Tuesday, May 5, 2009


'Lo all.


School was meh. Assembly was in the hall. Long winded explanation of parachuting from the principal. Made it sound so un-exciting.

Psych was in the computer room, another task where we had to pick a topic and do the standard slideshow about it. Got it done, looked up the One Night Stand site, they've announced SOME WONTHAGGI BAND as the Unearthed opener. They'll get booed off stage, I think.

Lit was meh. Somehow got onto the topic of Sam's dad being taught by Mrs Cartledge, and Sam boldly asked how old she was. Another assessment task coming up, not looking forward to it.

Recess was meh.

Media was also meh. Can't do filming today, will do some and finish it Thursday, and that'll give me a couple of days to edit it. Oliver was looking at demotivators in class, teacher thought it was very funny until they started getting racist/naked. Her reaction made it funnier.

Then history, where tried hunting down a politcal cartoon, and began drafting the first part, which will be done in class tomorrow.

Lunch sucked. Went around in circles. Got invited to Jason's all official-like, don't think I can go. Only deb party I'm ever going to get, but oh well.

Maths was crap, doing linear equations (meh), and Mr Brennan had a freshie who thought Tom and I weren't working. Grr.

Biology, however, was actually alright. Got the sheet done, we all discussed gardening with Mrs Moy.

In homeroom, Aiden suggested we all try out for netball. Hurm. Went down the street to pick up supplies, have an idea for a fightabommer.

Checked the news, went to work, fairly meh, had to mop a coolroom, so I froze. Lots of party pies that weren't being eaten, so I helped myself.

Tomorrow, will need to do homework, not sure what sport I'm doing, will be filming, and then the last deb practice. No pressure. Danielle agreed to do the parent's dance with me, but there's no parent's dance practice, because it seems we aren't having another rehearsal crammed in, as we were told.



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