Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Oh god no.

'Lo all.

Nothing important today.

I get home from work (which wasn't too bad), then there's stupid Fraser and his fat little friend sitting there looking at the offended page. God damn.

Tomorrow, nothing. Believe Tom may be dropping round in the morning.



Monday, June 29, 2009

So much caffiene.

'Lo all.

Not sure if anyone else has noticed, but when it feels like it, Facebook automatically links to to the blogger version of this. It includes the first couple of lines in the alert thing as well, which is odd. Funny when you see the same intro used for a week.

Anyway. Today was quiet. Went down the street, did nothing of value. I think I may buy (shock) a couple of movies for myself, since birthday's coming up, and ask Beardman for the r-rated ones.

Not much else done today. Dragged to band where Vicky talked about the retard kids she is forced to teach and Fraser looked like an emo. Technically he's not, though he doesn't know what a scenester is, so he's an emo. He does listen to crappy emo music though.

Oh yeah, internet's rumbling about the next celebrity to die. Apparently we've had five in a very short time. A lot of people are hoping for Miley Cyrus, can't imagine why.

Tomorrow, I have work, and I'm probably going to be fired, unless the boss has remembered that I can't come in on Saturday. Oh god oh god oh god.


Anyway, the end.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Nuke the bastards.

'Lo readers.

Today I got up late, then went down the street with Megan, then played civ3. Probably did some other things, but they are the bits that stick out.

Tomorrow, I hope to sleep a lot and that's about it.

Aren't the holidays great.



Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saint Joe on the Schoolbus.

'Lo all.

Today I raged at the internet, began the slow descent into civ3 again, and went for a walk in the cold with Megan. I think she was bored.

Also sorted out the rest of all this new music, and for some reason my usb isn't playing Daria on the laptop. How strange.

Tomorrow, hopefully doing as little as possible once again. At least I'm getting over this cold business.



Friday, June 26, 2009

More than meets the eye.

'Lo all.

Apologies for the lack of post last night, I was held up with another commitment.

Anyway. Last night, post blogging, severe lack of sleepiness. Decided to watch the first Daria movie. Not bad.

Twelve hours later, woke up, ate, showered. Got a box from George, who had included rearviewmirror and an actual rear view mirror, and some pretty cool stuff on the usb as usual (anyone else heard of Marcy Playground?), then off to Sam's with the Beardman, to meet with the others. Too cold and too few people to start with. Said hi to Lena, she seemed bored too. Then Jake and Georgia rocked up with a massive amp, which didn't really work as planned, and the rest of the horde began arriving, including Gav Daddy in his shiny new car. Lost two games of pool to Denny because I wasn't thinking straight, and didn't do much. Aiden, Gavin and I attempted a cricket match, but it was tricky with darkness.

It got to the stage where there was one room of couples, one room of girls whinging about their boyfriends, or outside where there was phone reception and cold. I chose third option. Then everyone started leaving, Denny and Erin captured the double bed, and Hayden booted up the xbox. Was introduced to bizarre CoD5 minigame which involved zombies. Hayden eventually went on the internet, and hooked Isaac up to the voice thingy. He asked for sexual favours from a Puerto Rican guy's sister and abused an American kid. Scary.

We all crashed after that, had troubled sleep. Stupid coughing. Stupid rats.

Woke up, Isaac is on his phone and mentions that Michael Jackson had died. We laughed. Guess his heart just couldn't Beat It, etc, etc. Poor guy, suppose one had to be a teenager in the eighties to get the full impact.

After Sam messed up train times, made a hasty retreat after pancakes, did some deliveries, then Denny rocked up angry, as his computer had failed him. He burnt Dune 2000, which shocked Beardman, and then he played a few levels. Funny how far graphics have come in ten years.

And then the usual, checked out some music from Amaya (lotta Pink Floyd and Supertramp here, man. Seem to have included Dark Side of the Moon twice, relax), talked to people on msn til it started dying, then Denny rings up and mentions Transformers. Walk down to cinema, teenage boys everywhere, get called Fraser by one group but I just stared at them til they looked away, then found Denny (who had already bought his ticket), joined line for ticket, joined Denny and Pat Dunn in line for cinema, and got alright seats. Ryan met us later, bastard didn't have to line up as much as us.

Right. Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen - **1/2
No. Just no. Everything about this film is turned up to eleven. This might be good, but when even the GOD DAMN LENGTH is, it's a chore. Yes, there's explosions bloody everywhere. Yes, there's giant robots everywhere, but they all look the same and you can't tell what's happening when they're fighting. Yes, the actors suck, but even the eye candy has been ORANGE-IFIED (Gabby style) so they lose attractiveness. Yes, there's cool cars, but all the shots are the same. The plot is confusing at times and stupid. The support acts of parents (stupid, especially the pot scene), roommate and retard (not funny), and military ("WE HAVE GUNS! WE ARE THE GOOD GUYS! HOO-RAH!") are all stupid. Didn't like the whole Transformer-who-transforms-into-a-human thing, seemed too much like that OTHER ROBOT FILM, MAYBE? And then there ARE ALL THE PLOT HOLES FROM THAT MOVIE... Despite the occaisional surprisingly good action sequence, it's just crap. Even the score is cheesy. It gets boring having to sit through all this, which is bad in an action film. Bonus star for Megan Fox slow-mo.

Then Ryan and I walked home, bagging everyone and everything, and he just left and suddenly it's nearly one am. Hurm.

Tomorrow, I don't want to do anything. Maybe watch some Daria, maybe get some psych questions done, maybe text some people, maybe paint some stuff. Bugger it.


Anyway, the end.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Jimmy the Exploder.

'Lo readers.

Right, new game. Guess the artist who does the song in the title. Seeing as I'm so uncreative I use songs as titles for most of my blogs these days.

Woke up far too early today, rotted in a waiting room, then doctor saw me and said I shouldn't be working. Stressed sounding Danny said he'd tell Jeremy I wouldn't be able to come in. Aiden agreed to work for me tomorrow. Hurm.

Spent day watching Daria and playing guitar hero and sleeping. Feels good man, sorta. Definitely getting better, compared to yesterday.

Tis good to have cool uncles, looks like I've found a copy of Reservoir Dogs. Will need to ask Katie about the other one, though the internet isn't too bad tonight. Maybe I'll be able to download it tonight.

Tomorrow, more Daria, then see if I can catch a lift to Sam's if I can walk around and not die. Need a miracle cure, maybe.



Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sick, Sick, Sick.

'Lo readers.

Nothing interesting to post today, really.

Last night I couldn't get to sleep, stayed up til two-ish, I think. Was told camping was cancelled, got two different versions of why. I am still confused. Another topic was also mentioned, which was depressing. Need to know more information, with both issues, the people I talk to are biased.

Woke up, felt like crap, decide to call work and say I can't come in. Jeremy says he needs a doctor's certificate. No worries. Beardman calls doctors. Everyone in town is booked. Dammit. He calls Jeremy and explains situation. When I tell Boss I can't work for a couple of weekends I have no doubt he'll fire me.

Spent entire day watching Daria and idly texting people or flicking across forums and social networking websites. Given up on msn.

Tomorrow, since there's no camping, no doubt it'll be more of the same. I need some more food for the shed, maybe if I'm better I'll do an aldi run or something.

Reservoir Dogs. That and A Clockwork Orange. Please help.



Monday, June 22, 2009

Hope you guess my name.

'Lo all.

I am sick. This is not good. Sick of it. Oink.

I missed last night's post too. Hurm.

Anyway, yesterday I went to work. Can't remember anything interesting, except I was sick and this made it drag and I was exhausted.

Get home, am told Pat is staying over. Hurm. I sit down, soon as I think about boiling the kettle for a coffee, Sam and Amaya rock up.

This is not good. Want to relax, and I've been in this situation before anyway, though at least there were other people this time. Amaya was not impressed with shed or Fraser, seemed to like cat though. They find an open tab with a buttload of demotivators. Denny and eventually Pat rock up too. We walk down to the cinema. I try my best not to keel over and die halfway.

Get to cinema, and Emma, there's a poster for My Sister's Keeper up. Wat.

Land of the Lost - ***1/2
It dragged, it's got stock standard Will Ferrell Character (read: it gets old after a while), and it was very stupid. Not as much random crap as Aqua Teen Hunger Force Movie that could have saved it. I did like the obviously adult humour (this is NOT A KIDS FILM), and the random All Along the Watchtower stoned sequence. And the dinosaurs.

Walked home, Sam walks Amaya home, we go through some rage threads, then Sam and Pat get the idea of cooking pancakes. Drunken Beardman has no worries with this. They used all but one of our eggs and a buttload of other supplies, mix them all together, put it all in a frying pan to make a 2" thick pancake, then when they realise they can't flip it, they mix it together and put it in the oven. We decide we needed more eggs, so we visited Horizon (no eggs), then Coles (bugger eggs, we should try this pancake mix!) at 11pm. We found a soccerball too.

Then home, our pancakebiscuit things tasted... interesting. Hooked up Wii, discovered the joy of shooting tanks, riding cows, and playing acidpong. Then retreat to the shed, broke out Red Faction. Talked about Jackass til like 3 in the morning, god damn.

Woke up, head exploding, then Pat decides to walk to his mum's work, Sam realises he was due home and rides off to Longford, and Denny and I play Burnout til Pat's dreadlocked brother dropped in and they nicked off.

Spent rest of today watching Daria and being angry at the internet, which was patchy. Still. Staying offline on msn for the moment. It says I'm online though. How strange. Stupid Fraser has swine flu too, so he's spoiling my week that's supposed to be without kids, specially when he whinges about missions he can't do on GTA and tries to bribe me to do them for him.

Tomorrow, need to recover, might have to go to work, which will not be good. Think I should call in sick, I was in a bad way yesterday. Also need to pick up supplies for Wednesday, and sort out which train to take, and probably watch some more Daria and brood.

Hmm. Something's up. Need proper explanation. Need to talk to people face to face, as internet is intermittent. Oh well. It's still funny now.

Oh yeah, and if anyone has a copy of A Clockwork Orange on dvd, could I pretty please borrow it? Having trouble finding a streaming site, and I don't trust the internet enough to rapidshare it.

Too sick to have a proper mood at the moment. Don't think it would have changed much anyway. Maybe that's an upside of being sick.


Oink oink.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Spin the Black Circle.

'Lo everyone.

No hangover this morning. Joy. This is what happens when a crisis forces you to sober up, and you drink a lot of water. Will remember this.

Didn't do a lot today. Consider this the beginning of the no content holiday posts. Feel free to stop reading for a while, you won't miss a lot.

I'd like to mention now to anyone reading this STOP GIVING ME YOUR GOD DAMN RELATIONSHIP PROBLEMS. Unless they are genuinely interesting or involve people I actually may care about, I won't give a crap. I won't know how to help you, and if anything I may make your problems worse. Plus it depresses me. So bugger off. Thankyou.

And yes, that means you and you, and to a lesser extent you, sorry.

What else have we got. Talked to Kelly, she survived, that's good. Msn is working, which is good if there's people online, or if I have anything interesting to say, which I usually don't, as a few people learned to their peril today. Also downloaded some Portishead, and yes, it's definitely kindred spirits with Massive Attack, and it's actually pretty good. There are photos of me on myspace and facebook, this is not good at all.

Haven't got much else, sorry kiddies. There won't be much content for the next couple of weeks, but the blog will pop up. You will miss nothing, judging by the last holidays.

Tomorrow, work and sleep. Tempted to start growing a beard and find a cave and swear at people who walk past.


Anyway, the end.

Friday, June 19, 2009

What A Great Night.

'Lo all.

I'm a bit tired. There's possibly a fair amount of chemicals still rushing through my bloodstream. I'm going to be influenced by mood, which is both confused and gorram infuriated, as well as a bit sad.

Anyway. Last day of term. And since I'm blogging tonight, I made a tactical withdrawal from Caz's party.

Lessee. Stupid kids won't do chores if I wake up at eight. Cat is happy to steal heater ducts though, which is amusing.

Get to school, first up is media, where we had to do some bullcrap activity involving some java program and our favourite music and what makes us happy and all sorts of stuff. I'm not exactly sure why, or what the teacher's going to gain from this, but meh. We also discussed MGMT. Oliver and I were not amused.

Then biology, got to watch a video about bizarre breeding habits. Meh. Good last lesson with Mrs Moy, who didn't want us to go out in the cold.

Recess was meh. People were starting to get pumped.

Then lit, took lots of notes, fairly confident with this essay. Still need to hack through Wuthering Heights.

