Thursday, May 14, 2009


'Lo all.

Very grey, windy day today. Which would be cool if I didn't have to ride to school, or for work. Hurm.

Get to school, file into chapel, sit near Aiden and Oliver, whose singing makes the whole half hour bearable.

Then extended homeroom, hung out on the balcony and plotted muck up day with Meg, Lulu, and Wiffy. We'll need tents and crashmats...

Media was alright, because I didn't have to present my thing. Had a practice exam, some of the stuff on it we haven't looked at yet.

Then recess. Meh. The strange year seven kid visited again. I think he's enjoying the... attention (?) he's getting off Hayden and Isaac.

Double lit. Went through how to analyse passage. Good. By the end of it we were all yawning though.

Lunch sucked. Was enjoying chilling out, then I got conscripted into playing in the jazz ensemble. Can't play trombone though. Oh well, says Fearless Leader, you can play the eupho. Eupho is not jazz instrument. My protests fall on deaf ears. Part is ridiculously easy once the timings are alright, as it's Tom Jones. Meh.

Maths was meh too. We changed Kelly's calculator language, and Belle picked apart a bouncy ball.

Then psych, teacher ditched us, went to library, year twelves started playing The Age quiz. Got bored and escaped, talked to the girls (and Tom) who just got back from camp. They didn't seem to have enjoyed it.

Work sucked, had to go Weir St way, and had a surprisingly large amount of loot for the nursing homes.

After tea, games night. Wanted to try out 2000pts, but James only brought 1500. He then picked the table with the least amount of cover, and shot me to death. Bastard. First loss so far though, and I reckon it was a bit iffy, but oh well.

Then back home, discussed baby names, traded youtubes, and saw Leighton's photos. He's pressing charges. Good on him.

Tomorrow, double biology. Should have finished lit essay by then.

Seems we've hit autopilot mode. Not complaining. Probably will be soon, I dunno. Damn teenagers.


Anyway, the end.

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