Sunday, May 3, 2009

This one time, at band camp...

'Lo all.

Aren't I original. Very tired right now, not helping mood.

Lessee. Friday, stacked truck, watched a bit of Happy Gilmore with Kelly, suffered Oliver's music, played a lot of music, publicly insulted people, lost a few games of pool, then visited a room on the other side at 3am. Ahem. Not much detail because it was so long ago.

Yesterday. Even more music, meh. Monique joined the eupho section, not sure how long for though. It's cool having someone else there though. Played more pool, lost to Kelly twice, beat Aiden, and there was a trivia night. No one would listen to our answers. Then Dayne went up for a substitute game, poor bastard. Our night time expedition this time involved a five year old fart bomb and another room, pretty meh, Pat's fangirls get Pat in room, etc, etc. Pat himself had just blown the previously mentioned fart bomb in his face, however he was pretty sure it was empty.

Then today, not very cool at all. Severe lack of sleep was pissing me off, then we had to play a crappy medley of eighties music (some Michael Jackson, the Olympics theme [since when has the Olympics had a theme? {the eighties, I suppose}], and the ET theme). So lame it was funny, especially the Flashdance bit. The Simpson's sixties medley was ten times better, it was just All Along the Watchtower to footage of hippies getting shot, man on the moon, and man in Vietnam. Going off on a tangent here.

Forgot to mention, made us do another big choir thing, pretty crap. Singing about reconciliation (of course) to ukeleles. We messed with it; all of us tried to go as low as possible except Aiden, who snuck into the sopranos with his falsetto. Scary, really.

Caught a lift back to Sale with Aiden's mum, talked about driving with Lulu, Dayne and Aiden, then had a shower and went to deb training. It dragged. Dunno what my profile thingy that gets read out is. Also caught up on the news, seems like Isaac, Sam, and Hayden had an interesting Friday night. They changed some of the dances around and rushed through their explanations. Hurm. Then the parents started arriving. Depressing as all hell, considering yesterday. Isobelle said I could dance with her mum, who I believe was looking forward to sitting back and laughing at them, as I was. We had to waltz, which ended up in people crashing into each other. Then a progressive dance (another bloody waltz), most of the mums seemed scared as hell (with good reason). One of the dances was to Dire Straits, I lol'd. Repressed everything and made a quick exit, feels good man.

Home again, business as usual. Wasn't helped all that much with my lit thing, but I'd like to try and get an extention. 'Specially since I have to start concentrating on the damned media thing. That'll be interesting. Bloody busy every afternoon this week, and I can't do anything on the weekend because we're going to Ocean Grove. I need scenes where people aren't in school uniform, dammit, and I need to be able to edit that footage. Hurm.

Tomorrow, while we're on the subject, I want to skip both bands to finish this lit thing and get the fraps stuff done for media, but we can't do that, can we.



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