And maths, Mr Brennan gave up. Belle found a safe sex manual, so they all read that. I sat in sun and listened to iPod.

Lunch was meh. Need an anchor, maybe.

In history we got to watch Animal Farm, which was alright, if a bit old fashioned animation-wise.

Homeroom was quiet. Got report, which was alright, I suppose. Included in the report was some school-sponsored guide on alcohol, which Meg, Wiffy and I found hilarious.

Then assembly, lots of school colours for people I knew, and Amaya said her speech. She was trying not to cry. We were so tempted to stand up and cheer like hell at the end, but Ms Henry threatened us with castration and detention.

After that, Amaya had a cloud around her five deep trying to hug her. Figured I'd see her later anyway.

Then home, then shower, then walk to Caz's. Walked down driveway, no one there. Walked down again, people everywhere.

At the start it was quiet. Lot of booze, for some reason. Fire was good. Poor Amaya seemed bemused by it all. Interesting cultural experience, I think.

Things which I have learnt now.
9. Cognitive distortions will get me into trouble unless I stop myself.
10. Perceptual distortions freak me out.
11. Perceptual distortions + strobe light = WOAHZOMGHAHAHAWOAH
13. No guarantees on anything.
14. Cops arrive, hide your crap, don't forget where it is.
15. Cops arrive, don't look drunk, though you'll sober up quickly.
16. Cops arrive, don't walk home, get taxi or something.
17. Cops arrive, don't wander around hunting for lost friends that everyone is worried about.
18. Champagne can be terrifying when it is opened.
19. Maccas is still strangely busy late at night.
20. Blonde is a girl beer and Aiden should know this.

Basic overview, I needed a distraction, failed in getting it. Halfway through a buttload of people arrived. There were about five or six guys to each girl, which is not good at all. Decided to join a macca's run, and it was pretty cold. When we came back, buttload of people walking home, saying cops were in the area. Sure enough, cops around. Sam said people were missing, oh crap. Wandered around keeping an eye out for them. . It got a bit dull, specially when we found one. Decided to join Hayden, Sam and Isaac in a taxi, went home, and here I am.

Waste of time, to be honest. If anything, I need more of a distraction. Need to sleep in as long as possible. Need to drink water too, so I can avoid a vicious hangover, though I'm definitely a lot more sober than I was two hours ago. Funny, the line between tipsy and completely wasted ends up depressing me. Doesn't matter how drunk I get, I'm still me. Bugger.

Tomorrow, sleep in til two and then catch up on all the fallout. And what fun fallout it shall be. Want to do some raging that will achieve nothing. Want to talk to someone. Oh well.



Thursday, June 18, 2009

Not using a song as the title.

'Lo all.


Went to school. Suffered chapel. Discussed Daria with Isobelle and Lulu. Tom attempted to scull two litres of milk. He almost got it before he puked.

In biology we sung happy birthday to Mrs Moy. Shame she's going.

Recess was meh.

Double maths wasn't too bad, listened to some of Tom's new Nirvana bootlegs and traded kitchen stories with Zombiemolly. She knows Jeremy, how strange.

Then lunch, someone mentioned free food in the Neil Forest, so off we went, took lots of pies, neglected the sandwiches, and ducked out before we were made to clean up. Smooth operation, people. Then some plotting. Isaac and Sam were trying to control the horde's movements for Wednesday, the idea of hiring a minibus was thrown around at one point. I think we'll be fine, they just need to think outside the box and not be retards. Also discussed what we're doing with Aiden's cache, settled on Jason delivering it to Caz's and we'll pick it up there.

Psych was dull, watched a show about a guy who indoctrinated his daughters when they were five to become chess masters. Part of me thinks this counts as child abuse.

Then lit. None of us have any enthusiasm for poetry, and Sam seems so hopelessly lost so he's distracting the rest of us. Despite outward appearances I am paying attention and copying nearly everything the teacher says. Maybe I should sell these notes...

After that, everyone seemed a bit excited. I was optimistic. Not sure why, to be honest.

And then work, which was quiet. Sick of having retard gears, though I guess it's making me fitter. Not that I gorram need it. I need to fatten up somehow, sick of this thin-ness too. It was too quiet, really. No drama kids or musos hanging around, no one I knew down the street. Oh well. At least I've been paid.

Home, then out again. Arrived late, ran out of time in one battle, underestimated James and set up in a bad way, then he cut me down. Oh well. Then a king of the hill thing, which might have worked if there were less players. Top of the ladder Johnno decided to ally with Alan and I since we were closest to him, and on his other side was a group of retarded twelve year olds (including a McNamara). Would have been a good game if we had more time, our little alliance would have won. Hurm.

Anyway. Home again, msn is being stupider than usual, and I have given up. I'm not going online unless I have to now. If you honestly want to talk, email me or text me or (*sigh*) myspace or facebook me. Not that many will, I'm sure. Just putting the word out that msn is AWOL right now, so bugger it.

Actually, how is myspace or facebook a verb? Comment me. No, wait, that's not right either. Stupid modern vocabulary. Stupid Generation Y. I pity the iGeneration, they're so buggered.

Also. Tomorrow night I'm going out. Not sure of my movements. If it sucks, I'll grab as much loot as I can then escape. If not, and I hope it's not, no blog post til Saturday night. If I can remember anything. Planning on drowning my sorrows. Glad holidays are finally rocking up, sick of looking happy for these people. Can't wait to sleep in as long as possible and do as little as possible all day.

Hurm. But, that's the day after tomorrow. Tomorrow still involves four and a bit periods of school first.



Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Go With the Flow.

'Lo everyone.

Hell. Am tired.

Woke up on time today. That counts as an achievement now. Go to school, Denny says him and Sam are launching their expedition on Saturday, thought it was funny til he told me the rest of it. The usual sinking feeling. That and I'm working, so I can't go anyway.

Then school itself, which was the usual, everything seemed louder due to lack of iPod. Found five bucks in my pocket, woo.

First up was biology, year tens were acting smart again. Fairly easy. No homework.

Then media, almost (ALMOST!) launched into philosophical conversation. I'd like to jump in, but I'm not sure how to put my view into words. Also went through scenes, had a great idea for one. Wish to be doing storyboarding, I work better visually and it may be easier to brainstorm crap like dialogue.

Recess. Can't think of anything exciting.

History was meh, went over Cold War stuff and then a quiz on countries. Easy until I realised I had left out Finland and Denmark was looking far too big.

