Saturday, May 30, 2009

One Night Stand.

'Lo everyone.

Yeah, I went, and I've got the t-shirt to prove it. I wanted a poster, but I got a shirt (and found another one, but I gave that to Nemo).

Anyway. This morning I woke up to Back in Black, and I remember thinking that I don't have that on my iPod... wait... no way... Turns out it was the sound check from the footy ground, which is only like four or so blocks away. Very cool.

But then it started raining and it was very cold. Went down the street to pick up credit, beach ball, glowsticks, and a Rockstar, then went home, got changed, went to meet Aiden and the rest at the footy ground. Jason said we could just walk in, as one gate had no security, so we did. I met Megan and Nay (shorter than I expected, no offence), and Jasmine, who seemed to want to be friends with everyone. She decided to get chips, and since it was pouring rain and Children Collide had walked offstage, we went first to her house (exactly my thoughts), then to the fish and chip shop.

When we came back, saw Jason and his brother getting escorted out by security, so after handing out chips to the VET music production kids (Scotty was on stage looking self important), went out and met with Aiden and the rest again.

And there we stayed, right at the front of the line, for a few hours. We blew up the beach ball, but it sprung a leak, so I rushed home to pick up some tape and a lighter, then ran back, but it was too late. After getting chucked around a bit, it just died. While all this was going on, our little group at the front got bigger, and the line behind us got longer, and eventually stretched around the corner.

Gate opened, went in ten at a time, sprinted down to the bit right in front of the stage. Waited around for a while until the breakfast crew appeared, then And Burn came on. They were fairly meh, not my kind of thing. Very screamy. Mosh pit was pretty cool, lot of pushing and jumping.

Then Children Collide, who I thought were awesome. Knew the words to most of the songs, sang along with the crowd who roared them. Very cool.

After that, it was really pouring rain, so I jumped out of the crowd, got some food, and bought a shirt. It's a bit of a blur, really, so things are a bit out of order. I do remember a large inflatable phallus being thrown around at one stage.

Dayne, Brad, and I jumped back in while Miami Horror ended their set, which I thought were also pretty meh, waded into the crowd and found some girls.

The Butterfly Effect went on, and somehow I ended up on the other side of the stage with Meg and Claire. They seemed a bit too pretentious and crappy, not all that metal to me.

After that, Eskimo Joe, and Meg and Claire were pumped. They weren't too bad, had a few technical problems at the start. Black Fingernails Red Wine was pretty good.

We broke out after that, got some water, and then found Nemo and Derin, and jumped back in. Hilltop Hoods were awesome. We roared with the Nosebleed Section, very cool.

As we were leaving after their encore, I found another shirt, and gave it away. No idea why someone would take it off, it's worth $20. We hung around enjoying hot cheap donuts while the ground emptied, then I walked home and talked to the Beardman about concert experiences.

All up, it was really, really awesome, and even though it was exhausting and cold and wet, I'd do it again.

Tomorrow, Sale eisteddfod, and we're the only entry in our section. Wow, I wonder who will win. Then some psych and lit study, and chilling.



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