Thursday, May 21, 2009

She Builds Quick Machines.

'Lo all.

Man. Getting sick of sleeping through alarms. Have added third one, tempted to use phone as well.

Get to school, frost had formed on knuckles and chest. This is not cool.

Chapel was dull, apart from Aiden's singing. Teachers are beginning to get wise to it, which is worrying.

Then extended homeroom, got me a practice year twelve exam on Monday. Scary.

Biology was fairly quiet, Mrs Moy said I was doing fine but I need to write more. Meh.

Recess was meh. We went shopping at the canteen. Muffins were warm.

Double maths started off alright, but it was dull. Sick of copying down examples that are in the textbook.

Then lunch. There was fishing line attached to the tree. We cut fruit with it, and tried to decapitate people. Then Aiden found me and dragged me to rehearsal. Didn't sound too bad. He told me there was a sound check during period six, which was good because I'd miss a bit of literature. Nick was talking to Guy, who waved at me. Wonder what made him want to hang out at school on his day off.

Psych was good. We did another practice test, only got four multiple choice wrong. Getting a bit scared about the exam for serious reals, as there was a three mark difference between an A+ and a B+ last year. No pressure.

The sound check was interesting. It was basically Mr Bennett shouting at everyone. The Binks rock band sounds good, Darby's solo will be good if we can hear it, and I get my own mike because I'm the only bass end player in the jazz thing. Got the last ten minutes of lit, detailed and gory description of the dead woman, notes on the board about existentialism, and a practice exam handed to me. Wat.

Denny followed me home, he has grand plans for his broken bike, then I went on the drug run. Had to go right across town, bloody annoying. Finished the first round, more stuff for the nursing homes I'd already gone past had appeared. Dammit. Went home and persuaded the Beardman to drive me round. Then games night, killed a noob with multicolour marines and Alan, and had half my stuff left on the board at the end. Great success.

Back home, checked the news, doesn't look like I've missed much. Beardman is worried about the One Night Stand all of a sudden, which is annoying me. Fraser will need looking after, I'll be fine (famous last words?).

Tomorrow, couple of periods, then I have to lose at chess and go on stage. Hurm. At least it'll be Friday.



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