Then maths, which was quiet. Treading on glass at times, I think. Once our retard calculators were sorted out for graphing, it was boring.

At lunch, got to eat a big danish, Gavin spanked Hayden very loudly (yes, I'm aware of the innuendo here, I'm not sure if they are), and basically didn't do much. Then followed Sam and Jess to Mrs Dyke, who let me tag along to cross country training (thank the gods). Bus trip was quiet, Kelly and Amaya had joined us since they were golfing, then we had to do a warm up run past the crappy pond, stretches led by Jess since Sam and I were too busy laughing at the retard dog, and then some sprints. I'm either faster than I remember or Sam's slower than I remember.

Then away we went. Jess joined Sam and I on an epic adventure through the Pines, heading towards Sam's house. They both had iPods, the pricks. We got fairly close to Sam's house, but then we realised we'd be late back to the bus so we turned around. Ended up running along the highway for a couple of kilometres, which was interesting. Every now and then Jess swore along with her music, which was funny. Mrs Dyke was impressed that we'd survived nearly eight kms worth, and since we had to add on a km worth of warm up and sprints, she thought it was about 10km that we ran. Get back on the bus, there's always someone who's shocked and appalled that I can run,, and then we discussed The Eurotrip. Poor Europe.

Back at school, Aiden was limping so I rode around in circles for a while til I caught up with Jess and Alison (sorry Jess!), then Alison and I visited the centre, met Aiden and said hi to Molly, then retreated to the juice thingy for plotting. Alison was saved by Chrispy. Aiden and I discussed the best courses of action for Friday night, then we got chips and saw Mewha, and we discussed parties and the One Night Stand. He's a good bloke, he's kicked the WoW habit.

Went home, need to write up scene for media, though I feel no enthusiasm towards it, and the internet was still patchy, which was annoying.

Tomorrow is Thursday. Second last day of school. Then work, and next night in the campaign, unless something more important springs up. Hurm.


Anyway, the end

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sleep Now in the Fire.

'Lo all.

Ah man. Tuesdays are annoying.

Was woken up past midnight last night by a rogue text message. Hurm.

Got up at eight, got to school on time, jammed in headphone and played along with the horde.

Psych was first, in the computer room. I did my media homework and idly browsed /Film. It was dull. Tasksheet isn't due til next term.

Then lit, which was also dull. Sick of sonnets. Struggling to give a damn.

Recess was quiet, can't remember what it was we did, if anything. Probably just standing around, as usual.

Then media, more stupid movie ness, though we got to watch a couple of short films in class. Meh.

Then history. We went over political ideologies, which is year ten stuff. Isobelle reckons she should start a leftist revolution, but I reasoned that only uni students would join her. We agreed.

Gorram lunchtime was dull. Girl ate my sandwich again, dammit. Shame we've run out of nutella now. Ha. Talked to Jess, who was going for her Ls soon, and I think she got them (congrats), got made to do clean up and Meg and Lulu kept on making me pick stuff up since they didn't want to, and I was damned hungry so I got some dimsims. Got a free one then accidently made Clare and Alison trip over. That means I win, yes?

Maths was mildly amusing. Alison decided she knew everything already and she actually got work done, shock horror. I am a bad influence.

Finally biology. Mrs Moy had left out a buttload of pickled beasties. So cooool!! There was a possum and two weird looking lambs and a jar full of baby mice and there was a spider and starfish and a jellyfish and a rat that had been exploded and painted, then there were two bats and another rat and some skulls and god damn it was cool! Few questions on classification too. I will miss Mrs Moy, she was pretty cool in the end.

Homeroom outside, screamed home, began assembling kan, then off to work, which was fairly quiet. Peeled gorram potatos again, didn't get them all done either. Chefs were all out of there by nine, which was depressing, but Terina gave me muffins and a loaf of bread. Looks like Guy's coming to Caz's too. Must talk to Aiden tomorrow, might go halfsies.

Drove home via Fulham, and now here I am. Suspicious about internet, which hasn't died yet. Hmmm.

Tomorrow is Wednesday. It says I'm on the GIS soccer team, which is gorram ridiculous. I should be running! I'm no good at soccer! Help!



Monday, June 15, 2009


'Lo readers.

Got a text message today (odd) proclaiming that Monday's suck. I agree.

Woke up far too early, messed around with some kans, then off to school still confused. That dread feeling where you don't seem to have got any sleep at all appeared.

Anyway. Got to school. Knights of Cydonia. God damn kids everywhere.

First up was double psych, we're doing memory which I'm sure will involve those damn little tests that were ever so much fun last year. Meh. My memory's not too bad, I can remember some of the stuff I do each day. Also got the course outline, not looking forward to the big ERA writeup at the end of next term. You girls doing psych now and whinging about ERAs have nothing on this.

Hurm. Recess was fairly cold. Anouck still sounds so weird, man.

Then lit, with the pom again. Sat next to Jasper, which was illuminating. We kept going off onto tangents about Shakespeare's sexuality, which was not helped by Jasper and Ryan's comments, and the teacher setting us off with the wrong words she accidently used. I will be glad when we are done with poetry.

Then biology, copied down notes, visited music department, went back since Mr C had a scheduling thing, copied down more notes. Claire can whinge about me knowing things, but she beat me in the exam.

Lunchtime. Was hungry. Girl ate my sandwich. Decide to get food from tuck, since Tom was rambling about slice. Julian takes last slice. Hurm. Talked to Kelly about Friday night, huge crowd gathered, which irked me, though it was funny. Everything is funny at the moment, once you look at it objectively. Still need a vent, but it will be mean.

Anyway. History was amusing because Sian said a naughty word in front of Ms Henry, then we ran out of printer paper for a five minute task which involved printers. Worked with the Japanese girl, she seems nice. Discussed tactics with Pat and Tom, the problem with blitzkrieg is logistics. Poor Amaya has to do the exchange student speech in assembly. Lots of things she could do. She should not get advice off me though.

Then media, still working on the stupid film. Teacher has explained it's relevance to an outcome. Not sure if I enjoy Ruby's attitude to everything. We did manage to get into a mildly entertaining philosophical discussion on perceiving reality. Hurm.

Oh yeah, and then it started raining again. Such fun.

Band was so dull, damn tambourine percussionist is an idiot, and I'm starting to get a deep dislike of music from the eighties, especially when I was emptying a water key and missed a cue. Afterwards, Alison was begging for food. Must talk to Aiden soon.

