Friday, May 15, 2009

What bounces up and down at 100km/h?

'Lo readers.

So glad it's finally Friday night.

This morning, slept through my alarms for a whole hour, which I feel is quite an achievement.

First up at school was psych, but not really. Had another spare, read paper, hung out with drama kids as they photocopied. More couples springing up, like bloody mushrooms, man. This may trigger a rush, as girls won't want to be left out. It's happened before. Hilarious, really.

Then history, nearly done with this god damn assignment. Need to find a political cartoon, which will be infuriating.

Recess was windy.

Double biology was just note taking, which I'm not fussed about. Not looking forward to exam, but meh.

Then lunch, we just sat around laughing at random crap. Lotta dead baby jokes, bit of gossip, and much screwing up Agnik's newspaper. Emma and Aiden got the first soccerball out of the term, though no one really got up to play, except Gav and Dayne. Ruined their romantic moment, maybe, well done those men.

Lit sucked, took more notes, suddenly started gossiping. Jesus. Not interested, even though Mrs Cartledge seemed to be. She made fun of Oliver until he turned pink.

Finally maths, waste of time. Plastic girls just making fun of the poor freshie, not taking him seriously at all. So it gets boring. So I sleep.

Went home, went down the street, said hi to Meg and her braindead assistant, then off to play music. We wasted a lot of time walking around in circles, then played. I was meh, stuffed up a fairly important bit, but oh well. Sisters were trying their best to annoy me, girls all thought they were cute. They missed out on meeting Fraser though. We would have laughed. Then we sang and escaped.

Back home, looking up dead baby jokes with Denny. This is definitely not good for me psychologically.

Tomorrow, sleep as long as possible, finish lit essay and send it.



ps. the answer is a baby tied to a truck...

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