Backspacer album at the end of the year, apparently. This region specific videos thing is annoying, means I can't watch the video.

Tomorrow, I'm torn. Should I stay home, sleep in, study hard, miss social interaction (which could be interesting...), or wake up early, go to school, cram before work and school the next day, and observe the horde with all the dynamics shaken up again? Hurm. You tell me, fearless readers.

Either way, working tomorrow, and studying for psych exam, which I'm still confident about.



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