Rode home in the cold with Daft Punk tearing through my eardrums, got shouted at for not wearing jacket, off to band again soon after.

I played like crap because it was too cold and the euphos were missing in action. Meeting sucked, I'm now a junior rep. Not particularly interested. No youth in the band anyway. Want to put it on hold next year for studying anyway, it's tricky with two bands and a buttload of homework that occaisionally crops up all on one night.

Simon rang, the panel van is ancient and not road worthy, which means it'll cost more to fix it. So, he suggested that I just pay the rego. Sounds fair. Beardman reckons we could pick it up in the next few months too. Got email off Isaac, looks like we're camping next Wednesday. Hopefully it won't rain and freeze us.

Tomorrow is Tuesday and it's one of those everything days. I am glad iPod works, keeps a distraction going. God damn. Need to do something. I must pick up credit on the way to work or school too.


Anyway, the end.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hombre Lobo.

'Lo all.

Was woken up far too early then rushed through showering and feeding to drive everyone to Rosedale. The gps thing is fancy; apparently the car's speedo reads 106 when I'm actually doing 100. Interesting...

We sat outside in the cold in Rosedale for a few hours, Mayor McCubbin was loud, we played terribly, and everyone was glad when it was over. Got to drive home through Longford, along the road near the golf course. So many good memories... it does look different in daylight though.

Anyway, home, did homework, poked around the internet, Triple J's released a couple of full sets from the One Night Stand that I'll have to attempt to download, and msn died a lot. Wonder how to fix it.

And now I know something new. Dammit.

Tomorrow, it's Monday, and it's looking dreary already. Oh well. I'll survive. I have so far.



Saturday, June 13, 2009

Green stuff.

'Lo all.

Last night, Beardman tried to play Paint It Black on the piano while intoxicated, then according to facebook he also attempted some Dire Straits and Fleetwood Mac. I start Wuthering Heights, and it looks like it will be a very difficult read. Hurm.

Woke up after a disturbing dream, went to work, washed a lot of dishes, peeled a lot of potatoes, discussed cars, listened to Triple J, then the bossman came in before I left and he made me scrub shelves while he gave the chefs a pep talk about pavlovas. Hurm.

Came home, downloaded some music, talked to the usual suspects, downloaded more music, watched some youtubes (gorram, some of the Black Keys live stuff has been pulled, but the entire collection of Massive Attack clips is there, woo!), and now, despite a good internet, I'm starting to get pissed off. I don't know why.

Tomorrow, Beardman reckons there's something going on, but I'm not particularly fussed. Want to sleep in a lot.



Friday, June 12, 2009

Tremendous Dynamite.

'Lo all.

Usual intro here. Not much changes. Still angry at four or five things at the same time, still cold outside, etc, etc. You know the drill.

Anyway. This morning was really bad. I woke up after having a surreal dream involving lights and the beach at EIGHT! OHNOES! RUSHRUSHRUSH!

Ended up having enough time to finish reading Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Good book. Go and read it, you illiterate swine.

Right. Got to school, I have not missed this regular school thing. Mrs Ripon made me homeroom teacher to open the door, but the lock is funny.

First up was psych, we watched a doco about sleep deprivation and how it buggers people up. It's supposed to cause obesity. Lies. Anyway, most of the class was almost asleep when it finished.

Then history, seems I missed the class on D-Day. Damn. Passed the exam, that's good.

Recess was meh, I was hungry so I visited the canteen with every other prick in the gorram school. Hot jam donuts and hot chocolate though.

Then double bio, took notes on classification (which I find easy), then watched a video about the five (wait, SIX!) kingdoms. Meh. I passed the exam here too.

Then lunch. I drifted between groups. The blokes were spanking each other, which I found strange. Some of the girls were plotting their pissup for the weekend, but I'm not a girl so I wasn't invited. Some other girls were talking to Agnik, and it seems we must do some more planning before we go camping. Jess and I fed a bit of Hershey's to Kelly, she reckons she nearly puked. Damn Americans.

Anyway. Literature with the Pommy sub, who's name I can't remember. So far she seems better than Cartledge, though Oliver and Ruby are trying to rage against the mechanicus. Poetry is dull, sonnets are dull, and as Ruby pointed out we're teenagers and haven't known proper love, thus deep and meaningful Shakespeare stuff is lost on us. Also, Shakespeare was gay, and this is the second (third?) lit text in a row that had homoerotic undertones. There's something wrong with Mrs Cartledge, I think.

Then maths, no Tom so I threw staples at Alison.

Went home, built new desk, internet started cutting out around 630/7. Aiden reckons it might cut out at peak time, and looking back on it, this may be peak time. It is infuriating, a lot of interesting people online tonight. I miss good internet.

Tomorrow, working, then not sure. Hurm.

Need to rage. Msn is not working for me. Will find new outlet.



Thursday, June 11, 2009

The GAT.

'Lo all.

Hell. Sick of this. Want holidays. Too cold.

Woke up this morning, Fraser took too long in bathroom, he was waxing his hair. God damn kids.

Get to school, Isobelle and Meg were actually going to chapel (shock), and everyone got shouted at because we were all disrespectful. Engage us, make us respect chapel, then we'll think about it.

Anyway. Homeroom then back to the hall. Hundred or so kids milling around. I was reminded of rock climbing camp at one stage, and I lol'd.

Go into hall, it's cold. Three things we had to do. Two were writing tasks. One was a buttload of multiple choice. Decided to get one writing task out of the way, it looked like basic comprehension. We were given a double page with lots of information on bees. Instructions were to show our knowledge, no contention. Meh, says I, and I just reword everything and put it in sentence form. Then screamed through multiple choice, my eraser sucks. Nothing that was really tricky, a lot of it was just time management and comprehension. Then I did the second writing thing, I found myself repeating myself and concluded that I had run out of things to say about material possessions. Left early, we whinged about the cold, Ryan wanted to go back in since it was warmer.

And after that, hung out with the girls since the blokes nicked off somewhere. Everything is very funny at the moment. I am going insane. Help.

Maths was meh, copied down notes. Bernice is in our class now. She actually concentrates. Tom and Emma have a challenge.

Then a spare. Shona and I talked about the psych exam, then the health class rocked up. Tom and I annoyed Meg while Tom played flash games.

