Thursday, May 28, 2009

"They'll come back, right?"

'Lo all.

Bipolar is the best word to describe today. The good bits were really good, the crap bits were fairly crap. But oh well. Obviously, this doesn't bode well karma wise.

Anyway. Get to school, go to chapel, get told that it's cancelled, we celebrate and leave. Then a lecture on how we must not cheat at exams and must not bring in phones and must not talk if there's a fire.

Media was meh, we talked about how 9/11 was represented. Business as usual. The exam is going to kill us.

Recess was meh.

Then lit. I had no real troubles with the essay, but I noticed that my writing slowly got messier as I went along. Then we rushed through another part of the book, and teacher hinted heavily that the one gorram bit that we don't study is the bit we'll have to analyse for the exam. We were not happy.

Lunch was fairly boring. Wandered around a bit, everyone seemed to have nicked off. Isaac unveiled his grand camping plan, this time for Amaya, which I think everyone's looking forward to. It'll be the first weekend of the holidays, so that'll be good.

Then maths, a rant on matrices that barely anyone listened to.

Psych was more practice tests, I'm doing alright on them, but I need to do proper study before the actual exam. I'm getting most of it right, but the trick questions get me. And sometimes the ethics ones, but oh well.

Packed bag and it starts raining. Rage.

Anyway, go home through the spitting, get changed and sprint down the street. No really out of the way places, so I sprint down to the other end of town, pick up a can of V, scream back to the chemist, have a look at the footy oval on the way (stage is getting set up next to the pub, which will be cool, I suppose), say hi to Jess and Jason, then go all the way to the Maffra road, and finish it all by 4:40. That's an hour, which I think is an achievement.

Back to the clocktower, hang out with Denny, Pat, Jess, Jason, Bernice, Annie, Sam, Marley, Pip, Wakely, and a buttload of other kids I recognised, and the regular bogans and gangsters, and their weird crossbred hybrids. Waited around for ages, then two vans rock up. Breakfast crew and Hilltop Hoods get out, we all scramble to have a look. Then they interview a yobbo, and Sam and Denny get bored, so they decide to get chips. While enjoying said chips, we see a shirt fly over the crowd, so we go back. Missed out on all the merch, but I found a sticker on the ground, and got Marieke to sign it, but it came off, which sucked. Jess got photos, Jason got a $20 note signed, Bernice and Wakely got their Hilltop Hood cds signed, and then everyone left. I hung around with Jess and Jason, and we were bored. Visited IGA to see Potter, and I picked up heaps of cheap mi goreng, and then wandered down to the Bis (not working Sunday!), then back to Jesss's, then home. My bike squeaks way too much.

And while I've been home, followed a rage thread, talked to a Megan, and didn't do much else. Lot of kiddies playing music tonight, and some have nicked right off. Hurm.

Tomorrow, haven't decided whether I want to get up really early to play music on the radio. I don't, really. Other than that, sleep in. No school for the win.



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