In homeroom, Mrs Ripon tacked up the seating plan for today's exam on the wall. I lol'd. Plus Jess's twelve year old little sister seems to be running in the year twelve GIS cross country. I'm in both teams again, dammit.

Home, then away. Fairly busy. Kept me occupied. Start thinking and you're dead.

Then home, then away. We're on the campaign trail, it seems. Played Alan first up, beat him fairly easily. Then a team match. I got put with Chris, and he's a god damn retard. No idea what he's doing. I was patient as I was shot to bits. Third game was with bloody Chris again, and once again, he had no idea what he was doing. Shoot the big ones, don't split your bloody fire, concentrate on one target until it's dead, dammit. I'll mop up, you're the shooty one. I'm on the bottom half of the ladder now, dammit. I look forward to wiping the floor with him in a 1v1.

Then I come home, Fraser's used my nesquik, there's annoying new developments on the myspace, and those things where you put music on shuffle to answer questions were there. Computer was "spazzing", which was infuriating.

Oh yeah, we got a new tv. It's smaller than the old one, but flatter, and it sounds better. Meh.

And Isaac got me some new musics, I'm liking Eels right now. Sounds like Cake crossed with Sonic Youth. Will need a bigger usb for George.

Tomorrow, we're pretty much the only school in the area that's actually open. Though we get a bonus week of holidays. Hurm. Shouldn't be complaining. It'll be cold and confusing and hell. Need to vent a bit, I think.

Apologies for the poor sentence structure.



Wednesday, June 10, 2009


'Lo all.

Man. I am tired and sore and angry and cold. And the fun still hasn't stopped. However, this is par for the course, really. I'm looking forward to the holidays.

Anyway. Woke up way too late, shouty Beardman made me do things instead of psych practice tests, went through two and checked them, ran out of time for the third. Then sprinted to school before the bike could break underneath me, or I got hit by a car, or a god gave me a lightning bolt to the face.

Walked into school, it was so damn cold! Freezing, man. Chucked bag down, flipped through textbook to make sure I knew what a psychsomatic (addict insane!) illness was, then off to the hall. Stood around looking lonely for ten minutes while the year twelves whinged, then a hand put out a diagram. In we go.

Lots of rules and stuff, then bonus reading time. Found myself with no real trouble once I got going, couple of questions seemed a bit off (four Cs in a row?), and I completely blanked on what the apparent distance hypothesis was. I explained that the stimulius appeared more distant on the retina, blah blah blah. Oh well.

Anyway. Walked out of the exam feeling unsure, which probably isn't good. It was cold and windy and there was no one to talk to, so I ate food and moseyed over to the isk. It was warm in there.

Then media. Teacher still wants us to make the stupid representation film, even though we're done with the topic. I got 96% on the exam, by the way, and got beaten by Emma by one mark. Damn.

Lunchtime was cold. Aiden Commins wasn't at school. There was hope in the cross country still. Pat was surprisingly calm, and there were a lot of girls missing. Chickens.

Then onto the buses. Tom had packed his kite. Oh yes. Then my phone died, and I was not happy about this. It was very cold at the oval. Tom flew his kite, went for a run with Pat to see if they'd removed the barbed wire, then back to the tents to watch the first girls come in with Lulu. Jess came second, Nemo came fifth.

Then actual stretching. My hamstrings (?) are still killing me from Monday afternoon. Oh well. The popliars all had full tracksuits on at the starting line. Gun went, Derek and I screamed out in front while Peter ran ahead with his hood attacking his head. Then they both dropped back, I was winning for a minute, and Zack and Pat overtook me.

Round the corner, running down the path, got into rhythm, then a pair of year twelves overtook me. Decided to keep up with them, stayed no more than ten metres away from Rossi for as long as I could. Went down under the bridges, nearly wiped out on some mud, Mrs Moy said hi, there was a bouncy bridge, then Kobi somethingorother overtook me, and Wingram wasn't far behind him. Went across second bridge, gorram marsh, got tagged, and Wingram started approaching. Down past Mrs Moy to the wooden thing, jumped over, got in front of Rossi, Wingram got in front of me, and then over the hills past the photographer while avoiding piles of cow crap. Saw Denny and Oliver (who had hid in some trees waiting for Denny and the girls) walking along the road.

Around the oval again, started breaking away. Rossi and I duked it out, but he pulled away. No one behind me for about 200m, I reckon. Burst out of the trees and sprinted to the finish, then the rest of them came in.

Not a bad race, should have gone a bit faster, but my leg muscle was killing me. Found out later I came fourth in the age group, which isn't bad. Wingram had obviously done more training than me. The rest of them were coming in, Sam, Aiden, and Tom did pretty well, Gav beat Dayne, and Pat got second. Meg sprinted in and looked terrifying.

Rest of afternoon was spent walking around, laughing at Alison as she avoided people. Turns out Binks lost the carnival all up, oh well.

Then back to school, talked to people, got deb proofs, which I'm allowed to keep (damn), then home.

Where I talked to more people, , and god damn, there wasn't much on the internet. /Film is run by people with an eighties fetish, it gets really annoying after a while.

Tomorrow, big GAT, which I'm told is long and boring. Not sure how I'll go on the writing tasks, but oh well, then work.



Tuesday, June 9, 2009


'Lo readers.

I do enjoy having days off.

Woke up past twelve, talked to a few other skippers, went down the street and bought two overpriced but necessary books, delivered bread to sick children, then came home and did two psych practice exams.

Then bounced off to work, where it was colder outside than it was in the cool room. Ferg had to clean out a rack, so I couldn't do much for a while. Meh. Would have preferred to stay home and study. Angel came on the radio, Jord liked it. Nice to see someone else liking Massive Attack.

Tomorrow, big exam, then big race, then home. It'll be cold and probably loud. Oh well.



Monday, June 8, 2009

Come As You Are.

'Lo readers.

I am not happy with the internet YET AGAIN! It keeps signing me out during interesting conversations. There were THREE! including one fairly important one going on while it spluttered and killed itself SO MANY GOD DAMN TIMES tonight. SEONEOSWINAI:ONW:SLKNV:WREB.

And mashing keyboard produces SWIN. Lol, I think I have swine flu, woke up with sore head and throat. This isn't good.

So, buggerised around at home, then after lunch went down to waterworks for actual cross country training. Aiden, Sam, Hayden and I jogged around a bit, nearly got caught in barbed wire, checked out Spider's Bridge, built a crappy bridge across the river with logs, and then went for a proper run. I don't think I did too bad, got lost at one stage trying to find a place to jump a fence, and Sam threw up near the end. The sprint right at the end was the best bit, since I got my feet wet crossing the river.

After that, fish and chips and talking about footy (Blues are fourth on the ladder, woo!), then home, where everyone came home and my peace ended.

Mood was not helped by intermittent internet (it was fine last night for most of it, I don't get it) and revelatory conversations. Jess wants everyone to come play hide and seek in Safeway next weekend. That counts as viral advertising, more detail as we get it. Also, news of new Pearl Jam, which is good. Backspacer album at the end of the year, apparently. This region specific videos thing is annoying, means I can't watch the video.

Tomorrow, I'm torn. Should I stay home, sleep in, study hard, miss social interaction (which could be interesting...), or wake up early, go to school, cram before work and school the next day, and observe the horde with all the dynamics shaken up again? Hurm. You tell me, fearless readers.

Either way, working tomorrow, and studying for psych exam, which I'm still confident about.



Sunday, June 7, 2009

Nothing to do on a Sunday night, man.

'Lo all.

Busy again today.

Woke up, showered, went to work, bloody busy. Got on top of dishes around 12, but sinks kept on filling up since Bossman has returned and there were five chefs chewing saucepans. Bloody annoyed by the end of it, Boss kept Scotty, Guy and me til five because he thought people would want stuff since there was a show on. Soooo booooring.

Then home, shower, and ran down to the clocktower. That counts as training for cross country, by the way.

Aiden and Meg got there when I did, which was fairly boring for me until Jess rocked up, and Meg ran over. Aiden and I swore about missing the Simpsons for this. We wandered from getting food at La Porchetta (saw Mr Ryan and his son, who looks like him), then an ATM ate Aiden's card, then discussed shoes, then Jess wanted ice cream so we went to maccas, and then we did laps around and around til we got bored. Ended up back at maccas laughing at gangsters, then Aiden and Meg left, and I went back with Jess, then ran home, which also counts as training for the cross country.

And back home, Tess wants to play music, but I'm not interested, and I'm getting confused by two different people at once, plus the internet's dying on me too much. Hurm.

Tomorrow, sleep in then run around with Pat and Sam. Then everyone is coming home and my peace is ended.


Anyway, the end.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Exams: Day Five + Salvation.

'Lo readers.

Apologies for the lack of post last night, we were pretending to look interested as Arrowfield rocked out Maffra at ten.

Right, big double post tonight. It'll be missing some detail, and it will be edited severely, I'm afraid.

Anyway. Stumbled to school yesterday, and finished the last year eleven exam, which was media. It was fairly easy, just a lot of writing.

Then followed a bunch of girls to get signed out, and home. Home was good, Beardman and I did some parallel parking practice, then Simon called and said he had an old panel van he was looking to sell for very cheap. ZOMG. ZOMG ZOMG ZOMG!

Anyway. Then I walked down to maccas, talked to Denny and Amaya until Sam showed up, and he then drove us out to Maffra, for the BATTLE OF THE BANDS (lol). It was pretty crap. Lots of thirteen year olds, lot of slightly overweight and overly made up emo girls, but still a small crowd. First band was alright, second band had acoustic guitars and technical difficulties, third band was full of Grammar year twelves and Nick Robbo, and they played Muse, fourth band was death metal, fifth band was Matt Taylor's death/grindcore band (as he described it, it all sounds the same to me), whose lead singer had a mohawk and had Damien Edwards on drums, then Jake's band, which had a hot singer (Wakely told us her boyfriend would kill us), and they were pretty good. Then was the bands who weren't competing, and we gave up then. Saw the end of Arrowfield's set, and they were alright, but not really my thing.

Anyway. Sam's mum was not informed about the decision to crash at Sam's house, and we only went because Amaya lied and said she didn't have a house key for when she went home. So, back to Longford, where we played guitar hero (Amaya seemed bemused) and roamed around in the cold. Usual stuff outside, except we took a detour through the pines and discussed Monty Python. After that, Rage was on, then Denny and Sam played Left 4 Dead. Then we all crashed.

Woke up this morning, went inside for eggs and coffee, then watched four or so episodes of South Park, bit of Spongebob, and a crappy horror movie.

May as well. Vacancy - **
Problem with watching horror movies, especially tryhard ones, with friends is that you pick it apart until it becomes stupidly frustrating and very amusing. This one was based off a stupid idea, and the protagonists were annoying. They even survived, which sucked. Fairly violent, though some of it was censored. Extra star for the funny.

Then home, where I showered, checked the news, and away to Maffra again, this time with Aiden, Gavin, Pat (shoved in the boot) and Dayne, and we discussed crap movies and eventful weekends. Then back at Dayne's, played a lot of pool and Wii, and I can't stand the bloody mariokart controls. Bugger it. Aiden and Pat seemed to enjoy the rabbit game where you have to dance a little too much.

Then to the movies. Sam, Hayden, Denny and his mate Pat rocked up, I got the double chair again, which is always awesome.

Terminator Salvation - ***1/2
Lots and lots of explosions. Lots and lots of action. But the big scary robots all seemed fairly useless. As one WS poster mentioned, all they did was through people at walls. Where was the skull smashing? Where was the raking claws through skin? Where was the bone breakage, at least? Hell. The opening minute or so was very awesome. That and the trailer for Public Enemies, and the trapping the motorbiketerminator with Guns n' Roses and rope were the best bits, though Batman seemed to deliver all his lines as if he was Batman (read: silly voice), and the plot twist was fairly obvious (they gave it away in the trailers).

And after that, home. I'm tired and a bit angry. But it's quiet (except for my music, which is currently very loud Pink Floyd).

Tomorrow, work, then Meg's suggesting dinner. See what happens.



Thursday, June 4, 2009

Exams: Day Four. The RAAAGE!

'Lo readers.

Very angry at the moment. Sorry.

Woke up, gave Beardman the GPS, he seemed so excited, then flicked through biology book and went to school.

Bio exam was pretty meh, couple of crap questions, but no real trouble with it.

Stuck around for recess, no one seemed interested in talking to me, so I went home. No internet at home, so I cleaned up music folders and raged.

Then work, fairly quiet. Saw the running training kids, Pat reckons he went well on the art exam. Then Emily looked at me funny when I came to say hello, and since everyone else was running around I nicked off. Picked up Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (in print, mind) for fairly cheap.

Home, Danielle and the kids dropped in to celebrate Beardman's birthday, and my internet died. I can talk to people for maybe thirty seconds, then it'll die for a minute or five, then sign me back in. It's infuriating. Not very happy.

Tomorrow, last exam for a while, then a big weekend. Jess tells me there's buses heading to a Battle of the Bands in Maffra tomorrow night, which I might check out. Will need to talk to people with a SANE INTERNET! RAAAAAAAGE!!! to find out proper details.




Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Exams: Day Three.

'Lo all.

Exams are stressful. Prolonged stress makes the body release more cortisol, which slowly breaks down the immune system, and reduces it's effectiveness at dealing with bad things. This is why a lot of people have colds; as well as the bug going around, everyone's a bit stressed out. It's not cool and I don't like it.

Anyway. Dragged myself out of bed fairly late this morning, flicked through my lit books, and then walked to school cos I couldn't find my helmet, plus I still mistrust the bike a little, even after it's been fixed.

Literature exam was hell. Worst one so far. Had to write an essay and three little paragraph responses. Essay was rushed, and only managed two and a bit of the paragraph responses. Emma was still scribbling when time ran out, said she didn't have a conclusion for the essay. Everyone was swearing about it afterwards. Mrs Cartledge is not going to be happy with our results, I think.

Recess was brief, Tom and I argued about maths notes while I bolted down a sausage roll. Installed my new batteries in the calculator, bastard thing. Exam itself was fairly easy, I'm expecting a relatively high mark.

Then lunch, nearly all the girls were taking the day off so we played soccer on the basketball court. I had forgotten how much I suck at this.

Then more soccer, binks had a rubbish team, but we were winning at half time. I blocked a shot from the Kiwi, and he raised a lump on my leg that made my veins turn red. Grr.

Afterwards, hung around and Emily tried to prove that parts of her glinted in the sun without showing us said parts. Typical Emily. Nemo looked horrified.

And then went home, scabbed heaps of money, then went down the street. Changed my mind about what to buy when I realised I hadn't been paid yet, so I bought a **DELETED UNDER ORDER OF THE INQUISITION**. Also found Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas for $25, which I believe I'll pick up when I get The War in the Air next week. Also chatted to Brent Barker, who's left school and is now enjoying pulling apart lawnmowers.

And now, flicking through NEAP (read: crap) practice exams for biology and getting dared to do bad things to Fraser's tooth by Annie and Amaya. See what I can do.

Tomorrow, only one exam, so home early if I can get a note signed, and work, plus it's the Beardman's birthday. Got him something he should enjoy, from 3 of the kids, or at least until the fourth one pays me...


Anyway, the end.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Exams: Day Two. Assault and Battery.

'Lo all.

Tuesday is quickly becoming my second least favourite day of the week.

Slept in this morning, got a lift to school since the bike is still a bit buggered, rocked up before recess and hung with James, Isobelle, and Tom in the library, who were all going over James' notes and making me feel dumb. Photocopying is a wonderful thing; I believe nearly the entire history class had a copy of James' notes.

Then recess. Kinda antsy about history exam.

History exam itself scared me. I knew what I was doing, but screwed up one question because I wrote too small. Felt I did alright until I walked out and heard Clare and Tom arguing about a question, and they had written a lot more than I did. Hurm.

Then it was lunchtime, and I was bored. No one else seemed to be. Got a bit depressing.

Then the first maths exam, I freaked as I discovered the batteries in my fancy calculator had died on me. Spent the half hour of study time trying to make it work, gave up, and did the exam with my scientific. Survived it. It wasn't tricky, but doing standard deviation was tedious. Time in between finishing and leaving made me think, which is never good.

And then back home, caught up the news, I'm liking the new demolisher, and then off to work.

It wasn't too bad, for most of it. Ran out of dishes and got stuck on veggie peeling duty again. Finished at the same time as the chefs. Went driving on dirt roads again, then caught the last five minutes of a show about The Great Gatsby (conveniently).

Tomorrow, literature exam. Not looking forward to this, I am going to fail it.



Monday, June 1, 2009

Exams: Day One. (sorta).

'Lo all.

It's that time of year again!

Day started off fairly meh, slept through alarms again, which is worrying me, then while riding to school the rear axle of the bike snapped, which sucked. Sprinted to school, caught up with a couple of people, then into the hall.

So, psychology practice exam. Had no real trouble with it, which bodes well for the actual exam. Only had trouble with one question, and that was just with the way it was worded. I seemed to be writing the same thing twice, but oh well.

At recess, visited the isk with Amaya, then got my lit essay back. Highest mark I've seen so far is a C, and this includes Emma. Mrs Cartledge will be a disappoint, no doubt. After whinging about this with the other lit kids, Sam and I ordered our books for next semester (War in the Air by HG Wells, it'll surprise her), then hit maccas. Went back to my place, watched Team Fortress two clips, then once he left, I voted in the Hottest 100 of All Time. List was as follows:

1. Kashmir - Led Zeppelin
2. Teardrop - Massive Attack
3. Do the Evolution - Pearl Jam
4. Around the World/Harder Better Faster Stronger - Daft Punk
5. Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes
6. The Wicked Messenger - The Black Keys
7. The Great Gig in the Sky - Pink Floyd
8. My Happiness - Powderfinger (not my favourite, but it's more likely to get up there)
9. All Along the Watchtower - The Jimi Hendrix Experience
10. Knights of Cydonia - Muse

Of course, most of my vote will be ultimately meaningless, though Kashmir got 63 nine years ago. I'm expecting Never Gonna Give You Up and Sex on Fire to be in the top ten. A lot of songs missed out on my shortlist, too, would have like to have included some Silverchair, or Tame Impala, or John Butler Trio, or more Zep, or some Cream... I'll stop now.

What else did we get up to. Went through a semester's worth of history notes, but some of it's not on the revision sheet, which either means I won't have to worry about it or I'll worry about it tomorrow. Downloaded Hilltop Hood's Restrung album, and there's some good stuff on it. Upgraded msn with plus. Saw three interesting people flash on and then offline.

Tomorrow, bloody history exam, then a supposedly easy maths exam. If Alison found it easy, I know there's still hope. Proper exams mode also kicks in then, which is also the same time I'm expecting the flu to kick in, based on the sore throat I've got right now. Great.